Here an Op, There an Op….

(everywhere an “op op”…?)

This video is rather well done.  The clips pretty much speak for themselves.  For a long time I thought ideas like the formation of a “North American Union” were still probably are bit to much to really believe, but now, I really don’t…

The open border, the “refugee” illegal immigrants, the escalating police state, the total surveillance technology, trade agreements, scares of pandemic disease outbreaks, “terrorists” infiltrating and crossing meaningless, undefended borders…  All of it really does coalesce into achieving this broader goal, part of the “regionalization” of the globe, eventually leading to a singular, solitary government…

I was going to next post a video which breaks down the evidence that the images in the Foley execution video were photoshopped, but alas, it has been removed.  In fact, it would seem that there is a large scale effort going on right now to deter anyone from reposting or reviewing the video of Foley’s alleged demise.  Needless to say, I have become increasingly skeptical, as have millions of others, because of the long list of oddities about the whole affair.  But since it’s been taken down, I’ll just end with this lovely vid of John Hagee introing PM Netanyahu.  I mean, this sort of just puts the whole Christian Zionism piece of the puzzle in a nice little nutshell…

3 thoughts on “Here an Op, There an Op….”

  1. You know what Truth, I am reading a book right now, and had this thought. Kindof like Neo saying ‘there is no spoon’, there is no rabbit hole! JESUS IS. I love the word IS, because not only does it mean ‘to be’ but ‘to be’ is REST and JESUS is the sabath REST. We don’t have to run to and fro seeking knowledge because if we carry the testimony in us which is JESUS (the Holy Spirit in us), than we are done running. HE IS the author/perfector of our faith and faith IS BE lieving. And to abide and be in Christ is to be in LOVE. What does it matter if I can prophecy or speak in tongues or do anything or have all knowledge, if I have not love? Not thats some deep stuff right there!

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