Total Saturation…

covers The above is an assortment of album covers all of which contain some type of illuminati eye/pyramid symbolism.  While a few of them date back to the 60’s – 90’s, the vast majority of them are found on albums released in the 2000’s and beyond (i.e., post 9-11…), a little factoid which I find quite interesting and rather telling.  I compiled this little montage after some conversations I’ve been having with a friend lately, talking about music (a passion we both share) and all the various occult elements and symbolism that can be found and just the whole broader topic of how the Enemy has influenced the music industry and used it for his agenda.  Always a fun topic.  Finding cd covers with artwork containing occult symbolism somewhere in them is of course incredibly easy to do nowadays, and I suppose that is the overall point.  In fact, the site where I discovered a lot of these ones on also included a ton of covers which simply feature a photograph of a single eye on them, as in maybe you could only see half the person’s face, or something like that.  Certainly there are quite obvious examples involving things like Lady Gaga or someone like that covering one eye, or the pictures we’ve all seen of entertainers doing the pyramid/finger thing around an eye, but does that mean every album cover featuring a single eye was doing it on purpose?  I wouldn’t think so, but anyhow, the more you stop and look into things, the more you start to realize just how heavily saturated not just the music industry is, but all of pop culture with all these layers upon layers of both overt and quite subliminal messaging and symbolism…

So shortly after the album cover search, another friend reposts some excellent videos from a blog called Round Saturn’s Eye, where wouldn’t you know it, he’s talking all about this kind of stuff.  And not just from the perspective of someone like myself who is learning about it all from the “outside”, but a guy who came to believe in the true Jesus after personally navigating the marshes of the occult and spiritualist realms himself.  The video below is one of the first one’s I watched:
Latitude Festival 2010 - Saturday
Now… About 2 1/2 minutes into the video, he starts talking about all this 9-11/”ixxi”/gate symbolism, which was something I really hadn’t heard much about before, and how the “xx” represents the gate to Hades in between the masonic pillars and so on… I’m going to have to lthexxook into the “ixxi” thing a little more, because the one thing that did ring a bell was the fact that I know there is actually a band called “The XX”….xxxx All this time, I figured the “XX” was just another attempt to come up with a cool-sounding alt-rock sort of name, and never would have imagined that something like that could potentially have any sort of esoteric meaning attributed to it. You don’t look at the band overall and see any of the common blatant Satanic stuff found in so many of the well-known examples like Madonna and whatnot. It really DOES make me start to wonder just how much of the time I’m having occult symbolism shoved in my face without even having a clue? It’s one thing to see pyramids and devils horns and the like and react to it, but that is really just the beginning. The vast majority of it fills our ears and fields of vision daily without us ever noticing. It’s everywhere. In everything…

Even recently, I was unpleasantly surprised by a discovery I made about a video game that my kids are now super into called Minecraft. In case you don’t know, it’s a game that involves being able to dig/mine materials from an interactive world in order to build virtually anything you could think of. You can build little houses and castles for yourself, and in this sense it is very much just like a huge virtual game of digital legos, and since my kids are legofanatics, how could they NOT like a game like that? Okay, but then you can also play the game to where you build your fortresses/kingdom during the day, and then at night, all these creatures come out and try to get ya. Zombies and wolves and “Creepers” who blow up, etc. K big wup, that’s video games. The thing that made me stop and go “WHA…?”, was when I saw that one of the night-monsters was this creature called “Enderman”, which is clearly in both name and appearance a slapdash spin-off of the now infamous out-of-control internet meme known as “Slenderman”, the fan-fiction based demon figure whose crowd-sourced fictional mythology led to two very real murder cases.ender-slender

