“TTISTF1” Testing, Testing, is this thing on…?

Ok, so after a week or two of all this rather intense back and forth with a number of people about the whole issue of Israel, I figured I’d try and “wrap it up” with a little audio message (actually, it’s not what you could call “little”) but just to basically try and summarize all the points being brought up in all of it, and hopefully be able to move on somewhat from it all, as I certainly don’t want to “define myself” or even this little blog here as just being all about harping on this matter of the Israeli government being connected to the broader New World Order and over-arching anti-Christ system…

8 thoughts on ““TTISTF1” Testing, Testing, is this thing on…?”

  1. Hi Strange. Enjoyed your audio. If you don’t mind, would you post some links to Chris White teachings or audios, books,or whatever?

  2. I liked it, too, Stranger. (Except for that horrible shrieking sound at the end!!! I wasn’t expecting THAT!) 🙂

    You handled that whole thing about Marzulli with a kind of grace that he could stand to learn from, frankly. I hope he did listen. If not, “Oh well.”

    You are right,…seeing how these people react when their favorite “team” is brought into question IS a lesson in itself. I too was a little shocked at the vehemence brought out by people claiming to be “Christians”. Now, I’m not judging their hearts, but rather, I do have to question their critical thinking skills!

    Which is unfortunate, because maybe Marzulli and others DO teach the truth on other things, but for me, their research skills are tainted, the way I see them, if they can’t get it right on this business of Israel. Because frankly, they get their “talking points” from the same sources. Maybe it’s what they AREN’T saying that we need to be more attuned to listen for?
    (If you’re confident in other things he has taught, that’s up to you. But for me, I am going to be skeptical.)…but I am anyway, of about everything in Politics or Religion these days!

    You might have seen where Sandy and I have been posting at Seashore Mary’s blog over the last couple of weeks also, but it doesn’t do any good. Unless some people are reading from the sidelines and maybe getting some eye-openers. Ya never know. But we can only do so much. This is one of those issues people are just going to be divided on. I might be about done with trying to get the message across to people.

    In fact, if these scenes on the political chessboard play out to their logical conclusions, we might all be absorbed in a little more drama close to home than we’d like.
    I don’t know if I want to waste my time arguing with Zionists when there are other much more satisfying ways to spend my time, especially if that time seems to be becoming more limited.

    1. Hi, Strange. Reading this comment from you made me think of what happened when I got the AX from Marzulli.
      I was commenting pretty regular at the time. It was the year 2012, and you remember all the Dec.21, 2012 baloney that was going on everywhere, including at Marzulliville.
      Some months prior to the BIG date, Lynn announced that he had the chance to go to the Chichen Itza pyramid, and be there on that date, one problem, FINANCES! People started donating, and the funds were raised.
      THEN, two of his buddies (Russ Dizdar was one of them) were gonna join him, their COMBINED power was MUCH stronger…you know! But…..they needed their trip paid for too! That money was also raised. Up to this point, I had not said anything on the blog about how I was feeling about all this.
      As the date was right around the corner, the three of them made the reservations for the flight there. (non-refundable) This is when I expressed my opinion about diving head first into a hornets nest. I expressed that I didn’t think the Bible backed up such actions. The disciples and apostles dealt with evil when it arose, but I’ve never read of any of them crashing an occult festival! I expressed these feelings.
      Needless to say, I was attacked by by the “swarm”, especially “Eric”. He and I had some rather heated exchanges. Of course, he was defending their “pastor”. WHATEVER he does is WONDERFUL in their eyes, never mind if it doesn’t seem to line up with scripture, and never mind that others felt the same way I did. Different bloggers out there were writing about what he was going to do, and were opposed. But Eric and the rest were just singing the Marzulli praises.
      A week went by, and suddenly, Marzulli announces that they had called off the trip. His daughter had a bad dream and told him about it, and he and the other two cancelled. BUT….the money he had spent was non-refundable, and the people that donated just lost their money. Did he offer to pay them back? NO!
      So, a few days before the big date, Marzulli posts to the blog that “God had ‘redirected’ them, much in the same way God told Joseph to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt”!! The herd at his blog started responding, and I waited for Eric to show up. One week earlier, he had crucified me, because I dared to second guess the great Marzulli! Finally, he came in and threw ALL his support behind Marzulli’s decision not to go, even going so far to say that he was glad he had cancelled because he was worried about his safety!!!!!!!!!!
      I started my reply to him like this; “My, my; Eric! Isn’t it funny how you can change your opinion SO drastically in one weeks’ time”!!!! I proceeded to remind him of the flogging that he gave me just one week earlier for simply not agreeing that that the trip was a door, divinely opened! Would God open a door, just to slam it and cost many people their hard-earned dollars? I don’t think so, and stated such. Needless to say, Eric tucked his tail and went and hid for a while!
      Then I approached Marzulli, himself for stating that his “re-direction”was the same as Joseph taking Jesus to Egypt to get him out of harms way. The Bible CLEARLY states, that happened ” that the prophecy might be fulfilled”!! This BLUNDER was NOTHING compared to that, and I let him hear about it. Everyone rushed to the scene of my crime!! And the rest is history, I was banned, but not before I got spat on, kicked, punched, flogged, crucified, tar and feathered, hanged from the highest tree, among others. Live and learn!!! Best thing that could have happened! I’m glad I’m banned from such a place as that!

      1. I remember that happening, Sandy.

        Your re-telling of it makes me want to laugh, but it’s really a shame things happened the way they did. Why can’t people just agree to disagree politely without the “tarring and feathering” some people are too quick to do?

        I have my theories, but I think they are obvious to most by now, anyone who knows about what happens there. It probably happens a lot of other places too.

        1. Yes, it’s quite funny…..NOW, but at the time, it was VERY frustrating. That is like one of the towns that Jesus told His disciples to “shake the dust from your feet”, and that’s what I’ve done with Marzulliville!!

    1. The guy has to be confirmed by the Senate still, but I don’t think they would reject him.
      He’s been around for awhile now, from what little I’ve just read about him.
      Of course, he is a staunch supporter of Israel.

      “A Reform rabbi and lawyer, Saperstein, 66, has led the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism for 40 years, and has spent his career in Washington, focusing on social justice and religious freedom issues. He was instrumental in the 1993 passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which requires the government to show a compelling reason for any action that impinges upon the exercise of religion.

      He was the first chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, which was created as a watchgdog group in the same act of Congress that created the ambassador-at-large position. In 2009, he was appointed by Obama to the first White House Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

      Saperstein must be confirmed by the Senate before he can fill the post.

      The choice of Saperstein will appeal to many who advocate for religious freedom for his staunch work in the area, and for his lifelong commitment to social justice. Saperstein has headed the Coalition to Protect Religious Liberty and served on the board of the NAACP, People For the American Way, National Religious Partnership on the Environment and the World Bank’s “World Faiths Development Dialogue.”

      But his generally liberal views may concern some from the more conservative side of the political spectrum. Though he helped pass RFRA, the law considered by the Supreme Court in the Hobby Lobby case decided last month, Saperstein decried the court’s decision, arguing that the justices had overstepped when they ruled that the craft store chain could cite religious objections in not providing contraception coverage in its insurance plan.”


      (Better sources around, but this one will do.) 😉

  3. If ya didn’t get around to watching this before, I thought I’d repost it as a reminder or for someone who missed it the first time. (Earlier I wrote that Part Four might not work, but it has since been fixed!)

    The Noahide Deception

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