“Everybody is fundamentally the ultimate reality”…

More and more often these days, I find myself stumbling across commercials which really do seem a lot more like mini sermons for New Age spirituality and Luciferian philosophy than actual advertisements for whatever product or company they are allegedly created for. Saw this one today, and it instantly hit me as having such a clearly spiritual message, so much so that I actually refrained from hitting the “skip ad now” button on Youtube just to finish watching the whole thing. Curious as to what any of your reactions might be….

17 thoughts on ““Everybody is fundamentally the ultimate reality”…”

  1. I so agree! When I first noticed that, it kind of freaked me out. It’s disturbing.

    I have a theory that people are so spiritually starved that advertisers have picked up on that. It used to be that sex sells, but now it’s “buy this product and redeem your very soul.” These advertisers have been taking lessons from cult leaders, they know how to reel their flock in.

    I think there’s good news and bad news hidden in there. The good news is that people are craving a spiritual revival. I see evidence of that everywhere. People don’t know what they’re looking for, but they’re all seeking something. I tend to see God’s hand in there, calling to us, making that longing stronger because time is running short. On the downside, I also tend to see the enemy’s hand in here too, trying to steer people towards products and things to temporarily deceive them into satisfying that hunger.

  2. Very New Age, very Satanic. Prior to finding out who was speaking, the late Dr. Alan Watts, whom I have never been familiar with, I thought it was very much an advertisement. The devil sells his gospel of prosperity. Notice everyone is having a great time. Well, with plenty of cashola, one could! But hey, lets not mention the reality of the Syrian Christians whose babies heads were viciously chopped off–they must be having a nightmare and should just ‘wake up’. What a pile of poop!

    My Dad said on his death bed, “We try to create our own reality, but reality comes to us.” Dang straight! While Mr. Watts does have a slice of truth in that whole message, ‘that one should embrace the reality they are in’, the sell is all the IMAGE of ‘getting it on with the earth/world’.

    I’ve said this before Strange and am still struggling with it, as I haven’t heard a direct word from FATHER about going completely dark, but this internet, tv and cell phone stuff, is a ‘strange light’.

    On Saturday Testify will have been up for three years. Not sure why I even wondered about that yesterday, but it just came to me. I was thinking about all the LORD has done with it, who I’ve met, what I’ve learned and its all very cool. It’s not like it’s some big time blog either. Never was meant to be a ‘success’, only for the LORD’s use, so I am very wary about what I put on there and how it’s used.

    With that said, I have this wanting to be more present. IE, not on the computer. And I don’t want this false light any more.

    Anyways, neat post. Grace and peace to you and your wife and children.

  3. Wow, yeah. It is crazy how many sermons we are exposed to everyday (and how many we pay for ourselves.) Just rewatched Live.Die.Replete:Edge of Tomorrow and was struck (upon second viewing) that the “enemy” they are fighting is alien (so not of this world), can control time, and is referred to as “Alpha and Omega” and the premise of the movie (repeated several times) it that through hard work and discipline man can be the master of his own fate. Amazing. Who else is not of this world, can control time, and is the Alpha and Omega. It gets easier and easier to see a lot of media for what it is, slick, subtle, programming. Anyway, on an unrelated note…I came across this video a few weeks ago and I have been blown away. It is the video I would have made if I ever had the time, talent, and ability. It had to have been someones labor of love, but there is hardly any info about it or its creator. The most I can reckon is that is made by the brother of an RT journalist. Again, I am blown away by it and it is essentially without narrative and just news and media clips lined up in a row (set to music), but it speaks volumes. AND IT ONLY HAS A LITTLE OVER 1,000 VIEWS! Crazy. It really is like the video I had always hoped to find on YouTube…and I ultimately just stumbled upon it. Funny how that works. Really worth a watch (or 5). God Bless you man….here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1-EAnV6-58