I mean, really??  I can’t even try to buy a simple and comparatively “safe” game for my kids to play without them having this kind of junk being pushed into their consciousness?  (I know, I know, some of you are possibly going “Well that’s what you get for letting your kid’s play video games”…)  Anyways.  Even though my family is fairly “sheltered” compared to most folks in terms of imbibing the flows of pop culture, the amount that still reaches us is significant, because the degree to which our society has become so totally saturated with not just “worldliness” and sin and so forth, but with outright occult programming, is simply off the charts.  For ages, these kinds of symbols and concepts and rituals were closely guarded secrets of the initiated few, cloaking them in secrecy in order to keep the public at large completely unaware of their existence.  But now it’s being puked into psyches like a tidal wave of Luciferic indoctrination, and the question almost becomes one of wondering what content out there, what music, what tv show, what movie, even what physical product sitting on the store shelf,  ISN’T infused with some layer of demonic iconography, rather than what is…


11 thoughts on “Total Saturation…”

  1. Thanks for your post. It’s amazing how the majority are so blinded. I’m just now understanding the whole saturn thing better after a ton of research..I like his videos on the Kabbalah. I know what you mean about the games the tv it’s so hard to keep the kids away from everything. l pray everyday for God to protect my kids minds and mine too lol

      1. Sorry I went too far in the comment LOL I mean that he initially had written about the concept of superman supermen in 1917 sorry I didn’t mean to say he actually wrote the actual movie oops!

  2. When I first came to Christ as Savior I got rid of ALL my records (that’s ‘CD’s for you youngins), tapes, posters all of it. It did take a little time for me to let it all go as far as surfing the radio station. For me it was a real flesh thing. I LOVED heavy metal and rock. And really how can one escape it when it is everywhere!? But this is why we must strive/contend for the faith! (this is true Israel-it is spiritual and we fight!) Keep our homes and cars clean and clear so that there is at least some place to rest. Pray before you go out and before you meet with others so you are not enticed.

    One day I was driving my daughter’s car (about two years ago) and she’s got a great stereo in it. I happend upon a station playing Zepplins You Shook Me. Ashamed to say, I went around the block one more time so I could blast that. I could feel the flesh rising up in me. I don’t know what it was about heavy metal that just ‘spoke’ to me. Maybe my fleshly rebellion? I turned the song off and repented and drove home. UGH.
    No spiritual giants in the land….)-:

    Encourage one another to stay strong in the LORD!

  3. One of the album covers you have posted in this article is an album titled Vheissu by the band Thrice. I just wanted to point out that the frontman for Thrice, Dustin Kensrue, is now the “worship leader” for “hireling” phony apostate calvinist preacher Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill church in Seattle. But it’s just a ” coincidence” I’m sure 😝. I just wanted to warn about these guys since I was a fan of Thrice before I got saved and used to listen to Driscoll before God opened up my eyes to the utter infiltration of phony pastors in American “churchianity “. Good article, God bless

  4. Wow, I’m new to your blog and had no idea you had personal experience with Driscoll! And thanks for pointing out “The Alchemy Index” albums (entitled: Fire, Water, Earth, Air) by Thrice. I forgot about those. I mean how much more blatantly pagan does it get?
    I don’t believe appointing an occultist as his worship leader was just a bad lack of judgement by Mars Hill. I believe that Driscoll isn’t just a “bad egg” but a Jesuit plant, hand picked for a purpose, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’m guessing that you understand the Jesuit order, how it was created as a “counter reformation” to bring bible believers back under the yoke and bondage of the Roman catholic church. Well since the installation of the current Jesuit Pope Francis, one by one various apostate “protestant” pastors have been giving their endorsement of Pope Francis and subtly indicating that the Catholic church is “just another Christian denomination”. It has happened in this order: Kenneth Copeland, Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Franklin Graham (and Greg Laurie by association with Graham). Check out these links:

    Here is Kenneth Copeland welcoming and affirming the Pope’s invitation for unity:

    Here is Rick Warren fawning over Pope Francis and calling him “our pope”:

    (There are full versions of this interview on youtube where Warren praises the “great devotional works” of catholicism like St John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila. He also makes mention of having a picture of Pope John Paul II in his office.)

