So I got to see the Lunar Eclipse last night…


Thanks to my son’s ever-so-fun bout of casein-related sleeplessness, I was up until about five o’clock this morning, which gave me the chance to check out the “blood moon”. I was actually pretty surprised by how cool it turned out to be to get to witness something like that, particular when the last sliver of white was swallowed up, and the pink and red hues began to take over. The pictures I took with my old digital camera are pretty awful, and certainly don’t do it justice, but yes, it did turn a reddish pinkish tone. Was I found most astonishing was how once the eclipse was in full effect, suddenly the colors really “danced”, somewhat like how a star waxes and wanes in brilliance. I wouldn’t say it “twinkled”, but more like “surged”, where the red and white would go back and forth, as if trying to compete, making the whole moon look quite alive and rather eerie.

Even though I don’t necessarily buy into the whole “blood moon theory” as proposed by that Mark Biltz guy, I was still glad I got to see one of the “tetrad” in person….


One thought on “So I got to see the Lunar Eclipse last night…”

  1. Glad you got to witness FATHER’s beautiful creation. Amen. Yeah, don’t get lost in all the funky doctrine that is leading the whole world to hell. Only one sign needed and it was given. it is finished. Amen! We have a lot to be thankful for! I didn’t get to see anything (was looking for a meteor shower), got a thunderstorm instead.! Hope you get some rest today. Bless your heart and your family!

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