So close, yet still so very far…

Came across this vid the other day. So much has already been said about how Alex Jones doesn’t quite “get it”, but as I watched this I couldn’t help but be amazed at just how many accurate points he makes, how many true connections he makes about the Illuminati, and yet STILL it’s somehow not enough to bring Alex full circle, to where he might bow his knee to the King of Kings. I mean, in this one video, he mentions the Illuminati “mystery religion”, the Von Daniken connection, the allegorical “fire” of Prometheus, the occult obsession with the concept of “directed panspermia” and transhumanism, and even mentions the phrase “externalization of the hierarchy”… Alex clearly displays his understanding that the “elites” are 100% focused on achieving godhood. And, as far as all of his dot-connecting between the occult agenda and the message of prometheus, he’s spot on.

Then of course he turns around and more or less dismisses the issue of there being any real “off-world influences”, and makes it all about the “technocrats”. He continues with his usual call to “stand up now and say no”, before it’s too late. But the real kicker of it all is at 10:44 when he starts talking about the Illuminati being social engineers who use their centuries worth of aquired knowledge to dumb down the public and dominate them. He makes the argument that they are actually NOT enlightened, because if they were, they would share their secret knowledge (by which he apparently means advanced technology) instead of hording it for their own selfish purposes…

He actually says, “They are commtting the ultimate sin, they are actually trying to keep us from getting the fire of Prometheus, they are the anti-prometheus. You are not illuminated. (speaking directly to the Illuminati now) You seek darkness. You wanna have the knowledge, and keep it from us. But if you truly have the knowledge, you would understand that we need to empower humanity, and that darkness is not the answer. So I indict the Illuminati….”

And so we see that even though Alex Jones has incredible “head knowledge”  about the occult and secret societies and all the rest, all of that information in his head has not been enough to make him recognize that he is in fact still promoting the very core deception of Lucifer himself!  The only distinction between Jone’s view of “enlightenment” and that of the Luciferians, is that in his view it should be made available to all of humanity, instead of just a select few.  I mean seriously, the “anti-Prometheus“?  That of course is kinda funny, because if Prometheus is merely mythological archetype for what is actually a very satanic, esoteric idea (and it is…), then it’s basically like accusing someone of being “anti-antichrist”…(??)  In other words, he is basically defending the very same occultic messianic ideal held by the people he is ranting against, if only with a more altruistic bent…

When I first learned about the colorful character we know as Alex Jones, I sort of went back and forth trying to figure out if he actually believed in God, or just how much real, biblical understanding he had.  It’s not as though he isn’t familiar with the Bible, or I’d say, even with various figures who teach on conspiracy topics and also believe in the Bible.  He’ll talk about Nephilim, and stuff like that, etc.  I actually stopped listening to anything Alex Jones had to say a long time ago, mainly because it seemed that despite all of his info-gathering and “info-warring”, overall it amounts to little more than endlessly screaming into a bullhorn (both literally and figuratively…)  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Alex got that Bohemian Grove footage for us all.  But I’m still praying that at some point he will come to understand that the REAL hope for mankind lies not in trying to wrestle any sort of “secret knowledge” out of the grips of evil men, to then be distributed more fairly to the world, but in putting our faith in Jesus Christ alone.  But as things stand right now, it is sadly true that despite all the evil that Alex Jones does accurately see, his bottom-line message is still one which ultimately aligns itself with the doctrines of demons, rather than the Truth…

2 thoughts on “So close, yet still so very far…”

