Dear Mr. Snail…

Dear Mr. Snail,

I wanted to write you a letter to apologize for almost stepping on you this morning.  I know you were not trying to get in my way, but probably only looking for some more leaves to munch on.  I actually would like to thank you, because before I came across you on my patio, I was feeling pretty down.  It happens fairly often with us humanoids, we get depressed or frustrated about all kinds of humanoid problems, most of which probably seem quite silly to you.  But when I finally stopped and took the time to notice you, slowly oozing past me on your way to greener environs, I found myself quite fascinated by your spiraled exterior.  You are probably the first snail I have ever seen who looks as though they have racing stripes on their back.  I found myself wondering just how exactly the DNA sequence must work, how intricate the code must be, in order to make your shell grow in a perfect Fibonacci sequence like that.  Have you heard of this guy, Fibonacci?  I suspect not…  Nevertheless, you and your striped protective armor changed my whole attitude this morning.  You helped remind me that Fibonacci sequences do not randomly implant themselves into the natural world, that everything that is alive and growing all around me is not the result of millions upon billions of aimless mutations.  You see, I so easily get sidetracked by all of my mundane worries, or even completely depressed when I think about the state of affairs in humanoid society, that I totally forget that I am surrounded by countless examples which all point to there being a reality that is far more incredible than the tiny bubble I usually put myself in.  I actually somehow forget that there is Someone ever so much bigger, smarter, and more powerful than all the junk I get so worked up about.  Sometimes I even have a hard time believing that He could possibly be concerned with someone as slow and seemingly insignificant as myself.  I suppose in that sense, I feel a lot like you much of the time.  Going about my business, feeling more or less ignored by the big, busy world around me, (and typically, usually looking for something to munch on as well….)  But then, I see you, cruising along on your one, gooey foot, and was forced to realize that God does indeed put a great deal of care and intention into things that are seemingly insignificant…  So again, thank you, for helping me get a little perspective on this wet, grey morning.  Now, I only wish you could read…


the guy with the big feet


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