How much is too much….?

Recently I have found myself going back and forth, wanting to sit down and write about various things, but then stopping myself before actually “publishing” anything.  I keep hesitating, because I have really been wrestling with this broader issue of not becoming too “obsessed” with the entire topic of “conspiracy”…

It’s something that I’ve been hearing mentioned a fair bit lately, whether it be from Chris White, or plenty of other sources.  For those of us who have come to a place where we realize that something is “going on” behind the scenes, but also understand that all these evil machinations are nothing more than what the Bible describes as being “the spirit of antichrist at work”, this is certainly a tough issue.  I mean, really, how much is “too much”?  At what point does a sincere desire to expose and understand the bizarre and spiritually-charged times we are living in become an unhealthy obsession?  Exactly when could we say that a follower of Jesus has strayed into dangerous waters and put too much emphasis on talking about the agenda of the demonic realm rather than simply proclaiming the amazing news of the Kingdom of God?

I have heard these types of warnings for some time now from various Christian prophecy teachers (who talk about various aspects of what would collectively be called “conspiracy” material), but as of yet, I haven’t really ever heard someone sit down and try to really break down where that line of demarcation should be.   I guess the challenge with something like that would have a lot to do with the fact that different people seem to gravitate towards focusing on a particular “branch” of the broader scheme of things.  For some, they are really into looking into the UFO phenomenon.  For others, it might be secret societies and esoteric fraternal orders.   It could be anything from 9/11, to the New Age movement, a coming police-state, the hocus-pocus economics of the modern banking system, or just the occult in general.  Too much focus on any of this stuff, to the point where Jesus and the plain and simple gospel of Salvation gets all but forgotten, is obviously not good. 

Now, I certainly understand that God has raised up many different individuals who have wound up having some sort of “ministry” where they focus in on a particular element of the “Dark Side”, to expose it’s fallacies and bring people to the Truth.  Most of them probably never set out to have such a ministry, and many of them were actually Saved from one of those arenas of deception.   It only makes sense that God would use them, and their testimony, to help shine the light of Life into places where they have a bit of a “specialty”, so-to-speak…  But then what about people like myself?  I was already a “Christian”, but perhaps a rather disillusioned and bewildered one, who then eventually came to understand that the spiritual realm is all too real, that there really is such a thing as “conspiracy”, and that all these various strains of deception and social manipulation are actually all interrelated.  They are essentially all bricks in the metaphorical “pyramid” that has been under construction since basically the dawn of history, a pyramid which will only be complete when the “capstone” is finally placed on top for the world to see.  The “Man of Lawlessness” spoken of in scripture.

So, yeah, I suppose it is understandable that such a paradigm-shattering realization could make it difficult to think about much else.  I know that for me, once I crossed this bizarre prophetic threshold and had my entire outlook on the world turned upside-down, I was suddenly terribly disinterested in so many of the issues which had before seemed so important.  All of a sudden, you find yourself re-evaluating everything, and to make the whole experience that much more surreal, you are still surrounded by people going along their merry little lives, taking kids to little league, going to work, paying the bills, watching Dancing with the Stars or maybe going to church on Sunday, all with the underlying assumption that everything is happening just as it would seem on the surface level.  You live in a world filled with people who scoff at the idea that anything “nefarious” could be at foot with things like the “War on Terror”, the hijinx on Wall Street,  a global religious ecumenical movement, or that funny little picture on the back of the dollar bill… 

It makes me wonder, is it that feeling of alienation, that sense that you feel surrounded by people who are totally (and for the most part, willingly) clueless, that compells so many who have dared to take the prospect of “conspiracy” seriously to indulge in an unhealthy fixation with it?  Is it mainly an attempt to deal with feeling like a total weirdo?  (Or maybe that’s where it just starts?)   I know that the Enemy has succeeded in snaring and deceiving many people, by using the whole conspiracy realm to actually suck people into the occult, and that completely sucks.  I also have heard many people talk about how pride is the main tool that Satan uses to hook you, using that feeling of “I know stuff that most people don’t”, and convincing you that it makes you special, that you are “enlightened”, that you somehow have a leg up on the rest of all those ignorant fools out there.  I gotta say, that actually makes a lot of sense, because that is essentially the same bait used by every and all “esoteric” cliques. 

So, what then?  Where do you truly find “the balance”?  What exactly does it look like to be in a “sensible” place on the spectrum, landing somewhere in the middle between “Veggie Tales Christianity” (i.e. “Jesus loves me, so please don’t talk about anything weird, scary or yucky!”) and “Apocalypse Now Christianity” (“The horror, the horror…!!!”).   On the one side it’s pretty much “hear no evil, see no evil,  speak no evil“, with the idea being that if you simply don’t talk about Satan, he will simply fade out into irrelevance like a fairy nobody bothers to clap for.  At the other extreme is where you start looking for the “hidden hand” of the demonic in everything, from deciphering the subliminal messages embedded in a show like Teletubbies, to wondering if the government might be spying on you through your coffee machine .  But seriously, it’s tougher than it might seem to get it right.  Personally, (if I’m completely honest) I find myself ping-ponging back and forth between moments of super heavy thoughts like, “Holy cow, the entire global financial system really is just one ridiculously huge ponzi scheme…  I wonder if it’s all gonna crash today?”, and then five minutes later I’m wondering what to make for dinner and wishing I lived closer to a Taco Bell…

