Pyramid Schemes…


“Most people have found the Illuminati in things that have come to pass. People have found in it the occult, and mistakenly they have said “Aha, the Illuminati is the Occult”. Then they have found it in the Masons and they have said “Aha, the Illuminati is the Masons”. Then they’ve found it in politics and they said, “Oh it’s politics” or they found it in the international banking system, or they found it in Zionism, so they list it as just being that…

Actually, it is ALL these things, and much more…” – John Todd

Lately I have been in a lot of discussions which in some way or another tie into the question of just who/what/where is really the one responsible for all the conspiratorial shenanigans we see going on all over the world right now in so many ways.  Perhaps that has something to do with me, and my tendency to look through virtually everything through the conspiratorial/NWO lens, but I suppose I really can’t help that or apologize for it at this point!  (Once you pop that red pill man, it’s hard to unsee what you now see…)  But, inevitably, in these discussing the realities of geopolitics and propaganda and shadowy-governmental “stuff”, this really does become one of the most pressing questions…  WHO exactly, is behind it all?  (If in fact, there is anyone at the “top of the pyramid” at all, and it’s not all just a random series of events being pushed along by generic, base motives such as greed and lust for power, etc… )  Yeah right!  Ok I’m not going to spend time arguing for “big C” conspiracy, I believe there is enough evidence for that if anyone is willing enough to see it.

But who, then, are the ones ultimately “pulling all the strings”?  Just who are the “elites”, the Oligarchs, the puppet-masters?  Is it the Rockefellers? The Rothchilds?  The Luciferians?  The “fake Jews”?  The “real Jews”?  The Jesuits?  The Royals?  The Bushes? The Bonesmen?  The Pope? The CFR?  How about the Freemasons?  Rosecrucians?  Bildebergers?  Bohemian-Grovers?  Trilateralists?   Theosophists?  Kabbalists?  New Agers?  Crowley-ites..?  What about Reptilians? The “Annunaki”?  Greys?  Alpha-Centaurians?  Extra-terrestrials? Extra-dimensionals?  Nazis?  Communists?  Capitalists?  Central Bankers?  Eugenicists?  Radicalized Islamists?  Radicalized anti-radical-Islam “Christians”? The Zionists..???

Easy answer…  YES!

Ok, ok, I know.  That’s dumb.  Most people who see that something beyond what we are told on the evening news is going on are most likely familiar with most of these groups, and understand that most likely all of them are some involved in some way.  So, the REAL question of course would have to be, “But WHO is at the TOP…?”  Who is the one calling all the shots?  The true “CEO of Evil Inc.”?

Only the Word of God shows us who…

2 Corinthians 4:4 “Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.”

John 8:43,44 “Why can’t you understand what I am saying? It’s because you can’t even hear me! For you are the children of your father the devil, and you love to do the evil things he does. He was a murderer from the beginning. He has always hated the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

Every lie.  Every false belief system.  Every cult.  Every “mystery school”.  Every form of idolatry.  Every kingdom that has been set up on earth since mankind left the Garden, other than the one that Jesus opened when He rose from the dead, belongs to, and is run by, the fallen cherub.

There are many people in churches and such who would on some level give assent to this idea, the way I once did, believing it in a very weak, vague form, but not truly appreciating the literalness and pervasiveness of this reality, and in such a state it is ever so tempting to constantly seek out the human sources of the what is being perpetrated upon us, instead of the higher, spiritual one.  But the fact is, that no matter how “high up the food chain” you go in Satan’s hierarchy, one thing must be remembered, it is still Satan’s hierarchy!  Do we really think that the Devil rewards any of those who serve him in the end?  He has no eternal rewards to GIVE.  Only temporal ones, which are in fact no true “rewards” at all, only carrots-on-sticks, tools of manipulation used to seduce men and women into serving him and carrying out his wishes until they are no longer useful, and then cast aside.  Cast, into hell…  Where he ultimately longs to see them go.