    Here is Joel Osteen praising Pope Francis for wanting to make “the church” (indicating he is a part of the same church as catholics) more inclusive:

    Here is proof that Franklin Graham and, by association as a board member of BGEA, Greg Laurie are working in unity with Catholicism:

    These guys are the first to endorse the Pope and promote unity between “Protestants” and the Catholic church. My guess is somewhere down the line Brian Broderson of Calvary Chapel will be next and at some point in the future (it could be years) Driscoll will jump on board as well.

    Check out Driscoll mocking “End time discernment blogs that talk about the illuminati” (such as yours) in an effort to discredit those that are trying to expose him:

    He also wrote a book called “Doctrine: What Christians SHOULD Believe” that has a picture of a serpent on the cover. Why would a “Christian” pastor do that?

    FYI, a little background on me. I was raised in the Catholic church, became an agnostic in my teens and was saved two years ago when I heard the TRUE gospel: salvation by grace alone by faith in Jesus alone apart from works. I have many Catholic relatives and I don’t necessarily believe all Catholics are unsaved, because I don’t know where their trust lies. But make no mistake if you adhere to their doctrine the Catholic religion is all about salvation by WORKS, whether they admit to it or not. They do everything to convince you that Jesus’ blood was just not quite good enough (i.e. you need to be baptized into the Catholic church, do good works, then go to purgatory where maybe the dead catholic “saints” can pray your way to heaven for you). Not to mention the idolatry of “Mary” etc, but I digress.
    You can see how Driscoll’s legalistic teaching (as you indicated earlier) and “shunning” of members (called excommunication by the Catholic cult) lays the groundwork well for unification of Christians with the Catholic church. The same could be said for Rick Warren and the Mother Teresa style “social welfare” gospel he preaches.

    I’m sure this all might seem like a bit much for you to believe, especially since you have had face to face contact with Driscoll but take a look at the information presented in the above links and decide for yourself. Driscoll endorses at least two of the false pastors listed above, who are working to bring unity with Rome: Rick Warren and Greg Laurie. He teams up with them for the R13 conference and speaks highly of them on his twitter account too:

    Pray about it, I really feel like the Lord has shown me that this is an agenda that is well underway as we speak. Remember what my “pseudonym” bible passage states: “that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. For there are certain men crept in UNAWARES”. I really feel like we are seeing this happen before our eyes.

    God bless brother. I’m glad I found your blog

  5. Thanks for your comments! I agree with you for the most part that Driscoll is actually pretty sound theologically. He used to be my favorite pastor before God started waking me up to some of this stuff. Just to clarify I don’t see any of these guys going the “bow the knee to the papacy” route. It’s more like they just put one arm around the Pope and another around the Catholic church and say “yep we are all united as one, just as Jesus prayed for”. The implied message is “Catholicism is just another Christian denomination”. It’s very subtle. I also admit that it’s hard to see Driscoll openly embracing the pope, I think it will be done more subtly, like Osteen did. My thoughts on Driscoll is that he is assigned to play the role of the more “conservative-sola scriptora” pastor who has pretty sound theology and therefore gains people’s trust while still openly endorsing guys like Rick Warren who, as you saw, are blatantly endorsing Catholicism. I believe an uncompromised pastor would no longer team up with a guy like Warren anymore. I see other possible dominos to fall in the “praise the pope” game are John Piper, Tim Keller, and Brian Broderson of Calvary Chapel. It’s possible that all the “religious freedom” issues will be used to unite Christians and Catholics (mormons possibly as well) as they find themselves fighting on the same side of the Hegelian dialectic issues like abortion, gay marriage et al. Anyway, I just wanted to put it out there as something for people to watch. I agree that the Jesuit/Catholic branch of the NWO is probably not the head but a tentacle. They seem to be the branch assigned with the task of getting Christians on board with the new world order. Think about a guy like Rupert Murdoch who runs Fox “Catholic” News and is a “member” of Rick Warren’s saddleback church. Between him also owning Harper Collins/Zondervan, Newscorp etc That is a lot of influence in the “conservative christian” branch of the NWO. Thanks for the good input. It was great to hear from someone with personal experience with Driscoll that also “sniffed him out” so to speak. Take care

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