    1. Yeah…3.5 hours. But it is all so good. And dude, it is crazy…it covers right up to today with Obama and drones and what not and especially highlights the plight of the whistleblower. So it is crazy to see you have a whistleblower Wednesday. Snowpiecer, I have scrolled passed it on Netflix, but will have to check it out. Have you seen the (fake) documentary The Conspiracy? It is isn’t fake in a deamining way…its just fake as a genre I guess…actually pretty good. I guess…I mean it blurs the line of reality and fiction…which is always bad…soooo…hmmm. Anyway, American Movie…dude! Old school, yeah its hilarious. That was one where I actually thought it was fake for a long time…it ultimately wasn’t though was it…I actually can’t remember. But yeah, Bisque…Carter segment…eerie. If I can touch on another blog post, about talking to parents and relatives about this, especially around Holidays, this American Bisque may be a good idea. My dad and I got about halfway through in one sitting (a lot more than I had hoped) and I could tell it got to him. Not in a good way (sorta)…I mean, he was bothered…which means he had an understanding. Its just a great video to show people because despite not having a narration, it shows a lot…a lot becomes clear. Plus, if there is an Alex Jones type, my dad will get irritated with the person and then blow the whole thing off. It is a great and tragic defense mechanism. My parents though, after being hawkish towards Obama since they are staunch Republicans, have discovered somewhat for themselves how corrupted everything is and how the media spins things. They just can’t get over that contrived party line…they can’t except the reality that it is all just a sophisticated system of control and pacification for now. I hope you enjoy the whole thing…it has some great segments, good music throughout. The segment right before sept 11 is amazing. The filmmaker intersplices a Wolfowitz speech from earlier 2001 that he gave at Westpoint about Pearl Harbor and missed clues about the attack with the speech Rumsfeld gave on Sept 10th announcing the 3 Trillion Dollars that the Pentagon “couldn’t account for.” It is powerful stuff. The guy also, more recently, made a shorter 40 min or so video called American Anthrax where he focuses just on the anthrax contrivance and ensuing witchhunt for a patsy. Welp, I have rambled. God Bless,

  4. I have the sudden urge to go hug a tree! LOL! Gaia worship comes to mind, and the original lie; “ye shall be as gods”. Also, the Aleister Crowley philosophy; “Do as thy wilt”, which once again is being popularized by people like JayZ.

  5. We are entering a post-secular culture. Christianity has become a blatant target of corporate media. False teachers customize their message for the masses, whether they be “Christian” or secular false teachers. Marxist, Darwinian, and Freudian fallacies have run their course in the deconstruction of Christendom. Baal worship is the historic default position. I would maintain that the commercial posted is as much a “religious experience” as it is an advertisement. The schizophrenic collective will seek to assuage guilt through any and all methods of reality twisting. Their religion is promoted under the guise of honoring the self, and or, the earth. The resulting demands increasing exposure from the true church, which for the most part is content to ignore the phenomenon or mate with it. The irony is that as the collective fail to acknowledge their belief system so does much of the visible church.

    1. Agreed. This from Luke 11 came to mind: “He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with me scattereth. When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out. And when he cometh, he findeth [it] swept and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh [to him] seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last [state] of that man is worse than the first.”

  6. I doubted the relevancy of my reference at first. So I checked Matthew Henry. He distinguishes between a spirit leaving of it’s own accord and a spirit being cast out by Christ. According to Henry, an evil spirit may retreat from an individual leaving a hypocritical stance as a sort of feign to garner respectability toward a more tragic fall. No doubt this is taking place here. Our nation is increasingly throwing off moral and civil order as “furnishings” that the present leadership have considered nothing more than imitations for quite some time.

