North American Colossi…

Typically I find my gag reflex being activated whenever I bother to stop and watch anything being put out on the “History” channel these days, but I must say that this new mini-series they’ve been doing called “Search for the Lost Giants” featuring Jim Vieira and his brother has actually been fairly decent. They manage to avoid the temptation to go into any weird ancient-alien type theories as to the origins of these beings, and stick to the matter of the thousands of reports of findings of skeletal remains, earthen mounds, and why/how these archeological findings have been almost completely covered up from modern history. Mound expert Ross Hamilton was brought onto the recent episode yesterday, and talks about how there was in fact a major civilization of these giant people which covered at least half of the continent of North America:

Here is another, longer interview including both Ross and Jim on Red Ice Radio talking about the topic in much more detail:

For those who accept the Bible as the Word of God, and understand that the Nephilim of Genesis 6 were a literal race of giant beings, who somehow managed to crop up again after the Flood (as in the tale of David & Goliath), it’s not that difficult to have one’s mind opened to the prospect of giant beings existing in complex civilizations all over the globe, including North America.

What I find so interesting/bizarre about the matter as it pertains to North America, is just how much of the history of the place in which we live has quite clearly been suppressed and rewritten. Can you imagine if England tried to basically sweep the existence of Stone Henge under the rug? But here we are not talking about a single locale, but thousands of mounds, edifices, “ruins” basically, AND thousands of reports of people in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s who found giant skeletal remains all across North America, and every time they would call up “the authorities” to come check it out (as most people are more or less conditioned to do) they would inevitably be whisked away by officials from the Smithsonian.

When all of this is looked at through the lens of America possibly being very much the “New Atlantis” of Francis Bacon’s description, at least in the minds of the esoterics who were pivotal in the creation of this Federalist Republic, you have to start wondering of how significant this connection might all be. In the occult realm, it would almost impossible to overstate the significance of things like astrological alignment in buildings/monuments, ley lines, “vortexes”, charged places/temples, and so on. If you haven’t yet listened to the interview Rob Skiba did with Tim Bence called “Canaanite Altars and the Federal Reserve“, then man, I couldn’t recommend it more highly, cuz it will blow you away with an account of a man who has extensive experience destroying demonized altars in the Middle East used by ancient Nephilim tribes, who then is led by God to Jekyll Island of all places, where he learns there lived a tribe of cannabilistic giants, and where there actually lies a stone altar, directly under the floor of the Rockefeller vacation house in which the plans were hatched to bring about the Federal Reserve Bank. L.A. Marzulli has been talking about being on the “Trail of the Nephilim” lately and I think is really zeroing in on a very fascinating idea, the concept of a “exodus” of sorts of the Nephilim, from the area of Canaan to the rest of the planet, after the Israelites basically defeated them and drove them out. In this mindset, a very significant percentage of what are often called “megalithic sites” around the globe are quite likely to in fact be examples of “Nephilim architecture”. In the Red Ice interview above, they mention Stonehenge itself was called “the dance of the giants”.

Anywhere you go where there is a piece of alleged giant stone-working, you see that the occult realm ascribes spiritual significance to the place. Indeed, even in the animistic traditions of the Native Americans, they also seem to treat as sacred the remains of these beings who weren’t even necessarily a part of their own lineage. We tend to think of “Indian burial grounds” as simply involving the buried remains of native human ancestors, but the more you start to research these things involving the “mounds” and all the rest, the more we see that there is much more to it all than just that…

What I wonder about is, how much did the dudes who put so much occult symbolism into things like the street layouts of Washington D.C. understand about various “sacred sites” involving mounds and nephilim bones and possible “charged demonic locations” as well…? Was the choosing of the location of the nation’s capitol based off such information? What about other significant buildings and sites? I remember reading somewhere that the Philadelphia Museum of Art was actually built on top of an ancient “Native American mound”. It’s greek-revival style architecture and other similarities to the types of geometric symbolism found in D.C. sure makes me wonder. (How many “Illuminati temples” do you think there might be, all around us, cleverly disguised as museums and churches and civic centers during the daytime…)

Anyhow, overall my interest in the Nephilim isn’t so much in the possibility of there being some kind of “return ofserpentmound-02 the giants” in some Last Days scenario. (although anything’s possible, but I’d say if there are “modern Nephilim” they almost certainly won’t be giants…) For me, it’s more of a question of just exactly why the PTB have felt compelled to cover up the existence of giants in the first place. Is it just because it would’ve somehow presented a hiccup to the theory of Darwinian evolution? Did they think it would give credence to the Bible? Or was it Serpent-Moundsmore about wanting to get their hands on as many of these prized relics as they could themselves, for whatever occult power they perhaps believed they contained, or could bestow?

And why is the History Channel, which is undeniably a tool of the Elites used to espouse all sorts of gnostic-themed propaganda, from Ancient Aliens, to UFO’s to attacking the historicity of Jesus and the Bible, deciding to now shine light on this topic of giants in North America? Is yet another part of Bailey’s “externalization“…?


2 thoughts on “North American Colossi…”

  1. Fascinating. I haven’t tried to watch the History channel since they went and became a mouthpiece for something weird.

    Something that always puzzles me about the PTB, are they stupid or evil? I tend to view them more as kind of mindlessly aiding and abetting some dark things. It’s really difficult to tell the difference between an elaborate cover up and a bunch of mindless lemmings playing follow the leader. If you think of the god of this world as the one doing the leading, then there can simply be dark forces pushing things under the rug and humans going along with it because we aren’t too bright, especially in organized groups.

    “What I wonder about is, how much did the dudes who put so much occult symbolism into things…..”

    That is the million dollar question. It’s been my experience that people are simply drawn to these sites, that they lure them in, and few people ever question why. Recently I was talking to this young guy with a shirt covered in satanic symbols and I asked what it all meant to him. He denied having anything occult on his shirt at all! Okay, well do you just like the colors the design then? Not really, turns out he doesn’t even really like the shirt, he just wears it because it’s “cool.” It kind of reminded me of all the Che Guevara shirts. Ask people what they admire about him and half of them will tell you he’s the lead guitarist in a band. Brilliant, just brilliant. So we know people can just be kind of lulled into promoting things they don’t even understand. Since that’s really irrational, I’m going with the idea that there are other forces at work, exploiting them, taking advantage of their half asleep state.

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