Blow that funky whistle, Castro….

castro88 years old, still rocking the Adidas track suit, and still calling out the lying Western powers on their skull-duggery. You gotta hand it to the guy. But before you think I’m trying to put Fidel on some pedestal or something, as though he wasn’t himself responsible for a great deal of human misery within his own country, I’m not. I guess I’m just getting to the place where I’m starting to better appreciate the reality that it would seem like in the political spectrum of our modern day, it would appear that the only famous (or infamous) folks who manage to say anything terribly true about the United States/NATO’s array of shocking global exploits, are ironically often-enough the small handful of dictators around the world who have stood in the face of American Imperialism themselves. Castro is certainly no saint, but when you look at the list of things he’s been saying recently in a series of published columns, it’s almost funny to have to agree with his major points…

1) Castro compares NATO to Nazi SS, slams US, Israel for ‘creating ISIS’

2) Castro calls out Obama for genocide in Libya

3) Fidel Castro slams report Cuba blocked Snowden flight

4) Fidel Castro labels N. Korean crisis ‘absurd,’ urges restraint

Overall, I guess it’s just a sad statement about the state of our own internal ability to see anyone within the U.S. power structure who has the “huevos” to stand up and speak out against such glaring and disturbing truths.  Ron Paul no puede decir esas cosas!

Callete Obama, sabemos que has hablado mentira….

(Shout out to “Tales from the Conspiratum” for bringing these reports to my attention.)


6 thoughts on “Blow that funky whistle, Castro….”

  1. When I saw this back in July, I wondered about what “strings were attached”. Who writes off such a debt FOR NOTHING? Some of these Castro comments may be part of them. (Not to say that his statements aren’t correct)
    “Russia Writes Off 90% of Cuba Debt as Putin Meets Castros” ……/russia-writes-off-90-of-cuba-de...
    Bloomberg L.P.
    Jul 11, 2014 – “Russia agreed to write off 90 percent, or almost $32 billion, of Cuba’s Soviet-era debt as President Vladimir Putin visited the Caribbean island” …

    1. Yeah, I find it hard to believe that ANY world leader is in opposition to the NWO….else they WOULDN’T be in power. They’re ALL Rothschild puppets. They are ALL given a role to play, and Putin is playing his.
      But one thing I can’t help but consider. PRIOR to 9/11/01; there were 7 countries left in the world WITHOUT a Rothschild Central Bank. Now there are 3. The 4, of the 7 that NOW have central banks are Sudan, LIBYA, AFGHANISTAN, & IRAQ!! The 3 that STILL DON’T are; CUBA, N. KOREA, & IRAN!!! HMMMMM!

      Rothschild quote: “Give me control of a nations’ money, and I CARE NOT who makes it’s laws”

      1. I think it’s also interesting that back in 2012, Putin ALSO wrote off 90% of N. Korea’s debt. So, in the last 2 years, Putin has written off 90% of N.Korea debt, AND 90% of Cuba’s debt. BOTH of then “happen” to be in that list of the ONLY 3 countries left, WITHOUT a Rothschild Central Bank!! Coincidence? ME THINKS NOT!!

      2. EXACTLY RIGHT! When you “follow the money”, most every time, it leads back to the SAME culprit – The Rothschild Dynasty, who I PERSONALLY believe to be the earthly manifestation of GOG, and the ring leaders of the SynaGOGue of Satan!

  2. And that’s another reason people need to get out of the 501C3 run churches b/c in short they are synagogues of satan! Sun worshiping mixing holy and profane together. Some may think all the money is going to the pastors and staff, but they also have their ‘conventions’ or vaticans (however you want to look at it), its a form of government and its like all other kinds of pyramid schemes–the pressure to perform, recruit and tithe are all at play. Somebody (or bodies) at the top are cashing in on this foolery. How do these mega churches get funding for their buildings? And yes they go into mega debt. Whose going to pay for that debt when the debt card is pulled? The best kind of slaves are those that don’t think they are! (Or are so spiritually lazy, they don’t care!)

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