Spirits, Wheels and Wings: My Take on UFO’s…

So here is a brief synopsis of the progression of my thinking regarding unidentified flying objects and the broader subject of aliens, abductions, etc.:

When I was about 19, I read a book by Dave Hunt which detailed the various commonalities between typical UFO encounters and sightings, and demonic experiences. I don’t remember which book it was exactly (since I read many of his books) but overall it did a good job in convincing me that, a.) The vast amounts of eye-witness testimony points to the fact that the phenomenon is real and should not be dismissed as imagination, hallucination, or false testimony, and b.) The phenomenon is of a spiritual nature, and comes from the dark side.

That was basically intellectual construct through which I filtered UFO reports (and basically all “paranormal” sightings) for many years. Lights in the sky, “abduction” experiences, sightings of discs/saucers, and so on were all presumed to be “ethereal” in nature, ghostly and intangible demonic spirits zooming around the sky and wigging people out with unexplainable light movements. Abductions were demonic “visions” being achieved through a spiritual mind-hack, an exploitation of the dream state, or hi-jacking of the pineal gland, or something. All in all, I believed it was real, and a demonic deception, but nowhere was there room in my paradigm for any sort of “nuts and bolts” hardware. It was all spiritual smoke and mirrors from how I looked at it.

Then, my theories on the paranormal were all given a serious shaking when suddenly I was brought face to face with the “Genesis 6 paradigm”. The realization that the Bible in fact very plainly says that in the early ante-diluvian era, fallen angels did indeed come down and breed with human women, creating the Nephilim, hybrid angelic/human offspring, and bestowing the intellectual and technological know-how needed to kick-start the first human civilizations (most likely with the fallen angels functioning as regional “gods” over this first city/state/empire). Under this new perspective, it almost instantly became clear that many of my long-held assumptions about the distinctions and divisions between the “spiritual realm” and the physical world were perhaps not as clear cut as I had thought. UFO’s were among the list of things now undergoing a re-evaluation, and this topic has been one that has been more or less filed under “open for further investigation” for the last few years.

In these last few years, there have been a number of people who have challenged me to consider all kinds of possibilities, like L.A. Marzulli, Gonz Shimura, Josh Peck and Jim Wilhelmsen. As I learned more about the underground histories of occultism in Nazi Germany, I started to trace the connections between the first wave of modern UFO phenomenon in WWII Germany, and how their occult/ufo tamperings were in many ways imported here to the U.S. as a part of the broader “Operation Paperclip” effort involving rocket scientists like Werner Von Braun. I learned about how Roswell, New Mexico was first the sight of a very insidious ritual performed by American rocket scientist Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard called the “Babylon working”, before it became the famed site of the “crashed flying saucer”.

In a Canary Cry interview with Wilhemsen, who lived in Roswell for several years, he spoke about a vision or a dream he received from God one day which basically showed a flying saucer, and a living “being” with flesh and veins and such, and it kept flashing back and forth between the metallic, mechanical craft and the flesh-and-blood “ship”. When I listened to Jim tell this piece of his testimony, I got some serious “Holy Spirit goosebumps” and I very much felt like God was telling ME to pay attention to this, there was definitely something important to what I was hearing. So, “Okay Lord, filing that away. Don’t know what it means right now, but it’s filed…”

ezekielsvisionAround that same time, I believe it was Josh Peck who first exposed me to the proposal that perhaps Ezekiel’s vision in chapter 1 of that prophetic book was indeed describing something relating to UFOs or ancient flying “things”. Verses 19 and 20 are particularly interesting: “When the living creatures moved, the wheels beside them moved; and when the living creatures rose from the ground, the wheels also rose. Wherever the spirit would go, they would go, and the wheels would rise along with them, because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels.” Once again, filed away, f.f.r.

Then quite recently, Chris Putnam wrote a post about the death of Bob Bushman, who was an employee at Area 51 who claims to have seen real flying saucers being reverse-engineered at the base, and that there are two different types of aliens living and working at Area 51. The video included in the source article has now been taken down due to “copyright complaints”, (though I’m sure the interview can possibly still be found elsewhere) but in the interview with Bushman before he died, he shows a variety of photographs he claims are of the craft and one of the aliens, which were interesting to me, but the thing that most caught my interest was a segment where he was speaking about the nature of Boyd-Bushman-ET-photo-1the technology employed by the flying saucer himself. He spoke of how there was something involving “crystals” being combined with a particular metallic alloy which, when combined, the original weight of the metal suddenly became only a tiny fraction of what it weighed by itself. In other words, the “crystals” were a part of what made the craft almost weightless…

Somehow, watching this little segment began to trigger a confluence of these “filed” bits of info which rapidly coalesced into a singular concept that surprisingly made a whole lot of sense to me.