This is why I actually really like one particular part of the movie “The Dark Knight”.  Overall, not a fan of the film.  (I actually think the whole Batman thing is pretty corny at best, and full of all sorts of illuminati-programming junk at worst…)  BUT, the sequence in the beginning of the movie which shows the Joker pulling off a bank heist with his goons is possibly one of the best depictions of the mind of Satan, and how he really rules his “kingdom”, and regards his “subjects”.  It’s a tad violent, (ok, more than a tad), but then again, I’m using it as a depiction of Satan, so I don’t see a huge conflict there.  Each goon has a job, a period of usefulness, and each goon gets used and betrayed.  To me, that is exactly how we should understand the way Satan has used, is using, and will use, every individual, every group, and every tangential “agenda” being used for his broader objective…

So which one of the “goons” made it to the top of the pyramid? Which one of them really outsmarted the others and clawed their way to the top?

In the end, none, and so shall it eventually be will every single one of Satan’s “illuminated” goons as well…

Carolyn Hamlett, a woman who came to know Christ after growing up in a generational-occult family and saw from the inside how the “organization” worked, says this in a recent blog post:

 One of the tactics being employed by the enemy is to convince people that God has the characteristics that are actually the characteristics of Satan. Satan is the egotistical tyrannical worship hungry entity craving to lord over you. Those who think Satan/Lucifer isn’t a tyrant and doesn’t expect their worship will be dead wrong.  It is Satan/Lucifer’s intention to have you worship him and only him. 

For those of you who think that this NWO is a conspiracy “theory”, or that it has nothing to do with spiritual matters, you are flat out living a delusion and are already a victim of the very conspiracy you have been deceived into believing does not exist. 
“The Plan” I speak of…what is it?
“The Plan” is actually a HUGE conspiracy composed of many small conspiracies carefully designed to trick humanity into following Satan’s plan. I didn’t name it “The Plan”, the author of it named it “The Plan”.   If you don’t like the term “conspiracy”, you are already a victim of the very organization implementing “The Plan”.  Allow me to re-educate you…to remind you of the original meaning of the word, “conspiracy”. 
A conspiracy is the same thing as a deception.
A conspiracy is simply a deception being orchestrated by more than one person. Satan is the CON of all cons and the author of the greatest CONspiracy of all.  Lucifer/Satan named the conspiracy “The Plan”.
I have listened to Carolyn giver her incredible testimony of being saved out of serving the Darkness and have benefited greatly from her understanding of the expanse of Satan’s grip over ALL the various arms/legs/tentacles of the big nasty beast we call “the New World Order”.  I highly, HIGHLY, recommend her material!

38 thoughts on “Pyramid Schemes…”

    1. Hi starmonkie,
      I left a couple of comments at your blog on July 26, and they are STILL ‘in moderation’. I only wrote them because i read one of your comments that said you welcomed opposing views. Nearly 3 weeks in moderation? One has to wonder!

      1. Hi Sandy ..I am so sorry I haven’t gotten back to you I’ve been overwhelmed lately ..that’s why I haven’t posted anything else yet . I have been in deep conversations about the views on the rapture and I have been reading a lot about the prophecy. If you like you can email me at and I’ll send you my direct email we can discuss it more in depth if you like.

        1. I can understand that. It seems everyone I know seems to be OVERWHELMED lately, in every sense of the word.
          The day I read your comment, it seemed that you were inviting discussion. I was raised to believe all the “tow the line” interpretations, until I started a furious search FOR MYSELF. Once you have all that INSTILLED in you, it’s very HARD to “de-program” yourself. Only by the Grace of god, and guiding of the Spirit of Truth was I able to shake off that old way of thinking.
          I don’t condemn anyone that believes different from me, but I really feel that there are SERIOUS errors that are prevalent. I think there are future deceptions that one could fall into, by believing some of the things that we are told are correct. I don’t want to be deceived, and don’t want ANYONE to be.
          According to 2 Thes 2; God sends STRONG DELUSION to those who love NOT the truth. I want TRUTH, whatever that is. You can’t love the truth unless you know what the truth is. Perhaps I wrong on some of the things I believe, and if I am, I WANT to see it and CHANGE it.
          Just wanted you to know that I’m NOT looking for an argument, I’m TIRED of those.

          1. Of course I do invite discussion. I value others views very much so. I am very open minded and I like you want the Truth. I’m not opposed at all looking at other views ..I’m very open minded. I like to research everything in depth 🙂 the prophecy is a huge complex subject that takes a big discussion.