  7. Agreed. It seems to give the “coming out of the closet” meme new relevance as well.
    Here’s a verse of encouragement.
    2 Corinthians 4:7-10 – ” But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us. [We are] troubled on every side, yet not distressed; [we are] perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body.”
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Great thread guys…very intriguing. I too recently have backed off of focusing so much of my attention on atheism when I had the realization that they aren’t going to be the big, predominant end time worldview. The Bible is pretty clear…the masses will have a Supernatural worldview. The materialist, scientific, atheist worldview, as I see it now, was just a giant shaking of the world’s “Etch-a-sketch” of spirituality. It did much to erase much, but the void will be filled back up. Probably with a self-idolatrous New-Agsim wrapped in psuedo-science. Atheists may even move toward a “scientific” justification for new found supernaturalism. More and more I am struck with the idea of Marilyn Furguson’s (sp?) the Externalization of the Hierarchy. She basically described the reality that at somepoint they would have to go public with the “occult.” And what do we have today…a whole lot of gnostic movies and advertising, and an aggressive marketing of the occult in popular music. It is something to stand back and behold…it is so sophisticated (that is the word I keep coming back to.) I am finding that the less I marvel at it, the clearer I can see it. The more I just learn from and get fed from God’s word, the clearer it all is. His Word is truly a light to out feet, a lamp to our path. God Bless you.

      1. Amen. I haven’t read any Hubbard first hand, but I have heard quite a bit. I have even heard audio clips of him referring to his “good friend Alister Crowley”. I just did a paper on Eckhart Tolle and so I was reading some of his stuff. He is just straight up, classic New Age…with a lot of Biblical language that he of course redefines. He is so transparent at it too,it is almost funny. He literally has a quote, “Don’t read (this book) with your mind,” and for as much as he quotes the Bible, he always immediately follows up with something to the tune of “,but the world wasn’t ready and the message became corrupted.” Of course he offers no evidence or documentation on this.

        Unrelated: my big concern right now is that whatever “truth movement” is out there has been compromised and is being controlled or at least managed. I mean, the whole Ferguson debacle…who can you support there? I would have loved for there to be protests over abuses of power, but not in this instance…it was clearly not one of the literally hundreds of legitimate cases. Now this New York choking may be a legit cause, but the “protestors” in Ferguson were played like a fiddle and they gave the exact performance the “they” wanted. Last I checked, the ultimate outcome was that the police would receive more money, more equipment, and more training…oh, but they have to wear cameras. Sophisticated…thats the word I keep getting in my head. Our media has largely just become a giant, sophisticated, persuasion industry.

        I used to really like the rendering of 2 Thessalonians 2:11 that said GOd would send a strong delusion that they would believe “THE” lie. I liked this because it made sense that THE lie was that first lie of the serpent…and boom…we have gnosticism and luciferianism right now, shaping the worlds immediate future. I still like it, it makes complete sense. However, a second rendering translates it as “that they would believe (just) lies.” or “they would believe falsehoods.” And man…does that sure feel true. Look at how many falsehoods we are swimming in! If you want a real substantive conversation with someone you just met, you have to really feel out a lot of preliminaries to even see where they are at. There are so many lies to believe. I had falsely hoped that social media would be a huge weapon for truth, but it is proving to be only as reliable as those that use it and thus, it is only exacerbating the problem. Lies are getting spread faster…and they are often more believable because they are coming from each person’s trusted (read: biased) sources. Love your comment section, gets me fired up and feeling like typing again…or recording…or at least talking more to people…something. Anyway, thanks!

          1. Until you go digging into this Scofield thing, you just don’t realize how HUGE this thing, “Zionism” and Christian Zionism” really is. It is basically the cause of nearly all mis-interpreted scripture. It is where the “pre-trib rapture” doctrine came from, and it is why Xtians worship Israel, rather than JESUS!
            Here is a link that gives you a glimpse of the ENORMITY of the “Secret Six” conspiracy.
            I’ll get with D. about those links. God bless.

        1. Grrrr…I just huge replied and messed up posting it and it all dissappeared. Short anser nope, never heard of it….the Schofield thing. I don;t agree with all of Calvary Chapel’s interpretations…well, pretty much I just don’t agree with the eschatology. I am still pre-wrath. Will have to type later…I am going to post a video I made.

          Dude, Marzulli…thats crazy. I forgot about that guy! Sorry to hear something went down. I tuned into his first couple podcasts like a couple years ago..then he took a long break at one point…and I never again thought about it. He didn’t seem to focused, but that was a while ago. Anyway, sorry to hear it. Later.

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