Tough Questions…

HT_james_wright_foley_jef_140819_16x9_992By now everyone has heard the latest news regarding the journalist James Foley.  I flipped on the tube last night while preparing dinner as the story was breaking.  I’m not exactly sure just how readily available the actual video of his beheading still is on the internet (it’s at least been removed from Youtube), but I admit, I searched for it for a few minutes to no avail.  Not for some macabre fascination with seeing brutal killings, but this is just one of those things, where for those of us who understand the truly Machiavellian methods employed by the PTSB, this is exactly the kind of thing which cannot simply be taken at face value and assumed to be all that it appears on the surface, simply because it is so horrific and sensitive in nature, and crosses certain lines of perception and international intrigue never quite before experienced, or because it appeals to our preconditioned reactions to the traumatic and unsavory.  So for those reasons, I confess, if I had the chance, I’d be interested in seeing the actual video.  Maybe that’s not a super politically-correct thing to say, I don’t know, but the reality is that this death, and the intended media spectacle created by it, fits perfectly and obviously into the broader “script”.

Supposedly the video shows Foley speaking before his beheading saying “”I call on my friends, family members and loved ones to rise up against my real killers, the U.S. government.’” I don’t know if this is indeed true, since as I said I haven’t seen the actual video yet, and who knows if I ever will.  If he did say that, then who knows if that was just something he was forced to say, or if it came from his own freewill.  Perhaps that could be one of the reasons why the government would want it removed from public view, to remove that element from the conversation completely.  Maybe they just don’t want the masses picking apart the video for any clues/inconsistencies in the videography or location or clothing or whatever.  (you would think though that by now there are already millions of copies of the original video floating around, but anyways…)

Obama just delivered a message to the world, talking about how “a just God would never tolerate this” (wow…) and vowing to do whatever it takes to keep Americans safe (and of course, as another captured journalist waits in the wings, needing rescue by the globalist Western forces…)  Anyhow, what I DID manage to just see (maybe ten minutes ago now) was the interview of Foley’s parents, available for viewing here.  (sorry, it’s FOX News, but it’s where I could find it…)  Maybe I’m crossing boundaries here, maybe I’m letting my caution give way to borderline “paranoia”, but honestly, after going back over myriads of interview videos of the parents/family of victims of things like Sandy Hook and others, I can’t help but watch such interviews now with a massive degree of skepticism and scrutiny, especially when they turn out to so blatantly reinforce the party line…

As I watched the parents of James Foley speak, I was instantly struck by the very surprising composure maintained especially by the mom, who let’s remember only just yesterday found out her son was decapitated, and done so publicly for the world to watch.  It was her demeanor more than anything which came across to me as more than a little odd, especially as the interview went on.  There was even a fleeting moment where someone asks her about her other sons, and she says “We have four sons, no, three sons…”   (you don’t know how many sons you have…?)  The Dad breaks down a few times, yet the mom almost inexplicably continues to spout off highlights of her son’s career, and enumerate various factoids and anecdotal praise for her son with astonishing calm.  Maybe some would say that since their son was captured around two years ago, they’ve already undergone most of their grieving and so were more or less prepared for such an event…  Maybe they really do have a sincere faith in God and that is what is giving them the strength to speak to the media at such length, only hours after the globally-broadcast execution of their child, with a casualness and comfortability most people would not have in speaking to reporters under any circumstance…  Maybe Foley is really nothing more than an innocent reporter, who fell into the hands of some really bad folks (and interestingly enough, this was apparently his second kidnapping, not his first…)  Maybe it’s actually just extremely uncouth and in bad form to question the parents of a man who just died so horrifically.

Or maybe that’s precisely the kind of psychological barrier we are expected not to cross, in order not to question the amazingly-fortuitous manner which an event as ugly and jarring as this actually fits right into the overall agenda of fomenting the American public and the world at large into buying into the never-ending, ever-increasing, “Big-Brother-please-save-me-from-the-bad-guys” agenda of the Luciferian “war on terror”…

7 thoughts on “Tough Questions…”

  1. The parents surely seemed desensitized! As you said their son was just decapitated the day before! I would not put it past this being part of bringing in the new world order.. And I did not hear that Obama said that yet..It is clear he is against the one true God.. He has mocked God’s word in the past too.. Nothing surprises me anymore.. If this is indeed true it is truly sad.. Even more sad the desensitized people around this ..

    1. He would probably run off like he has when people ask him things he’s not scripted to answer. Unfortunately I think we will have many false flags coming soon and most people will not be ready ..

      1. You know what I noticed after watching the video? Foley didn’t appear to be afraid..He wasn’t trembling or crying..he seem to be talking from a script even. The killer was so calm talking too .. This whole thing is weird. I noticed his feet was very very clean too .. If your in prison that long how do they stay that clean ?

  2. Great post, and sensitively written. Question everything, if we constantly worry about offending, where does it end? I worry one day we won’t even be aloud to question, because that’s where this insane politic correctness is heading.

  3. Sorry….for me the whole thing is strange. My brother killed himself and my parents didn’t talk to anyone for days! In fact, I would think (from my own experience with the death of loved ones) that exactly When you start to talk is when the reality of it all hits you like a ton of bricks and releases you to grieve! What was up with the phone ringing all the time?

  4. Nothing would surprise me at this point, or almost nothing. But when you said that Obama said that a “just God” would not allow this it just made me wonder who’s God he was speaking of? Is he saying a “just God” would not allow this because in his world of perfect there would be no Jews, no Netanyahu to deal with and sharia would be the law of the land? That is how that struck me, as a slap in the face of the one, true Righteous and Almighty God! But as usual, nicely covered in his own deceptive style.

  5. They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us. 1 John 2:19

    Our president is not of us …

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