Dissociation, of a nation…


A few days ago, I listened to an episode of the End Times Matrix News podcast, where the host Tim Clark talks about “Mind Control programming and the occult illumination process being conducted on all of society” (amongst some other topics including current events).  I’m really digging the podcast overall, and ever since listening to that particular episode, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about this whole issue of dissociation / thought-programming / societal manipulation / compartmentalization and so on…

I know it’s not really a new revelation or concept to anyone who has any understanding of the “NWO agenda” on any level, because of course, that’s what we mean when we talk about being “freed from the Matrix”, or, “having your paradigm shattered”, or whatever other metaphors we might use.  We are talking about that old schemata of beliefs about the world around us, that previous way we used to regard our reality, which was in so many a lot more pleasant and fluffy than the one we have come to accept as the truth…

Even the most mainstream definitions of “dissociation” within psychology readily admit that this is something that yellow-brick-road-the-wiz-5occurs on a whole spectrum of varying degrees of intensity, the most extreme examples being of course the kind we find in SRA victims and individuals subjected to MK Ultra / Monarch programming, and other such forms of demonically inspired mind-control programs.  Trauma is the underlying factor is this most extreme form.  Intentionally inflicted, this causes the victims, (usually children to start with) to actually “split” their core person, in order that their might be one “person” (or alter) who can be present during the abuse/torture, allowing the other “core” person to go “down”, dormant, to find a “safe place” to hunker down until the trauma is over and it feels ok enough to re-emerge to the surface, while the newly created “alter” then goes “down”, taking with them all the painful memories associated with that horrific experience.  In the parlance of the “Wizard of Oz” programming so often used with monarch/MK Ultra, that act of splitting, of finding the “safe place”, is referred to as “going over the rainbow”…

Okay, so anybody whose researched mind control or MK Ultra stuff probably knows all that.  I guess I’ve just been thinking about how, in a much broader sense, and also indeed in my own life and testimony, how this urge to just “go over the rainbow” is just so dang ubiquitous, whether you were the victim of something as real and psychotic as satanic ritual abuse, or just the more “generic” types of physical, psychological or sexual abuse so many people undergo during childhood/adolescence, or… (like myself), you experienced virtually nothing that could honestly be described as “traumatic” in your personal life, aside from the exposure to the same societal memes and messages coming from pop culture and the mass media propaganda machine as the rest of the population…

Even as a kid, I was all about “escaping” in my head.  I would sit in my room and just draw, for hours, while other kids would be outside playing, imagining worlds of treehouse cities, or massive futuristic submarines, or mansions with their own miniature train sets in them like the one Ricky Schroder got to live in on the 80’s sitcom “Silver Spoons”.  I wasn’t escaping some abused childhood or anything, I just preferred my imagination, inspired by movies and television and books, to the “boring” reality that was around me as a child.  Church was a dry, smelly place to me, full of gray-haired people singing hymns and wanting you to sing in a choir at the Christmas service.  School wasn’t much better.  How said is that.  I basically had the middle-class suburban childhood that so many people strive to be able to give to their children, and I honestly couldn’t (and still really can’t) remember most of it, because I was “living in my own head” so much of the time.  (It’s actually sort of a running joke in my immediate family, how I somehow can’t remember all sorts of details about various camping trips or holidays or whatever…)

vaderAnyhow….  This is a kid, born in the late 70’s, growing up through the 80’s we’re talking about.  We didn’t have computers or internet or dvd players.  We didn’t even have cable, or a VCR until I was like ten years old or something.  It was such a far cry from today, from the environment in which my own kids are now growing up in, and yet even then, I was a full-on, sucked-in, pop-culture disciple.  I was a part of that “Star Wars generation”, who played the original black-and-green screened arcade game and like everyone else thought that having your very own lightsaber would be something worth cutting off more than a couple toes for…

But then, you “grow up” and get “serious” about the World…  You go to college, or start to listen to what all the adults in your church circles are saying is how the world is (that is, if you even grew up in a church, like I did…)  You exchange the old fantasies, for new ones.  More sophisticated, more complex, but ones that are nonetheless infused with all kinds of nostalgic, dopamine-inducing morsels, designed to hearken you back to some idyllic perspective on the modern world…  Your opinions on America, and it’s history, and how it’s “shaped the world” are still riddled with visions of Norman Rockwell-esque scenes, and Coca-Cola commercials, and everything else that the Madison Ave folks have been throwing at you since birth.

