If the Dollar really Dies…


Even as a child, I was never particularly good with money. My meager allowance typically didn’t last longer than it took to walk into a pizza place with an arcade version of “Double Dragon” in the back. As an adult, my seeming inability to invest or save or even spend wisely soon led me to the same frustrating realization that so many other Americans have arrived at: debt sucks. My credit score is borderline embarrassing, my “assets” consist of little more than the collection of thrift-store “treasures” I’ve amassed over the years, and more than one used-car-salesman has had his way with me over the years. “Economics” was never a topic I found particularly intellectually stimulating, and so it was a long, winding road before I was able to finally come to the place where I really began to understand what all the fuss surrounding things like the Federal Reserve and “Fiat currency” and the petro-dollar was really all about.

Now, I’m finally there, just in time to see that the long-prophesied cracks in the damn are truly forming right before our collective eyes, that is, if we aren’t too busy watching celebrities dump ice water on their heads or putting together our fantasy-football rosters. The funny thing is, I have to confess that there is a part of me that almost feels a sense of relief at the idea of the dollar just suddenly kicking the bucket. All those years my family and I have struggled under the chains of stubborn student loans and high-interest car payments would finally (presumably) be no more. I almost feel like there would be a small taste of self-satisfaction in the thought that in a flash, all those people out there sitting on their IRA’s and stock portfolios and real-estate equity (I know, I know, all three of them who are left…) suddenly are in the same predicament I am. I suppose that’s an incredibly calloused and smug thing to think, but I’m just going for honesty here. Of course I know that my moment of relief from being released from the burdens of owing all that worthless paper money would be short-lived, and after about five minutes at the most, it would be overtaken by the reality setting in that now we have to figure out how to put food on the table without grocery stores. (small detail there!)

I’m certainly no economic analyst, or “date-setter”, or anyone who has anything resembling “inside information”, and I have no idea of the things we read about regarding Gazprom or the BRICS nations and all the rest is really spelling the end of the petro-dollar, or if the PTSB already have a dozen or so other mechanisms at their disposal to keep the “floating dollar” afloat for who knows how many more decades… I don’t know if the next month or so could see the next “big false flag event” or not, or if WWIII could really swing into action, but all I know is that I can’t sit and scoff at the possibility. I know I need to get more serious about having extra water and food on hand, just in case. I know from past experience, that economic “bubbles” are a real thing, and when they pop, it has real consequences. And I know that the U.S. dollar itself represents the most massive, economic “bubble” in all of human history, and this is undoubtedly something which came about not by accident, but by design…

For someone like me, who understands things so much better when I have a visual or an allegory to compare it to, the whole thing made so much more sense when I realized it was very much like the story of the “Emperor’s New Clothes”, and that for the majority of the past century, we have been living in what equates to the part of the story where the Emperor is parading along his kingdom’s streets, stark nude. The arrogant king ignorantly strides about without a stitch of clothing on, and there is no outbreak of scandal or hysteria until finally a child says what everyone else already internally knows, but is too scared to admit. The petro-dollar is very much like the unspoken agreement of the Emperor’s citizenry, the illusion carries itself forward, until finally the masses do not partake in the charade. If Russia and China et al have really ceased to buy/sell oil in dollars, then this could in fact be the moment that the child speaks out, and the nakedness of our fantasy economic world is made plain to all…

One thought on “If the Dollar really Dies…”

  1. Satan is so good at distractions…sleight of hand – whether it is judging an economy on the rising DOW or NASDAC while ignoring its perilous underpinnings or as you said, being busy watching celebrities dump ice water on their heads while the world burns.

    As kids we learned that the ostrich buries its head in the sand when anxious or afraid. Well, we later learned that isn’t true. The problem is, someone has to tell the rest of the world that they need to come up for air.


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