Ok, so I’ve been thinking a fair bit lately about this whole issue of SRA/MPD “super soldiers”, mind-controlled sleeper agents, etc., as described by Russ Dizdar over at  It has been over a year now since I first came across his teaching and material, and I admit that for quite some time I had a really hard time deciding if I could believe in something so evil and massive in scope.  One of the things that has continually worked to slowly nudge my thinking towards the affirmative has been the increased number of mass shootings that have occurred just since I first heard about this idea…  The diagram below doesn’t even show most of the shootings that occurred in 2012, such as the recent one at the Elementary school in Massachusetts.  When you look back at any timeline of mass shootings in the U.S. over the past few decades, you really DO see the same patterns repeated over and over again, such as the shooter committing suicide (or attempting to) when they are about to be caught.

Dozens killed or injured in mass shooting at Colorado cinema

   The other element which now has only FURTHER nudged me towards taking all of this stuff even more seriously, is the astonishing degree of speed and intensity that the whole gun control debate has taken on since the attack at Sandy Hook…  Even though I’ve never been someone who has owned a gun, or had any stake in the idea of the “right to bear arms”, or any of that, (I do live in a pretty liberal area…), the fact that we are now also seeing this very motivated agenda to start restricting guns, change legislation, have gun “buy back” programs etc., to me has looked like nothing short of social engineering…  I mean, I remember watching Michael Moore’s film “Bowling for Colombine” years ago, and how it went through all those questions everyone was asking about “How could this have happened?” and “Was it the violent video games?” and so on, and it’s like, now after 13 or so, the public is basically just tired of asking the “How could someone do this” kinds of questions, and now simply just want to look to the government to solve the problem…  I can’t help but look at the entirety of the progression and see that it’s not going somewhere good!  Like I said, I’ve never been one to really be worried about the “government taking our guns away” sort of thing, but now, I have to admit, that if these events are only precursors to a “Black Awakening”, then it does sort of make sense that the NWO might want to get as many weapons OUT of the hands of the general public, BEFORE such an onslaught were to occur…guncontrol

Ok, now one last thing…  I know lots of people like Dizdar and Marzulli have already talked a fair bit about Jared Loughner, and all the details of that shooting, and even about the absolute weirdness of the look on his face in this now very famous photo:jared

But, as I was looking at it the other day a little more closely,  I found myself wondering, “Yeah, why DOES his face look so strange?”  I mean, it’s almost like it appears as though he got beat up or something, it was just odd.  Particularly how his expression on the one side of his face just looked different than the other.  So…  Just for kicks I wondered what it would look like to compare mirrored images of each half of his face in the photo.  And VOILA!nicejared

WEIRD, right…??  Is there perhaps something sinister smiling through on that left side of his face, (the right side of the photo)?