  1. “What you are about to read should act as a WARNING to all non-Jews throughout the world. It hopefully should open the eyes of many who knew him in Washington government circles. It becomes indeed obvious that what he discloses is not fiction. It is not imagination! He was not pretending as he spoke with knowledge and intelligence. Many things have been said and written about the One World Jewish Conspiracy but never has it been described so openly. It staggers the imagination. Their plans are shocking and many will be astonished at the contents of this document. NOTHING like it has ever been told before. We prefer not to elaborate. You be the judge. Looking back to the time of this interview and having had time to analyze Harold Rosenthal’s candidness, we are compelled to think of him as a conceited, boastful yet very knowledgeable person. I would classify him as an egotist and a egoist. At times his cruelty surfaced with a venom, especially as he describes the STUPID CHRISTIANS or “goys” as he so often referred to “us.”

    Excerpt from Harold Rosenthol Interview – 1976

  2. You say you “highly recommend” Carolyn’s material. It seems to me, from what I’ve read, that she is dedicated to keeping the Sabbath, and I don’t mean on Sunday!
    Do you agree with that, that Christians are to keep the Sabbath as the Jews did/do?
    Are you a Sabbath-Keeper also?

    1. Just so you know,…I’m not asking that to be argumentative or anything. That is a topic I’ve gone over again and again and again, and believe it or not, my spouse and I DO observe Saturday as the Sabbath, though I mainly do it out of respect for “my better half” more than feeling it is a requirement of God.

      All we have is the Bible that tells us the world was made in seven days, so we only have the word of men to go on there. We do not and can not know it for a FACT.

      Then there is the Bible itself,…were we “brought out of Egypt” like the Israelites, so do we observe it because of that? I can’t say we are.

      I’ve read the ordinances were done away with at the cross, but I read also “God changes not”. I read we are to “obey the commandments of God and keep the testimony of Jesus”, but not once in the New Testament are Gentiles told to observe the Jewish Sabbath, when there are plenty of times it could be mentioned.

      It also says we are not to judge another for fesitivals, sabbaths, etc,…

      This is just barely scratching the surface on the matter. A dear friend of ours is an 80 year old Adventist and loves nothing better than to push the Sabbath issue. We have spent hours debating this. (I met the guy online when we were just beginning to fall in line with Adventist beliefs after watching several Walter Veith videos, and at first, I agreed, then I couldn’t be sure, especially after investigating the Adventist religion as a whole.)

      This is another one of those reasons I have put my Bible away. Even with the best of intentions, people can’t seem to come away in agreement on reading it. I see too many contradictions, when, if you are looking to see them, you will. I didn’t see them before because I only saw what I wanted to see, it seems.

      But back to the Sabbath issue,…I don’t have a problem with setting aside a day to deny myself some worldly activities in order to honor God. But I also don’t see people who observe Sunday as a sabbath are in obedience to Satan.

      I do see what the author you listed. Carolyn, was saying, about a potential “Sunday Law” of sorts perhaps in our future. And it is interesting to note also that from what I can gather, based on the Noahide Laws, Gentiles will in fact NOT be allowed to keep the Sabbath as the Jews do, (the sunset to sunset thing, Saturday basically). So will there be conflict on that topic more ahead? If so,maybe it would be good to be prepared to make a stand one way or another?

      1. Hi Jimmy the Sunday law is no conspiracy (not saying you believe it is ) there is a lot of true material and documents to show it is a future blue law .. I do believe at some point those that take the Mark of the beast will be forced to worship on Sunday law ( the mark will change a persons dna completely IMO ) .. I can’t see it happening any other way then after the market crash and peoples freedoms removed by martial law.. Ect ..

        1. So, out of curiosity, where do you stand on the matter,…if you don’t mind my asking?
          Do you think Christians should be observing the “Jewish” Sabbath, and if so, how so, specifically? And if not, then why not?

          It looks like you’ve given the matter some though, so figured I’d ask.

          …And pardon the “Jewish” Sabbath label. Perhaps I shouldn’t call it that, if it is indeed “God’s Commandment”, then it is neither Jewish nor Gentile, but I find no mention of it before Exodus, and then it was said to be for the Israelites. (Or so I’ve read.)

      1. I should have clicked on the video before asking where you stood!
        Is it safe to assume you are an Adventist then?

        1. I am one that gave my life to Jesus Christ and do not believe that Jesus said the sabbath was for all ? Jesus healed on the sabbath and he was ridiculed .. I think After Jesus died for all sinners and the veil was broken we can worship Him whenever we choose to ..the day doesn’t matter … What matters is having a relationship with Christ ..

