The Luciferian’s Hope…

I really dig the videos by this this guy, the way he breaks it all down and always says, “it’s so obvious guys….”  The illuminati propaganda really is everywhere you turn these days.

4 thoughts on “The Luciferian’s Hope…”

  1. Mirrors were used in divination. I always think of image (the I, me, I in Image) . The etymology of mage is magic. “I” magic or I do magic. Worshiping the Image of the beast: the magic of the beast, its image. GOD said, ‘let us make man in our image’ yet if I were to do a big word study, would that ‘image’in Genesis mean something else? Or is it the same b/c satan aims to mimic the image? If I look in a mirror, is the image real? No it is a reflection, Ok now I am rambling… But I think there is something to this hall of mirrors and the Imagination of achieving the pinnacle of spirituality as posed in the commercial. How absolutely prideful! “J’adore.” I adore. I adore what? ME? My image? All that glitters is gold in me! Rebellion has reached its pinnacle or fullness. This generation is fine tuned.

  2. I also noticed that her hair is short (shaven); she has cut off her glory. Her hair is not covered. She is uncovered (bad). Psalm 2–let us throw off their chains/fetters. She is unchained. She arrives in the new world barefoot, b/c it is ‘hallowed ground’.

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