Thank You, Dr. Stan…

drstanJust found out this morning that Dr. Stanley Monteith went to be with Jesus yesterday. It would be hard to fully encapsulate all that this man has done in service to the Lord and to the Truth regarding the Days that we are all living in today. The man was a pioneer, a servant, an intellectual, and a true example to all the Saints who have been destined by God to live in the Last Days. This man was researching and revealing the constructs of the New World Order before I was born, and I only discovered his show, Radio Liberty, a couple years ago, but in that time I have listened to countless hours of amazing interviews and discussions on all sorts of pressing international and spiritual topics. He has my utmost respect and thanks, and if anyone deserves to finally go and be able rest from his labors for the Lord in the last century, it is this man.

James Corbett, who was regularly featured as a guest on Radio Liberty, has written a stirring tribute, In Memoriam Stan Monteith.
Even Alex Jones (who I am often not a fan of his style/rhetoric) had some laudable words for this man who paved the way for so many now speaking out on these things today.

3 thoughts on “Thank You, Dr. Stan…”

  1. Hi, Strange. Thought you might be interested in reading this. (long read) Keep in mind this is NOT a Christian site. So you have to use your Biblical and spiritual insight when reading this. It’s quite interesting.
    It seems, according to “insiders”, there are good aliens and bad aliens. But we know there are NO GOOD demons!! They are ALL messengers of deception. But it seems they have convinced TPTB that some of them just want to help us humans! They want to save us from the evil “Dracos”!! As believers, we KNOW this is a lie, even though they may act this part out….for a while.
    Please know that I’m not agreeing with all that is said, but there are things I feel to be gleaned from this. Just use your discernment when reading. ~Sandy

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