          1. Sorry…I just guessed that only Adventists would post hour and a half long videos about the Sabbath by Adventist preachers.

        2. I posted the video because he shows that we as Christians should expose The New world order and national Sunday law. It was a very interesting video that shows the info in right in our faces .. I’m sorry if posting the video offended you I was just sharing information .. I’m not easily offended assuming or judge mental .. I was simply communicating .. You don’t have to listen to me or watch the video 🙂

          1. Who said I was offended?
            I was only asking questions.

            If I “guessed ” you might be an Adventist, that was all I meant,..I was just guessing.
            One of my best friends is an Adventist. I wasn’t intending it to be taken as a slur.
            Sorry if you took it that way.

            I’m not comfortable with a lot of Adventist teachings, but they are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

            1. Ok well I’m sorry I didn’t intend on pushing that point and didn’t even remember if the pastor in the video was indeed an Adventist. I was just trying to show there’s been info out there on the Sunday law .. And the nwo agenda .. I guess I was out of touch with your thinking so forgive me 🙂 I like the Christian perspective of the nwo Jesuit Sunday law view it’s hard to find

              1. No problem. 🙂

                Misunderstandings are all too common when one only has the written word to go on.

                Are you familiar with Adventism? It really isn’t your typical “Christian” religion. They don’t believe in hell, they believe Jesus is the arch-angel, Michael, and they darn sure believe that Sabbath-keeping is a must! However, they also stress wholesome living and obedience to God, and I am in favor of that.

                I’ve really only seen Adventists talking about any future Sunday Laws. When I tried to find actual legislation geared that direction, I came up empty handed. (Unlike the vast amount of documentation about the Noahide Laws.) Maybe you could find the proof elsewhere, because the quality of that video is a little rough, and long! I am curious what proof he had for it.

                I have seen people in the mainstream, as well as the Pope, urging people to come together on Sundays though, to cease from work and reconnect with their faith and their families. It strikes a chord with a lot of people on many different levels. In itself, I don’t see it as a bad thing.

                The only time it would be a problem is if someone is forced into one way of doing things or another. I believe we should all be free to do as we wish as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. (Not to sound all “Do what thou wilt” or anything, but basically we are given the right to use our free will, and I’m a big believer in freedom for everyone, not just people who believe as I do.)
                That’s where the Noahide Laws bother me beyond even the affront to Christianity. For anyone to wield that kind of power is just plain wrong and I want to be no part of that system, based on principle alone.

                Bur speaking of the Jesuits,…I’m more or less convinced that Ignatious Layola, founder of Jesuitism, was in fact a Morrano Jew, or, a “crypto-Jew”, as they are called, when they are infiltrating and posing as something they are not. You might want to look into that, if you like Conspiracies of that sort to investigate.

  3. Sorry, Strange, but when I clicked on her name, the blog that comes up launches into comments about “Will there be a Golbal Sunday Law” not even half-way down the page! THAT is why I questioned her being a Sabbath-keeper, because I said I have never heard anyone outside of Adventism talk about “Sunday Laws”. For me, it’s something I would want to question.

    And before you accuse me of just automatically ASSUMING something, did you read how I asked Starmonkie “Is it SAFE TO ASSUME…you’re an Adventist?” That’s not the same as just believing something outright. So, I asked her! Like I ASKED you, because NO, I haven’t had time to read through her blog, but like I said, the Sunday Law thing was RIGHT THERE on that page that first pops up.

    And do I think there are some hidden motives with Adventism? Yes, I do. At the very top, yes, same as all organized religions, especially with Masonic ties, which they nearly ALL have.

      1. Deirdre, Just read your latest blog. All I can say is WOW!! Another WOW was the Makow article you linked. Almost everything in that article is what I have been screaming about lately. It hints that the Rothschild’s in the City of London are Gog/Magog. I was falling out of my chair as I read it! It even talks about Idumea (Edom/Esau) being absorbed into Jewry.(126BC) Altogether, just an AMAZING post.

        1. Keep in mind this thing of cycles and layers. I am working on that now (if only in my head and spirit , praying about it, seeking FATHER on it.)

      2. Why do you think that, Deirdre?
        Have you read something to make you think that a world ruling authority would have their headquarters here to rule from?

