A Titanic Coup…

Yesterday I wound up watching the second half of some show on History channel featuring a bunch of scientists exploring the wreckage of the Titanic and trying to piece together the last undiscovered fragments to figure out “how it sank”. Bla bla blah, it reminded me… “Wait, didn’t I read somewhere several years ago that the Titanic allegedly had something to do with the Federal Reserve being created?” Yes indeed, I remembered correctly…

What I DIDN’T know about was how the sinking of the Titanic was “foreshadowed” in a novella 14 years prior. How interesting…

Benjamin Guggenheim, Isidor Strauss, John Jacob Astor, were three incredibly powerful, incredibly wealthy men who together comprised the last major bulwark against the creation of the Federal Reserve, and mysteriously, all three of them died in the “tragedy” of the Titanic. Personally, I find this whole tale quite fascinating, and I for one, do indeed believe that in all likelihood the sinking of this “unsinkable ship” was no accident. It is all even more interesting when you stop and think about the prevailing concepts we have about what happened when it sank, and the overall premise of movie like James Cameron’s “Titanic”, where basically the “historical” take-away is that all the poor passengers from “steerage” drowned in the icy water, while the tuxedo-wearing aristocrats (like Billy Zane, “boo…”) were the ones who spinelessly climbed into the few lifeboats and survived…

whitestarpentagramIn reality, it’s a pretty ingenious method of pulling off the assassination of three of the most wealthy and powerful men in the world in a single moment. If those same men had all died on the same day, under almost any other circumstances, it would’ve seemed incredibly suspicious and rumors of murder and intrigue would’ve immediately flown. But building an entire massive passenger vessel, just to sink it and kill a handful of people? Outrageous… Until you stop and consider just how such an investment would’ve seen a return, millions upon millions of times over, once the Federal Reserve Act came into being….

Also interesting that J.P. Morgan, (who ultimately owned the Titanic’s White Star Line) cancelled his own ticket aboard the Titanic at the last minute, claiming he was ill. He was reported to have been in perfect health and enjoying vacation in France a couple of days later…

At the moment I am watching this documentary from several years ago, which explores the possibility that the ship that sank that night in 1911 was actually the H.M.S. Olympic, the Titanic’s identical “sister ship” which had been damaged several months before Titanic’s maiden voyage and would’ve provided additional financial incentive to intentionally sink that ship and collect the insurance money, rather than have to invest the sizeable amount it would’ve required to make it sea-worthy again…

5 thoughts on “A Titanic Coup…”

  1. What comes to mind is the first video I watched that JOLTED me out of my sleep. There was no gradual awakening for me, I got ZAPPED from the get-go. Talk about a RUDE AWAKENING! LOL
    But the words I best remember from this video, William Cooper says; “Basically everything you’ve been told about past and recent events are ALL LIES”! The video, “Behold A Pale Horse”. Very long, and VERY shocking!

    1. Ok I would like to watch this, but will have to in parts. James LLoyd posed an interesting question on his radio show the other day. It was something like, ‘ask yourself why you were deceived.” And I think that is a good question. My husband remarked that right before we gave up xmas, these thoughts occurred to him: What will we do ‘instead of’ xmas, and what will be revealed about who I truly am, if this thing is taken away from me?”

      1. Yeah D,; it is very long and you might have to do some house work as you listen! LOL

        ‘ask yourself why you were deceived.” You know, I never really have given it that much thought, but just initially, I would have to say that I was just too TRUSTING. I never knew NOT to believe what we were told. Too busy back then to really look a little deeper and ask questions. It wasn’t until I got layed off from the job I was working at the time that I decided to do a little digging into the UFO question that had always fascinated me.. and to put my extra free time to some use. That’s when I watched this Cooper video, and I haven’t looked back since. Little did I know what a can of worms I was opening up.

  2. That’s kind of interesting. There are several things about the Titanic that are a bit spooky. The story of the Titanic was actually told in 3 pieces of literature long before it happened. Morgan Robertson wrote the “Titan.” William Thomas Stead wrote about the Majestic and the Captain of that ship was actually named Edward J. Smith, the same as the Cap’t of the Titanic. Stead himself eventually wound up on the Titanic and drowned. Those are the kinds of things that start to capture my attention, little bits of the supernatural clinging to the edges of these events.

  3. Ok now that was weird. And my first thought is there is going to be a special place in hell for all these hellians that come up with these evil, evil plans. Geez.

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