Perhaps it was simply the addition of this element of “crystals” which instantly brought to mind the ubiquitous use of crystals in New Age mysticism, meditative practices etc., which sparked this final realization. Many people joke about “vibrations” and “frequencies” and other such hippie-dippy lingo, but the fact is I would say that crystals are so often used in such occult practices because for whatever reason they lend themselves to being made into what Christians would call “demonized objects”.

And that is essentially how I might describe my view of UFOs at this point, if in fact there really are actual physical craft out there, whether being used/built/reverse-engineered by the government, or by other “beings, or some combination of both. “Demonized technology”. Mechanisms constructed with the intention of being “powered” by supernatural forces on the other side of the veil, using materials and technologies which allow the physical “chariot” to be hitched up to a spiritual “horse”. I think of the analogy of these play tables I’ve seen in waiting rooms at doctor’s offices, where the top of the table features little cars or figures encased in glass, and the child plays by reaching underneath the table and moving around a little magnetic knob which pulls the car. The two pieces are separated by a barrier, yet linked, making the cars appear to magically move around the table.explorersorb

Another analogy is from the 1985 film “Explorers” (classic!) where a young inventor (played by River Phoenix) invents this computer-controlled, electric “orb” thing (hey, it was the Eighties, computers could do anything…) He and two other friends build a spaceship by constructing a crude capsule out of stuff from the junkyard, and then simply program the “energy orb” to engulf the capsule, allowing them to maneuver in directions and speeds that would be completely impossible using traditional fossil-fuel propulsion systems.

I find this concept very interesting also if we go back and take a look at that “Nazi-UFO connection”. Anyone who has looked into UFOs and Nazis has heard of the “Vril Society”, which was an alleged esoteric group in Germany before and after WWII which was devoted to discovering the true existence of an energy force called “Vril”, a concept which was perhaps created, or at least popularized by, a sci fi novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton called “The Power of the Coming Race”, which 146047502_jK9HtIOx_BlackSun1described an underground race of superhuman angel-like creatures and their mysterious energy force, Vril, an “all-permeating fluid” of limitless power.

Anyhow, in 1935, a German rocket scientist named Willy Ley came to the United States from pre-war Germany, and in an article two years later, he mentions that there was this group called Wahrheitsgesellschaft (“Society for Truth”) that formed to look for the real existence of Vril in order to build a perpetual motion machine, among other aims.

My point in mentioning all of these fragments of ideas and information is not to put forth some all-encompassing theory on UFOs, government cover-ups, “alien greys” and all the rest. I don’t have one. As far as I stand, who knows, perhaps right this very moment there actually are massive underground complexes with different species of “beings” walking around, building weird ships, creating hybrid babies, preparing for some massive “unveiling” event. Maybe flying_saucers1there isn’t, and maybe something like that will never happen, and there won’t be any “alien deception” component to the rise of the anti-Christ’s global kingdom whatsoever. I remain fully open to the entire spectrum of possibilities involving both scenarios. The takeaway point in this examination I think is simply to be adequately mentally prepared for anything, and be able to operate in a broader cosmological paradigm which looks at things like Ezekiel’s vision, and in the very least recognizes that it speaks to the fact that the universe we live in involves creatures and technologies and combinations thereof which are as of yet still immensely beyond our everyday experience. In our 20th-century mode of thinking, we have culturally tended to think in terms of technology/”science”/hardware as being over on one side of reality, while spirits/beings/”entities”/paranormal are quite removed and off on their own side of things.

This conceptual gulf I would suggest is rapidly shrinking in the culture at large, and as students of Biblical prophecy and the developing globalist world we live in, I think we need to recognize it as well, and be open to investigating just how much these two seemingly disparate fields might actually be much more integrated, or able to be integrated, than we may have ever imagined, whether we are looking at the UFO phenomenon, questions pertaining to AI research, smart grids and the “internet of everything”, or whatever else…

3 thoughts on “Spirits, Wheels and Wings: My Take on UFO’s…”