And the thing is, we like it.

Even as someone who has read the very words of GOD, and come to an understanding that this world, this life, and everything in it, is but a blade of grass to be blown away with the wind, a mere breath before the expanse of eternity, it is still, so very easy, to “dissociate”, by choice, and try to bounce back and forth between realities, depending on what I am feeling in any given moment…

This is just how we live, as a society today, flipping channels, using the web, checking our phones, texting our tweets, tweeting our pics, TiVo-ing this, and streaming that.  The vast amounts of “programming” we are constantly being subjected to via tv, movies, the internet, is mind-blowing.  Can you imagine someone from even a century ago suddenly being immersed in our ocean of digitally-defused vomit?

I suppose I’m sounding like just another tirade against the moral bankruptcy present in popular culture here, but what I was intending to get at is really more than that.  I suppose now that when I look at something like the “mainstream Christian church” here in America (and other countries, don’t feel left out), we can honestly say that “dissociation-by-choice” is the rule rather than the exception.  Francis Schaeffer described it as being like a two-story house, where the upper story is where the eternal/spiritual realities were allowed exist, and the lower story was the realm of the practical/physical.  In the metaphor, it becomes a case of hopping into whichever story is most convenient at the time, whichever one fits the personal agenda I might have going on.  This “split” is a really a theme that runs through so much of the history of this country, in a number of varying applications, in terms of people holding their faith in Christ in one hand, and attempting to reconcile it with their faith in a human government in the other.  We are time and again exhorted to recall the “Protestant roots” of this country, and think about how each of the original 13 colonies was associated with a particular Protestant denomination, etc., filled with Europeans who were fleeing persecution by the hands of both governments and the Catholic church.  So, even though they had centuries of European history filled with failed attempts at merging the Gospel of Christ with nation’s government, the colonists, I suppose, became convinced that “democracy” or “Federalism”, or some carefully crafted version thereof, could overturn that history, and create what the Bible never calls us to do? compartmentalized-lifeOkay I’m probably really rambling here, but the point at the end of all this is simply to recognize just how deep and pervasive the natural, sinful desire is to CHOOSE an alternative to God’s reality.  Victims of SRA and other forms of intentional abuse had absolutely no choice in the matter.  The rest of us, do, and yet what do we usually choose?  We split ourselves, time and time again, not as an internal mechanism of psychological survival and self-defense, but as a rebellious act, a deliberate choosing of the World and it’s narratives, because they offer alternative realities which ultimately do nothing but feed our basest desires, of exalting ourselves, of trusting in our own ingenuity and intelligence, of indulging our lusts and desires, and of promising us security and prosperity in the here-and-now, rather than in the reality that is to come…

19 thoughts on “Dissociation, of a nation…”

  1. Very well written. I hear a lot of remorse in this post, am I right? As Rich Mullins wrote, “We are not as strong as we think we are.” And we are not! But hope is not lost. Today, for some reason, I am just like beside myself, grieving. I cannot imagine the heart of our FATHER Who created man and desired to have relationship with him, asking him to not do one thing: listen to the voice of another. JESUS said, ‘My sheep know my voice.” There is no comfort in this world and that is why were are told not to love it. My disassociation is between being thankful for all FATHER has done and created, yet hating the violence that is ever present. Being thankful for the beauty that is but yearning for the beauty to come. Loving my children with a fierceness and yet dreading the fact that they are not walking with the LORD. At present we have a paradox where Pain and Peace coexist in a state where only Faith can comprehend the why of it. And now and to come, we are all going to experience the Pain side in increasing measures. The only ‘escape’ per say will be if we hide ourselves in Christ and accept HIS perfect peace. Do we trust HIM? HE has the words of Life! No doubt GOD is going to bring justice, but woe to them that long for it, want it, or enjoy it. I think one reality is that we have a choice: listen to the soft voice of the Holy Spirit and obey or get the iron rod of discipline.
    Strange, you were born in this time, for such a time as this. Make your calling and election sure!
    Blessings to you and your family,