  1. I am all about the AJ skepticism. I remember way back in the beginning I had no interest to look at him critically. I even stumpled on some webpage accussing him and others of being CIA assets and just another layer of control and manipulation. I did not want to hear it at the time. I did not want to think that it went that deep or that there was absolutely no one we could “trust”. There have been a few changes since then….over the past 8 years or so (hard to believe it’s been that long). Primarily, God has brought my closer to Himself and given me a fuller understanding of the Gospel and more of a dependence on Him. The Bible teaches us that the only sensible person to put your ultimate trust in is Jesus Christ…not even ourselves…but Him alone. That was sorta a big deal. I lesson I am only really even beginning to learn. But it really puts things into perspective and takes the blinders off. The other thing that happened was AJ himself. He has come a long way from his early documentaries where he would sign off with a call to prayer instead of taking up arms. Plus,…he just says some weird things sometimes. I think the first time I was like, “Whoa…whaaaaa?” was in Endgame (I think)…it was one of the first times he bullhorned the Build-the-“borg”-ers. He was ranting all kinds of stuff like, “You can’t defeat us!!! Humanity is too good!!! We are filled with light!!! Yadda yadda yadda!!!” Now…it goes without saying that true christians are light in this world. That is a biblical doctrine that is deeply rich and the depths of which can be mined for years and not fully understood. But us being light has everything to do with Jesus Christ inside of us. Humanity on it’s own IS darkness…natural man loves the darknes…Jesus Christ is the Light of the World…as the first chapter of John so beautifully explains. His rhetoric there (and many times since) has smacked of the very same theosophy that he other times denounces. All that aside…the guy has just become mad unstable. And a lot of the time it just sounds totally contrived to me. Have you heard him “cry”? It reminds me of Glenn Beck “crying”. It just doesn’t seem sincere. Lord forgive me if I am wrong. Please grant us discernment here. Other times AJ just goes off on wild tirades. It is embarrasing. I have lent out his Bohemian Grove expose to people and I always have to preface it with this massive warning. He is like a different person on the radio than in his documentaries. Ooh…plus that whole emulating the Joker thing?!?! Wow…I mean…wow. What was that. At the end of the day…I have no idea who this man is. I admit that. Is he a plant? Is he a shill? Is he an opportunistic business man making money exposing horrible truths? Is he a jesuit (seriously…I have heard that accusation)? Know idea…but we as christians are called to be fruit inspectors. What is this man’s fruit? He gives out some information that we can glean from…it is good not to be ignorant of Satan’s devices…we are destroyed for a lack of knowledge…BUT…he only takes his audience to a point and then scrapes them over to a whole (in my opinion) useless area of “patriot activism” and does nothing to glorify Jesus Christ. We are here…we are saved…for Christs glory alone. Thats it. That is our purpose. Plus…as our eyes have been opened and we have graduated to Conspiracy 301..we find out that the New World Order isn’t the “End Game”. That it is really what comes after it’s supposed “defeat” that is the ultimate goal. The new “new world order”. The New Age Zeitgeistian utopia. And in that respect AJ is actually “seemingly” reading right straight out of that script! Crazy! But that would sure explain his New-Agey lingo. I am not so sure he even really “snuck” into the Bohemian Grove anymore. And how does one just serendipidously happen by David Gergen and score an inpromptu interview…that has always felt staged to me. PLUS…hasn’t he given David Icke a platform on his show before. Wow…this list of concerns is actually way longer than I had intended, but I just keep thinking up things.that are suspect. It will be very interesting to see what he ultimately ends up doing or promoting in the future. I need to remember that I can totally discern his actions, but not ultimately judge his heart or ever think that he is beyond repentance. I need to pray for him that he does ultimately have a full relationship with Jesus Christ and through him the Holy Spirit can influence and save many more.

    1. Oh yeah…and his whole, “The answer to 1984 is 1776!” thing. Well, the sounds good and all and I get what he is saying on the surface. “The answer to oppresive totalitarianism is the constitution.” Right? Oppresion vs. Freedom. And on a humanistic level that may be the case. However, true freedom is only found in Christ and it is freedom from our sin and freedom from God’s wrath…but I digress. My point is that he himself is a proponent of teaching that the illuminati uses symbols and double meanings and levels of inturpretation and all that fun stuff…wo I then find it funny that he would say something like, “the answer to 1984 is 1776.” knowing full well that 1776 was also the year that the illuminati was established and the plan for the New Atlantis was effectively put into motion. He very well could be saying, “The answer to (the oppresive branch of the illuminati) is (the utopian branch of the illuminati)! And thus sucker in a large crowd of would be illuminati resistors to actually play right in to the larger script. Now, of course, I am the first to admit this is simply wild speculation on my part…but as time goes on I sorta feel it may actually be the case. Super interesting times either way! I am so stoked to be alive in these times!

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