  1. You’ve brought up a plethora of points most of which I am aware of. My own experience with this subject has led me to understand that the bottom line is that they are evil. Father God, Yeshua and/or angels may use these modes of transportation just because they’re fun and functional, i.e., Ezekiel’s transport (I want an ETV – extraterrestrial vehicle – when I go Home just to whiz thru the universe in). Ha. I like to go fast in my car but curb the impulse for obvious reasons. I’m sure you’re aware from the Book of Enoch that the Watchers brought technology to man that our Father never intended for us to have as He knew what we’d do with it – and we did. I believe this is technology from that same dimension and that, as is being demonstrated, we are using it for unholy purposes. In my opinion, techology in and of itself isn’t evil; it’s how we use it that determines that. For example, money isn’t evil – the love of money is the root of all evil as the Scripture says. I can say with certainty that these craft are real as I had an upclose experience when I was fifteen. A friend and I were going to church one beautiful October evening from our homes in rural Ohio to a nearby town and we were in her parent’s brand new 1963 Chevy convertible w/ the top down. I saw what I thought was a very bright star way up in the sky and pointed it out to her. In a nonosecond this “star” was over our car hovering about 15 feet over our heads. It was about 20 feet from tip to tip and shaped like a boomerang. Totally silent and shining a light down on us. It followed us for several miles and at times, it would disappear and then in a split second reappear down the road a distance in front of us waiting for us to catch up to it. We turned around to go back to my house and at the stop sign at the intersection, it swooped down to the road in front of us and we could see the top of it. It had windows and the light was similar to flourescent lighting. It whizzed off like a bullet and we could then hear the wind breaking as it went. After a few minutes at my house (my mom wasn’t home) we decided to go on to church. I told my mom later that we had seen a ufo and she said, “You did not.” Ha. I didn’t argue with her and heard on the radio the next day that 16 people had phoned in reporting having seen one. We weren’t afraid – just intrigued. Since this was in the days way before the internet, I found a few articles about peoples’ abductions, etc and was amazed at some of the underhanded ways these “evolved beings” just stole unsuspecting people from their beds, did experiments, etc – you and your readers know about all those things so I won’t go into it. In July 1979 I was baptized in the glorious Holy Spirit and shortly after asked the Lord about these beings and got a very clear word, “By their fruit ye shall know them”. That took care of the mystery for me. I had seen no holy fruit – just deception. Still haven’t seen any good fruit from any of the more recent abductions/experiences. Just more subtle, beautiful deceit. I’m aware that we have learned to reverse engineer a lot of this technology and doubt seriously that we’ll be using it for anything that resembles holiness. Just like computers. I mentioned to you once that the Lord told me that they (and other technology) are satan’s attempt at omnipresence.

  2. Nice piece, I’m not religious so maybe the guy up above can comment better on what I’m going to write.
    I remember hearing about the whole Nephilm and Watchers a long time ago, their forever talking about them on that ‘Ancient Alien’ Series.
    It was only a couple of months ago though that I read a whole lot more about them, even some of their names and the powers that they possessed and passed onto their human wives, i remember laughing my ass off at one of these ‘Fallen’ ones or their offspring (weren’t they meant to be Giants? Re Goliath etc) because it stated it’s power as “make up” and few more, pretty pathetic, supernatural powers like sewing and dress making lol, sounds like a joke but apparently not?
    Anyway, from what i read these fallen,Watchers, we’re sent to Hell? For a certain period of time, it gave the dates etc and when worked out it meant that they would of been free sometime in the 1800’s, right around the time of the industrial revolution.
    I remember the writer of the piece saying that it’s not surprising then that right around this time we humans started to become very clever with our machines, weapons etc, right up until the present day and our screwed up situation were we’ve ‘invented’ (with a little help from Max Factor and his friends no doubt) the ability to totally blow our planet to pieces and eradicate mankind, God knows what else.
    I always did think it odd that we were always at more or less the same level with technology for thousands of years, moving very slowly, took us long enough to invent the wheel for God’s sakes, that is until the 1800’s and 1900’s in particular with the Silicon Chip, computers, Internet etc etc.
    We’re we helped along the way or did we all go to bed one night like Homer Simpson then suddenly wake up in the sky morning like Einsteins dumber cousin, but still very intelligent?
    I sort of think we probably had some help along the way, from someone or something, one thing is for certain, the women have gotten better and better looking wearing less and less (and no, I’m certainly not complaining lol) so Max Factor and his supernatural make up products have worked wonders, i myself often wonder if he’s the Gay one of the Gang, more Julian Clarey than Julius Ceaser.
    I’m sure the info was from one of the many books that weren’t included in no1 B Bestseller from 1Ad to Now..
    Hope that helped..

  3. Two of my kids have seen UFO’s. Once in a parking lot of a rural city, and another when they were walking outside up in the mountains. What I found so interesting, is that both times, they could look at it and see it, and then if they moved their head just a tiny bit to the left or the right, they could not see it. They had to be looking at it just right, for them to see it. It was different from what they usually experience, usually they are able to see demons and angels just as clearly as they see another person. But in these crafts, their vision was somehow different. They did say however, that the icky feeling one gets in their spirit from seeing a demon, was the same as when they seen the air crafts.

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