paradigmsI would have to think that by now, most people have at least heard of the idea “9/11 was an inside job”. I don’t know. Maybe not. There are after all plenty of other important info-bytes constantly vying for people’s attention, such as NFL fisticuffs in elevators and such. Even if most people have at least heard of the concept by now, I would still assume that most Americans have still not actually taken any time to take any serious look into the topic themselves, although I do believe this is something that is continuing to slowly, steadily change…

Paradigms are a funny thing. It would seem quite possible to live one’s entire life without even realizing that one even HAD a “paradigm” in the first place, until that paradigm was actually challenged, cracked, or even destroyed.

When I first encountered the claims about building 7 being a clear instance of controlled demolition, I was soon completely amazed to discover just how many intelligent, professional individuals had contributed mountains of research into the investigation of 9/11, men like Richard Gage, who brought many years of experience with them as architects and structural engineers, etc. If you haven’t yet looked into the findings of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, then you haven’t even begun to seriously examine what exactly did happen on that fateful day.

But the thing that most astounded me as I began to learn about all the, shall we say, “anomalous” facts surrounding 9/11, wasn’t even the realization that this was in fact carried out by people who are clearly operating within our own government and military, (in short, a mother of a “conspiracy”), but it was the revelation that all the massive amounts of damning evidence to the fact it was in fact an inside job were just so readily available, for anyone to see it they merely bothered to look.

I started to realize how it wasn’t the issue of accessibility to evidence that was the key factor in what people chose to believe, it was the fundamental question of their willingness to question their over-arching paradigm…

Some might think of a “paradigm” as being akin to a “worldview”, but I think I’m inclined to see them as not quite the same. Though very similar concepts, a “worldview” might be described as what a person consciously thinks of themselves as believing, while “paradigm” encapsulates everything, the conscious and subconscious. Both the articulated, propositional-truth kinds of beliefs, and all the internalized, schemata-based, associations and emotions and nostalgic constructs which influence us daily on levels that we rarely recognize.

The amount of energy, money, time, and effort that go into the elaborate constructions of our paradigms, (particularly as they relate to our identities as citizens of what we are told since birth as being “the greatest country on Earth”), is almost impossible to fully measure. Since our earliest moments as children born into a world with TV screens and movie theaters and top 40 hits, to now the kids who crawl around in their diapers and learn to count on touch-screens, we are bombarded with a bajillion different little icons and messages and stories and songs, coming from a bajillion different angles and places, all of which contribute to what is essentially a singular and fairly simple message: “You are blessed to be here. You have freedoms that others fought and died for. You have opportunity. You have rights. You have privilege. You are lucky to be a part of America, because America is “#1” and so and so forth…. 🙂

The thing which prevents most Americans from even giving the slightest bit of serious thought to the possibility that people within their own government could actually be responsible for the murder of thousands of their own citizens, is this: It is simply too horrific and too destructive to their entire notion of reality to contemplate.

It is our beloved paradigms, (or more specifically, our deep and devout attachments to them), which allow virtually all of these false flag events and staged mock trials and faux revolutions and everything else to continually occur. It is really just idolatry, idolatry in the form of buying into this massive tapestry of American dreams, that blinds us to what is going on right in front of our own faces. It is the idolatry of believing in our own privileged place in the world, our beacon of “democratic light”, which fuzzies our vision and keeps us from recognizing that the United States is anything BUT a force for “democracy” around the world, and that our cities and capitols are strewn with ancient occult symbols and edifices, quietly screaming their Pagan ideologies on a daily basis for anyone bothering to listen…

So, on this 13th anniversary of the day that “forever changed America and the World”, my question would simply be: “Are we willing to seek the Truth, regardless of how uncomfortable or disturbing or bizarre it might become along the way…?”

2 thoughts on “Paradigms….”

  1. Love this post.. I think of those things and I always come to the conclusion that people don’t want to know. They don’t want their programmed lives disrupted. I can’t blame everyone because they have been taught their whole lives the rules of the game. There are people that strive to know the truth but still the world Boggs us down and steals from our time. That’s why I’m so glad we have Jesus 🙂 He is our only hope and if people can find Him they will find the greatest truth of all.

  2. Really liked your second to last paragraph! The secret though is that while the masses are slaves to the paradigm, the LORD can use the same models, modes and govts to establish HIS people.

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