Lady Serpentine…

ladyserpentineSketched this out a few days ago.  For other examples of some work I’ve done, you can check out my online portfolio here.

I am “launching” a simple graphic design brand with the intentions of using my artistic endeavors towards helping spread the Truth in whatever simple, pro bono ways that I can.  I am not attempting to make money in this, however I would simply ask that none of the images be used without consent.  Thank you very much.

If anyone is looking to get some assistance with design/graphic/layout/whatever work, let me know and I’ll see what I might be able to do for ya…

4 thoughts on “Lady Serpentine…”

  1. Here’s just a thought. (Little background: My dad was a sculptor, mom painter. I play piano/write so familiar with art) I read this book once by some guy/cant remember his name. But he talked about Truth, Beauty and Goodness being sisters and if any were separated from each other you wouldn’t have ‘good’ art. Think a little on this and see where the Holy Spirit takes you! (-: I know for me, sometimes I am attracted to the ‘darker side’ of some of the arts. For instance I loved the movie The Intouchables. (yes INtouchables/its in French) The song Fly by Ludovico Einaudi, really ‘spoke’ to me. I got the sheet music and practiced away. Well sometime later, as I got better at it, I started to feel like there was something darker, sad and ‘vibrational’ if I may. And I quit playing it. In fact, when we moved, I had to give my piano away. )-: But such is the life of surrender!

    FATHER is more than able to take the very gifts HE gave us and mold them into something better,or different. For instance I NEVER thought I would have the blog, and NEVER thought I would be on here almost three years. The purpose is whatever HE wants.

    I think we have to spend some time ‘filtering’ through the Holy Spirit what is lets say, Beneficial. All things are permissible, but not everything is beneficial. Think back on the Truth Beauty Goodness. Is it true? Is it beautiful? Is it good? (Is our LORD good, true, beautiful ?) Many think they are playing good music and its crapski!

    My hubby is still on fb, and I sneak on there and look around–bad! Because too much temptation. Some lady posted a video of these cello guys or something like that. They were playing Bach’s Suite 9 Prelude on revved up electric cellos and played it ridiculously fast. I was DISGUSTED! to say the least. They ruined it because it wasn’t Good. And it was Truthful. They were taking an instrument that is meant to be play au natural and tried to Eddie Van Halen it. Then what was supposed to be light and somber and sweet and thoughtful (like hearing every single solitary note) was played so fast, it was distorted, so it wasn’t Beautiful either.

    Well, I better quit now, before I write a novella. Just wanted to encourage you as an artist and obviously a very thoughtful person, to pursue the Holy Spirit’s direction. I feel like I am supposed to say, “start over.” Not sure what that means, but perhaps that is just for you? Pray on it.

  2. As we now all know, Lady Liberty is anything but about freedom. Love your version of her “flame” how appropriate! Sometimes those who can’t be reached via words can be reached via art. To me art, whether that is painting, poetry or something else, should be about the issues the artist is dealing with in his day. THAT is what makes a great piece, when others see it and TOTALLY relate to it or see it and say “Wow! I never thought about it that way but it makes so much sense!”

    Interesting, isn’t it, that we are created in our Creator’s Image and Likeness and we LOVE to create! Go figure…lol.

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