But maybe all this internal wrestling that simultaneously deals with issues of cosmic forces battling it out for the souls of mankind, and my own pea-brained perspective on reality, is what following Jesus is actually supposed to be like?  My old “Christian worldview” was really so, so small.  When you grow up in Sunday school, stories like “Noah and the Ark” are often portrayed as this cartoonish scene of a smiley-faced bearded guy going sailing with a bunch of his cute little animal friends.  It’s basically viewed as one of those “kid-friendly” bible tales that makes a nice decorative theme for a nursery. (Cute little animals and rainbows, can’t get much cuddlier than that!)  What a far cry from understanding the “Days of Noah” as being an age where fallen angels had monstrous offspring, founded demonic, idolotrous civilizations, teaching humans all kinds unspeakable evil and forcing God to wipe out all but eight people on the planet.  No wonder the Bible tells us that we are to live like “aliens and strangers in this world”.  No wonder the Christians of the Early Church were seen as weirdos and troublemakers.  They understood that when the scriptures spoke of “powers and principalities” that it wasn’t just some religious figure of speach.  They went around the Roman Empire spreading the news of a risen Christ, passing temples erected to those ancient benefactors of humanity, those “gods” who traced their origins to the antediluvian past.  The church today has largely swallowed the idea that all of that was “myth”, forgetting that real people were indeed making real sacrifices to what they believed we real gods and goddesses…  

When I was growing up in the church, going to sunday school and youth group and everything else, the big thing was trying to show that Christians were “normal” people, just like everybody else.  Well, maybe not just normal, but “cool” too.  (“See? Christians can be famous atheletes too!  And play in rock bands and eat pizza and surf!”)  I guess the idea was that nobody was going to want to follow Jesus if they thought becoming a Christian meant becoming some lame, church-going nerd… 

All of that seems so ridiculous now, but how much of it is still going on?  How much does the desire to not be a freak prevent those who go to church every week, and maybe bible studies and such as well (if you’re “hardcore”…), from actually reading and believing all that the Bible has to say?  How much of the Bible would we have to just throw away, if we cut out all the parts that speak and warn about Satan, warfare, the spirit of antichrist, and the signs of the End of the Age?  Why are Christians so afraid to take prophecy seriously?  Maybe we just tend to prefer the version that is all cuddly animals and rainbows.  Maybe we’ve just drank too much of the “America is a Christian Nation” kool-aid.  Maybe the prince of the power of the air has actually been more successful at seducing the Bride of Christ than many would like to admit.  Maybe it’s all that and more. 

In the end, I still don’t pretend to know exactly how much attention on discussing things like the progression of globalism and the End of Days is “too much”.  Maybe it just depends on one’s perspective.  That is, if you don’t think that we’re anywhere near “The End”, then I suppose it would seem like a whole lot of distraction and frivolous talk.  But if like me, you look around and see the “leaves of the fig tree budding” almost everywhere you turn, then it tends to be kind of hard not to think about it… 

“And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws near.” (Luke 21:28)

2 thoughts on “How much is too much….?”

  1. I often feel that sense of alienation. It can be pretty lonely and I suppose socially most of us are not primed to embrace or entertain alternate world views, as a culture we are not conditioned to question or examine our world or ourselves independently or extensively. Sometimes it feels like others are in a living coma as they float through work and life, that is probably an over statement, thought not by much. It’s far easier to adopt a popular idea than form your own.

    We are still, at least in the West largely a reactive society rather than an observant one, far too mired in short-termism. For example, for many it’s so much easier to ignore warning signs (in terms of economic turmoil) and hope that things get better, or convince yourself that the worst is over. History paints a very different picture unfortunately.

    I can’t remember the exact verse, but it goes along the lines of “Worry not for tommorow, for tommorow holds enough worries of it’s own”. I often try to do this and I am successful to a varying degree. Stopping and smelling the roses doesn’t mean that you are losing sight of the future, it just means that dwelling on it excessively isn’t particularly productive in the now.

    And besides you only need a small portion of a population to become informed before you reach critical mass. Though I think as a global society we have a very long way to go.

  2. I hear you! Never stop thinking or asking questions! If you are a believer, NEVER lose your faith! The just shall live by faith and it won’t look like what others have going on for sure! I spent quite a bit of time researching and listening and watching and praying. The things that mattered the most were those things from the Holy Spirit affecting my life right where I am at! Stay in the Word, for all these other things shall pass amen? It’s a lonely road coming out of church and all that jazz. Ridiculousness it is! But that doesn’t mean one should be unfriendly and certainly keep praying. My blog has ‘changed its tune a bit’ as I sense we are coming into a down hill run of sorts. Its very obvious the general public is clueless and doesn’t care. Most are dark in their spirits, so they cannot see what is happening. Wherever you are, keep trusting the LORD!

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