I saw this, and almost pooped my pants…

Over the last couple of years, as I have found myself trying to take a deeper look at all that has been developing within the government, and across the globe, there have been a couple crucial moments, which pushed me into a state of “What?  No…. WHAT?  Really?  This can’t be right…  No way…  SERIOUSLY!??   I think I need to just get up right now and go have an ice cream cone or something, and try to think happy thoughts”…  The first of those moments was probably when I first watched the video footage of “building 7” falling down, over and over again, as I tried to wrap my head around how that could have possibly happened without explosives being used… 

Another moment was when I first saw the logo pictured above.

What you see is the logo for what was called the “Information Awareness Office” (you probably could’ve gathered that much yourself by reading the logo…), a subdivision of D.A.R.P.A. (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).  Of course, the I.A.O. is now supposedly “defunct” after Senator Feingold spearheaded a congressional inquiry against the department in 2003 over privacy concerns.  But the reality is that even the “office” itself has been dissolved, the “core technologies” have unquestioningly been retained, which essentially means that the original reasons for concern remain as intact as ever.  The broader goal of “T.I.A.” (Total Information Awareness) strives on, (even involving things as seemingly benign as Facebook)  first under the moniker of “ARDA” (Advanced Research and Development Activity) , which later was absorbed by the “Disruptive Technology Office“.  So basically, the “Information Awareness Office” never went away, it was merely redistributed within the massive “military/industrial complex”, sort of like when you flip over a big rock at the beach, and all the little crabs go scurrying off in different directions, only to find other big rocks to crawl under…

 But for me, even scarier than the actual agenda of the I.A.O (as insane as it is), was the simple bone-chilling fact that someone, somewhere actually picked THAT to be the image to represent a government agency charged with “Total Information Awareness”.  Of ALL the things they could’ve come up with, that’s what they chose?  I mean, seriously!!  I dunno, maybe such a thing is of particular interest to me since I studied Graphic Design back in the day…  I know enough to understand that when you’re tasked with coming up with a logo for a company, or product, or a heavily-funded government agency, you don’t just pull something out of thin air and go present it to whoever is charged with making the final decision.  I just have such a hard time believing that some random guy somewhere, working in a government graphics department or whatever, just thought to himself, “Let’s see, what’s my next assignment here…  The ‘Information Awareness Office’….  Hmmmm…  Total information awareness…  Ubiquitous covert technological surveillance of our country’s own citizens…  How do we go about representing that visually…?  I know!  What about that weird picture on the back on the one dollar bill?  That has an eye on it, right?” (quick google search…)  “Whoa..  Looks like it’s called the ‘All-Seeing Eye’, yeah, that’s perfect!”

Hmmmm.  Maybe…  Maybe such a thing was actually used as the logo for one of the most disturbing governmental operations in all of history, and nobody happened to notice that they were slapping a notorious occult symbol on their front door.  Who knows, maybe there are people working in the U.S. government who are really so turned around that they think a pyramid with a big glaring eye over the top of it is just as much an iconic symbol of “American ideals” as apple pie…  (Then again, if it’s on our own money, then it couldn’t really have any “evil” meaning behind it, right?)  It’s really hard to say what might have gone on behind the scenes.  All I know is that I still have to pinch myself almost every time I look at the thing, to remind myself that no, that is not just a cheesy graphic taken from some corny, Orwellian B-movie, and yes, it was really used, by the real governement, with real technology, who are really, truly, still spending untold millions and billions of dollars on the goal of achieving “Total Information Awareness”…    (Wait, did I mention that it’s real…?)

Part of me so wants to laugh about it, because it just seems pretty ridiculous on the one hand.  I mean, for crying out loud, I had to read “1984” when I was in like 7th grade.  I became familiar with the phrase “Big Brother is Watching You”, and understood the basic message, and the point of the book as a whole, before I hardly knew that much about how the REAL government worked…  (ironically though, turns out the book served as a pretty good primer for the real world, didn’t it?)  The phrase “Big Brother is Watching You” certainly isn’t some obscure literary reference, it’s practically part of the vernacular, part of the “cultural zeitgeist”…  Yet despite ALL of that, somebody, somewhere thought to themself, “Well, we sure can’t call ourselves ‘Big Brother’, cuz that wouldn’t go down very well…  But what about a big eye over a pyramid that is watching the whole earth?  THAT will make people feel safe!” (!?!?) 

So remember folks, you can rest easy, feeling safe, because your government is doing everything they can to protect you from the “bad guys” that are out there, everywhere, plotting amd scheming to destroy our American way of life.  The I.A.O. may not exist in the form that it once did, but rest assured; 


3 thoughts on “I saw this, and almost pooped my pants…”

  1. I know, right?!?! I had some friends that were going through this phase once of making all their friends shirts. They assked me what I wanted on mine. So I asked for an unassuming cream colored shirt with simple lettering that said, “You are being lied to.” It was seriously one of the best shirts I have ever worn. Anyway, they topped it off with a cherry by finding this logo and putting it on the left sleeve.

    What a logo! It is almost as creepy as it is subtle…

  2. Yup read about this a while back. “Person of Interest” much? Have you seen that show? Super creepy.

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