        I haven’t looked into it, this Brazilian temple, but from what I can see it’s just a gigantic, un-godly use of money!

  4. So, whether or not she is an “official” Adventist, she would fit right in with this line of thinking. (Though there are also other Sabbath-keeping denominations outside of SDA’s. There are Seventh Day Baptists, etc,…)

    I’m just posting this to clear up where she stands on the subject.

    (As for her other points of view, I did listen to a 45 minute video of her speaking, but as far as I could tell, she could just as easily have read about those things and then made up her own story to make it look like it happened to her. Maybe for someone new to these things, her story would be an eye-opener and cause to want to learn more, and that’s good, but like I said before, the more I learn, the more skeptical I become.)

    If you’re inspired by her and what she says, that’s fine, too. We all have our personal likes and dislikes.


    ” I do think that at some time in the not so distant future, a line will be drawn in the sand to separate the true followers of God and His Son, Jesus Christ from those who are not true followers. I believe this will involve the 4th commandment, that of keeping the Sabbath Holy.

    It may seem a trivial matter as to which day to observe as “Holy”, but I ask you to consider that this commandment may be used as a means to divide those who choose God over Satan. Where do YOU stand? Whom do you choose? Contrary to men’s tradition, not one of the 10 commandments has been obliterated by God. Is His Law written in your heart…or not?

    Remember God’s commandments. They are a standard of God’s Righteousness.

    Remember that no representative of God will declare any of the commandments null and void. To do so would be condoning the acts of Satan.

    Remember Jesus himself never did away with a single commandment. He took it a step further to teach us that unrighteous acts begin on the heart level. “….

    1. P.S.

      And there are NON-denominational Sabbath-keepers, as well, as we are of no specific denomination. Like I said, there are a lot of seeming contradictions when it comes to this subject. It’s a tricky one. If it would become an “issue” in the future, it’s something we should think about now.

      I don’t presume to tell anyone WHAT to think about it,
      That’s between you and God.

      I know my thoughts on the subject. I am going to stand on principle more than anything, and one’s freedom to choose. God knows our hearts, and for men (governments) to impose their idea of what is right from a religious standpoint, when they have NO moral leg to stand on, is thoroughly an abomination in my eyes.

      1. Now…if one could really KNOW, beyond a shadow of doubt, that God really DID say to keep that exact commandment…and that it applied to all mankind,….then THAT would be worth considering, wouldn’t it?

        The Adventists I know say Jesus came to fulfill, and that means to keep, all of the law. Whereas Christians say Jesus fulfilled the law by basically transforming it and taking it to a higher level.

        Adventists say that only when Christ lives in us can we desire to keep the law, and then to do so out of love, not legalism.

        I like thinking that Jesus BECAME our “sabbath rest”, and when we have faith in Him to BE our righteousness, then we have salvation.

        But there are so many scriptures that say one thing and then another. It tells us to be holy, and then it tells us none are righteous! (“Holy” I know can mean “set apart”. Same thing as “righteous”? Different?)

        When we “come out of the world” do we need to be ‘set apart” and not “worship as the heathen do”? Or, do we gather on the Lord’s Day, as the apostles did, to acknowledge the Lord’s resurrection?

        Who says who “the heathen” are?
        Some would say those worshipping on Sunday fit that bill, because they say the Pope instigated it. But people gathered on Sunday long before the Pope made any declaration about it.

        Questions, questions….!!!??

        Sorry for rambling,
        just thinking out loud,…

        Better get back to work!~ 🙂

    2. “then you’ll turn around and get all “discernment ministry” on other people you barely know based on an issue like the Sabbath?”

      What is THAT supposed to mean?
      All I know is I asked questions about what someone believed, and besides, I don’t dislike people who follow Adventism anyway, I just like to know if they do because I’m a bit familiar with that way of thinking, since one of my BEST FRIENDS is totally into all that. He and the rest have been discussing the Sunday Laws for a LONG time, so I do have a clue about what it stands for,

      And why attack me for what I feel about Carolyn’s testimony? I said if someone feels inspired by her or likes her, fine. I really didn’t get anything out of it, personally, that I haven’t heard somewhere else. She also says she came “face-to-face” with the anti-christ. Ok, she can believe that if she wants, but I don’t have to believe she did. It makes no difference to me if she did or didn’t.

      I do believe in a “spirit realm”. Never said I didn’t.

