Drones in space? How lovely…

Ok, so now we officially know that the U.S. air force has developed an unmanned spacecraft which can stay aloft for at least 15 months at a time…  Supposedly, the recent “test mission” of the  X-37B program was for the purpose of testing the aircraft itself, but of course, the contents of it’s classified payload, and the fact that it operates under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency,  would suggest that the “experiments” being done with the craft probably do not involve things like observing the behavior of mold spores in zero gravity or the mundane deployment of basic communications satellites…

But hey, so long as it the new space-drones have the same overall appearance as our recently-retired and ever-lovable space shuttles, and don’t resemble the insectoid probes sent to spy on the rebel base on Hoth, we should feel perfectly at ease.  (right…?)

2 thoughts on “Drones in space? How lovely…”

  1. Now now…you know there probably wouldn’t even be a stink over insectoid probes,as long as they are “our” insectoid probes. As long as it has America’s corporate logo slap-dashed on it somewhere everything will be fine and we can trust it and go back to sleep. In serious though…what is this thing for? Satelites are unmanned and they can orbit the Earth for years and years collecting data and spying on (cough)…urrr…uhhh ..I mean watching out for the safety and security of every freedom loving ‘merican in this the greatest nation on Earth ever. So…why the need for a drone that can go up nd come down? Makes me wonder…pure speculation…if it’s payload isn’t meant to be weapons…even nuclear missles. I just don’t know wht kind of surveilance equipment they would need to take up and bring down so frequently when satelites can house so much and just stay up there. Just some initial thoughts. Very intereting. Doesn’t quite give me the “warm fuzzies”.

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