Whistleblower Wednesday: Zach Taylor

This man is a veteran of the U.S./Mexico Border Patrol, and speaks with acute lucidity towards the connections between things like the open Southern border, FEMA activities, border patrol agents having their ammunition rationed, the spread of diseases such as Ebola, and how all of these pieces amount to evidence of “asymmetrical warfare” against the infrastructure of the United States, in what can only be determined to ultimately serve the aims of globalism.

5 thoughts on “Whistleblower Wednesday: Zach Taylor”

  1. Hi, Strange. You know, I have mixed feelings about all the “whistleblowers”. Who knows whether to believe what they say or not. We are lied to so much, sometimes it’s hard to know WHAT or WHO to believe. It’s a shame that it’s this way, but they made it this way!! You never know if they have been instructed to say something. It’s like the boy who cried “wolf”!

    I compare it to fishing! YES, FISHING!!

    The whistleblower is the fisherman, his info is a nice, big, juicy worm. But there’s a hook underneath that yummy looking worm! The fish is you and me. We are trying to keep ourselves abreast of things and dangers in this murky water. Then we happen upon this delicious free treat. We chomp down, not knowing there’s a hook in there. All we wanted was a “snack”! The next thing we know, WE’RE DINNER!!!

    We have to be SMART fish. After all, fish do live in SCHOOLS!!!

    1. I don’t know…logically what he is saying makes sense. But then I wonder IF its really going down like that why would he speak so openly about it? Wouldn’t he be fearing for his life for exposing such things? I have often wondered the same about the Alex Jone’s of the world as well. But this guy actually outright gives his full name and previous position which to me is odd, I would think he would be asking for anonymity. No doubt though that something evil is under foot regarding all this.

      1. Lol…exactly! But I listened to this other video of Zack where he explains what he is trying to do and that he is not paid. Now he does make the statement at the end that he did not volunteer for this job but rather was “sent” and I feel that he meant by God. Of course that may or may not be truth. But this second video to which I provided the link below made even him more credible in my eyes:)
        God bless friend.

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