  2. I think this is a struggle that we all deal with on various levels, some more extreme than others.
    There is something that keeps coming up REPEATEDLY, and I know there’s SOMETHING that I need to learn. That is the SPIRITUAL as compared to the PHYSICAL.
    We are human and it’s hard to wrap your mind around ANOTHER reality, one that we can’t see. That’s where FAITH comes in. WITHOUT FAITH, it is impossible to please God. Jesus said; “My Kingdom is NOT of this world”. But how do we “tap in” to that? This is what I’m going through, and I would say that as long as we are in these temporal bodies, and “see through a glass, DARKLY”; this will ALWAYS be a struggle.
    There’s an old hymn that comes to mind, and it is the prayer of my heart.Maybe you can relate, Strange.
    Here’s the song, along with the lyrics:
    Higher Ground – Hymn

  3. More and more lately, I am coming across articles devoted to examining out near total Connectedness to the Hive. The Hive Mind, and all the gadgetry it involves.

    The subject fascinates me, and terrifies me at the same time. It has all happened too fast for society to adjust spiritually or mentally, and so naturally we are fragmented and off-balance. Out of sync, operating on frequencies we weren’t designed for, unable to keep up with this artificial pace.

    I say “Let it Go!” The only way we can rebel from any of it is to detach as much as possible, every chance we get!

    I look at the word DISASSOCIATION in a good light, and it is about the only option we can shoot for. In other words, to come out of this system as much as possible. (More, if we could, but as yet, I’m sure most of us aren’t willing to give up our jobs, our transportation, our bank accounts,..nor our computers! I know I’m not, not yet.)

    We can look at our ability to DISASSOCIATE in a good way. Yes, we may have used it wrongly in the past, but since we are already good at it, let’s use it for GOOD!

    1. True that!. I will share something there that was a little freaky, but I commit everything to the LORD. Pray on this. Several nights ago, after my husband left for work, I was just wide awake, so I prayed. It was super quiet, but I kept hearing this little tick. It was starting to aggravate me, so I started snooping around. Thought it might be a bug, but the tick was too consistent. I finally landed on a lap top. (We have three). It was dead, meaning the battery was run down–it was OFF. I listened and sure enough there was a consistent tick sound. So I tried turning it on, sans the cord. Yep, this thing was dead, no power. And I knew this thing had been turned off for days. So I brought it out to the kitchen laid it on the table and listened. I started counting between the ticks. Exactly 13 seconds would go by before each tick. Now we all know 13 is an ominous number, associated with disorder. I listened to this for a good twenty minutes, timing it with the kitchen clock (looking at the second’s hand). I finally gave it to the LORD, annoying as it was and seemingly occultic in nature. However, I believe the message in it is that indeed we are in a time of great disorder, great evil and for sure “rebellion is liken unto witchcraft.” So yes Jimmy, this lady is ready to go DARK and more into the LIGHT.

      1. We can never know the full extent of what is coming through these devices. Even if not ours, they are all around us, and the airwaves are saturated.

        If you look and listen too hard, I think it could drive a person crazy!
        Literally, figuratively, spiritually,…I don’t know. But I do know, we aren’t designed for this kind of lifestyle.

        Give me a quiet spot in a forest or along a beach any day!

        I also read somewhere about the benefits of going barefooted, whenever possible or practical. Something about being “grounded”. Seriously!

        And don’t ya love it sometimes when the power goes out, and you can hear what QUIET really sounds like again? There’s nothing like a game of Scrabble by candlelight!

        1. No, haven’t heard of him. I just now looked him up…that’s a little more “natural” than I’d care to live, but those are great skills to have!

          I did, however, go to look up an author I’d read a few years ago who sparked my interest in the subject of technology and how it affects us spiritually and sociologically. His name is Jaques Ellul. (I never knew he’d written so much! Now I want to read more by him!)

          But after you’d just said what you did earlier, this just jumped off the page at me:

          “Jacques Ellul attempted to integrate sociology and theology
          in order to explain what it means to be “in the world, but not of the world.” 😉

          I don’t know what he has to say about too much, but I liked his writing on that certain subject. He really makes you THINK!

          By the way, believe it or not, I don’t care much at all about what the drama is that is going on in Israel at the moment. I care DEEPLY about the reasons for the turmoil in the first place, but to be honest, reading much about these current problems makes me SICK! I just have to step back a little because it frustrates me so bad to see people buying into their propaganda.

