Truth over Tradition…

biblicalchurch_coverI just finished listening to an interview by one of my faves, Derek Gilbert, with a man named Beresford Job, an elder in the Chigwell Christian Fellowship in Essex (that’s in the U.K., for us Americans), has spent most of the last 40 years in full-time itinerant teaching and pastoral ministry. Beresford has pioneered biblical house church life and experience in England, and he explains how human traditions have supplanted the teachings given first to Moses and then to the disciples of Jesus. (text from

It has been about eight years or so since I myself came to understand these truths about the model of “doing church” that is actually outlined in the Bible, but I have to say that this presentation by Mr. Job is perhaps the best done treatise on the subject I have ever heard.  If anyone is in the place where they are finding themselves wondering where all the traditions of modern churchianity come from, and why there is such a reliance on the whole Pastoral hierarchy, liturgies, rituals, etc., then listening to Beresford would probably help explain a LOT about where these things came from.  He speaks in a very measured and grace-filled manner about seeking what the scriptures themselves have to say about what it means to gather as the Body of Christ…

Beresford also has a five-part audio series on which traces how the oral traditions of the Jewish elders eventually ended up being the same mistake made the “Early-church fathers” of the first few centuries of the Christian church.


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