“We’re the Blood in your Machines”….

After my having just wrote my recent iParody, wherein I jokingly referred to Apple CEO Time Cook as “worshipful master”, I almost fell out of my chair today when I heard Bono call Cook “zen master” during their awkward onstage presentation of the new U2 album “Songs of Innocence”, which was (oh so altruistically) “given away free” (or conversely, spammed to, without wanting it) half a billion iTunes subscribers yesterday, in what ultimately has to be one of the lamest corporate/celebrity stunts yet. (I suppose the similar release of the “U2 iPod” ten years ago would still be in the top ten…)

But ok. Since Bono & Co. apparently have absolutely no shame in their willingness to be used as props of propaganda by the iLITES, I can’t feel much shame either about jumping on the bandwagon and pointing out not only the overall hokeyness and tone of desperation such a move conveys, but also of course the deeper, spiritual messages embedded in all of it. Sure, Bono is being “playful” when he bows to Cook and calls him “Zen master”, and makes the comment about “we are the blood in your machines”, but the joking merely a way of glazing over the incredible degree to which all involved parties really believe such concepts to be true. That’s when these kinds of statements can be recognized to be quite prophetic, or creepy, or both.

U2’s monistic spiritual themes aren’t particularly hard to flesh out, but I suppose that’s part of why it’s so disconcerting when you think about the fact that they have long been one of those few, rare groups who have managed to pass themselves off to a good many Christian music fan as being vaguely in line with a Biblical message. In some ways they have been some of the most central icons for the “Emergent Church” generation, who have very much embraced the idea of being “relevant” through social action, enthusiastically embracing/trusting technology, and “inclusive” spirituality.

u2sunsymbol But is it just a message of run-of-the-mill, worldly relativism, or is there perhaps something more going on? What’s up with all the sun worship symbolism? This new microphone gimmick of Bono’s is quite interesting, to say the least. This new album is supposed to contain songs which by and large talk about significant moments from the band member’s pasts and childhoods, yet much of the lyrics (like most of their material) leaves plenty of room for many levels of interpretation. The song “This is where you can reach me” is supposed to inspired by the time the band saw the Clash play back in 1977, yet I was hard-pressed to find any lines in the song that really made any logical connection to that topic at all, but instead contains lines like:

We come from an ancient place
Beyond what we can see
We’ve come to colonise your night
And steal your poetry


I dunno. I honestly can’t figure out if Bono/U2’s obsession with trying to associate themselves with 70’s punk bands like the Clash and the Ramones is really just them being nostalgic about their own rock ‘n roll idols as teenagers, or if there’s something more to it than just that. Maybe it’s just a way of trying to re-inject some edginess back into a band brand that is still trying to do all it can in it’s role as prophets for the New World Order. Bono doesn’t seem ready to retire his sunglasses just yet. (Perhaps he thinks he’s gonna need them for when the sun-god finally rises again…?) Either way, all I know for sure is that I don’t want their “blood” in my “machines”…

8 thoughts on ““We’re the Blood in your Machines”….”

  1. Strange, there are these cycles in the world. You write and think and ask questions just like Jeff Radt of Lookupfellowship. He no longer has his website. Not sure why, but one thing I did know, he would not come out of her all the way! No matter what truth was presented to him. So maybe you are the next guy in line to ‘do the job’. Wake people up with showing them the mechanisms that trap them, but go all the way with the truth.

  2. And odd that they used that term ‘blood in the machine’ when I wrote about our energy giving this modem energy….confirmation?

      1. My first time here. If I may TTSTF,
        RE: Blood in the machine?

        Leviticus 17:11 For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul.

        This may be a stretch but the beast that many look for is an individual.
        What if it is a system that interconnects people of flesh and blood through technology with the beast system central computer being the head?
        And what is being referred to as blood in the machine as being life?
        Time and again my research shows me that the “advances” of technology are “ideas” that are given from dark spiritual forces.
        The quest to reach heaven without God as gods?
        iphone 6 ? Six being the number of man, signaling the completion of what is needed to obtain control.

        The beast system to have it’s own use for blood in it’s quest to re-invent every aspect of God’s creation?
        Using information to manipulate people into believing that being connected into “their system” will give them what they want and need.

        RE: Merging spirit/technology? Lacking omnipotence, dark spiritual forces may get what they need through observation as their host (whoever they are inhabiting) use these devices.

        Here is another thought, when you look at the screen it is a type portal. What if it is two ways?
        Remember Tron?
        We have been programed for sure. Shut off the power and see what happens.

        1. Hey are you the same Jeff that visits Testify? I totally agree with what you said. Remember what I said about energy?

          Truth, this is a very important post. I wonder how many hits it got because it needs more! I know I’ve said this before, but its because I feel like Im running a race and have very little time left to use this machine to do whatever it is FATHER wants me to do, but I can’t get out of my mind the real church going dark/incognito…

          Anyways, I wonder if you are trying to build a little personal library while there is still time? Get some stuff on paper?

          And yes Jeff, how I wish the lights would go out. It’s too noisy for me. A couple years ago we had another strange snow storm and the power did go out and though it was cold I LOVE IT! Silence! Amen!

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