      Geez,…sorry I bothered to comment. From now on, I’m done here. Seriously.
      Don’t even bother addressing me again.

      Take care.

      1. Listen, I just don’t like people trying to put words in my mouth.
        Like this:

        “You might want to hold off a LITTLE longer before flippantly suggesting that someone is just making up stuff like that simply to get a few blog hits…”

        Where did I say “I think she’s doing it for blog hits”…???

        I said if people liked her, fine. So what, if people don’t care for her, that’s not fine?
        What’s the big deal what my opinion is? You’re the one making it a big deal, not me.

        And yeah, she is into Sabbath keeping,(according to her words it sure seems that way) and I’m fine with that, too.

        1. So WHO is the one making assumptions?

          Maybe you didn’t call her a fraud outright, but it definitely felt like you were at least alluding to it, and so you’re following comment about “But if you find her inspiring, then fine”, came across rather condescending. It’s kind of like saying “Hey, I think she probably just made it all up, but if you like pieces of her fake story, then good for you”….

          I know you didn’t explicitly say “She’s making it all up to get blog hits”….

          See, I DIDN’T call her a fraud, you say what I said was “kinda like saying”, and you admit I “didn’t explicitly say”…and yet, you’re all over me on this stuff, as though I ACTUALLY said this or that.

          I really don’t have time for this. I say what I say and mean it. Yeah, maybe I’m a little direct, but so what? Have I said anything DIRECTLY hateful or abrasive? Or is it just “assumed” I’m being that way?

          And when I say I have DOUBTS about the Bible, I mean that, too, which is not the same as saying “I KNOW it’s a fake”.

          1. I didn’t out the quotation marks in that reply as I should have done, but you know which words were yours, Strange.

            I accept your apology, by the way.

            You also had said… ” My point was simply to beg the question as to what sort of motive someone might have for concocting such an elaborate and difficult to believe fairytale, if all they’re doing is blogging and doing interviews.”

            Well, I don’;t know exactly, and I didn’t say she DID have any ulterior motives. I haven’t combed through her blog long enough to know what all her slant may be. All I said was what she said “COULD HAVE BEEN SAID by anyone”. Her story isn’t unique. Yes, I’ve heard them too, the mind-control stories, the bloodline references and all that. Never said it couldn’t be true.

            Why be so public though and not go all the way and disclose who her family was? (She could be protecting others in the family, which I’d understand.)

            In any case, I wonder where she does come by way of Sabbath-keeping. To ME, that is something that makes me wonder, and if it WAS through Adventism, I’d like to know that. Just personal curiosity, really. I think Adventism has a very Masonic background, and there you find every kind of conspiracy. That’s all.

  5. I admit, I know VERY little about SDA and “keeping sabbath”. So I guess this is a silly question; if one is keeping sabbath, which time zone do you go by? Israel’s? After all, when it’s Fri. here, it’s Sat. somewhere else
    Personally, Jimmy; I agree with you JESUS is our rest. If He’s NOT Lord of ALL 7 days, what good is it to keep sabbath OR SUNDAY?

    1. Read the book of Hebrews. JESUS is the sabbath and HE is our rest. Enter into that rest. It is finished. All we have to do is trust and obey. No prepping, no planning because HE is the plan! Yeah!!! HE did say, My yoke is easy and My burden light. Amen thank You LORD!

  6. I admit, this scripture had me thinking a lot about the subject…

    “Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, AND the faith of Jesus.”

    The commandments of God are what, if not THE commandments?

    1. I agree. Keep the ten commandments AND everything HE tells you to do (personally). I think the ten commandments also give us an indication of what the abomination is: is one lying, stealing, dishonoring mother/father, coveting, adultery (whether physical/spiritual-mental) Killing (physical/mental), taking the LORD’s name in vain (Lord, Lord didn’t we do this/that in YOUR NAME?). I think this is why Paul stresses that we examine ourselves to see if we be in the faith! We wash in the water of the Word, daily renewing our minds. Man how did they do that before the printing press and there were no Bibles? And now, how much distraction abounds around us? TV, cell phones, the computer… This is why I wonder if HIS people ought to go dark and soley rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit???

  7. Exodus 20:8
    “Remember to keep the Sabbath day Holy.”

    It’s the one least remembered.

    I don’t know…I’m done wanting to discuss it. At least here on this blog.

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