          On a brighter note!…I happen to live in the Pacific Northwest at this very moment, and I love it here!! I’m on the coast, up towards Oregon.
          Been here going on about 7 years now.

          (Frankly, liked it a lot better before all the Fukishima warnings.)…but hey,the weather is great, it’s still gorgeous to look at, and those Redwoods never fail to take my breath away!!

          1. Shame we just don’t take it upon ourselves to shut off the power regularly. Why do we always need to wait to have it imposed on us?
            I guess we’re just such creatures of habit sometimes…sad to say. it’s not always in our best interests.

    2. “God gave us the minds to be able to invent and build” …

      -yeah, right! But we are building our own prison through all this technology, as it enslaves us in more ways than one.

        1. That’s a great article Sandy!
          It was back then, on account of THAT, that we got rid of the TV in our house.
          (Not as if there wasn’t already a thousand reasons beforehand to toss it, but that was the final straw for that camel!)

        2. Don’t feel bad! No matter how much we think we know, there’s always so much we don’t.
          I think your assumptions are correct!

          Gives Philippians 4:7 even more weight, doesn’t it, when it comes to “protecting our hearts and MIND in Christ Jesus…”

          1. And how many morons will think this is just GREAT?!
            About all they have left to do is get everybody chipped.

            Mark of the Beast or not…? (Old clip, I know, but still a good source, in case anyone needs to share it with someone who hasn’t seen it yet.)

  4. You know what? I was not spooked at all. I was annoyed. Angry at the PTB, that have such knowledge and use it for evil. Angry with sin. Angry that my prayer time was disturbed. But thankful the LORD allowed me to see/know something. I think there is a lot more to this tech than we can even imagine and it is satanic to the core. GODs people need to unplug soon, for real. Each will have to seek FATHER on their own and find out what HE wants them to do.

  5. These stories are among many others that are just surreal. One, All those people Israelis are killing are making them look bad!? Really? Stop killing them then!!

    Secondly,…a Peace Prize?! Sure, only if you realize THEIR definition of “Peace” means the absence of all opposition!

    This is why I brace myself for whatever I read about this situation.

    Seriously, the human rights violations are OFF THE CHARTS.

    They shouldn’t be there in the first place, and the conditions the Palestinians have been forced to endure are horrendous. Of course they want to fight back! When Americans are rounded up, displaced, and denied basic human rights, they’ll want to fight back too. (Of course, they will be labeled as “terrorists”.)

    This country is gonna reap what we’ve sown. In spades.:(

    1)Israel-Gaza conflict: Netanyahu says Hamas using rising death toll to make Israel look bad



    2)Israeli ambassador says IDF deserves Nobel Peace Prize for “unimaginable restraint”

    “Speaking at this year’s Christians United for Israel gala, Israeli ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer claimed that, contrary to what human rights groups and the United Nations have claimed, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has conducted its assault on Hamas in Gaza with such caution and care for civilian lives that it deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for “unimaginable restraint.”….


    In addition, here’s a good article about the ways we have “blessed” Israel.

    “I would like to take this time to list some reasons for thanking and blessing Israel, our lone ally in the Middle East, for everything she has done for us, since I am quite sure most Americans are unaware of just what kind of friend she has been to us.

    For extorting from me and my fellow Americans $4,000,000,000.00 a year for the last 4 decades, we bless thee.

    For taking our most sophisticated weapons technology and stealing it for yourself without paying the American patent holders, we bless thee.

    For taking that high-tech military technology and selling it to our enemies, such as the Russians and Chinese, thus further endangering us, we bless thee…
    (continue at the link)


    1. I had to link to AboveTopSecret.com for bringing those stories to the forefront.
      There are sites I’d never think to go to, but thanks to such broad membership at that site, ya never know what’s going to turn up!
      It’s just a user-generated site that covers anything and everything.

  6. …and that’s not even taking into account their lack of decent food, water, or medical supplies,..

    This subject makes me too upset to even write about it!!
    Thank goodness plenty of eloquent and informed persons have done so and are continuing to do so.

    Rense.com features some excellent writers on this topic.

    1. I know, it’s a challenge to stay balanced these days.
      So much confronts us at every turn.

      Easy to get side-tracked and forget where our Freedom really lies.

      We should also remember to look for all the opportunity we can find to BE that LIGHT we were called to be. In little ways and big ways, it does make a difference.

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