Upping the Ante…

B6vqW0yCQAEbVGkAs James Corbett recently said, you can’t always assume that every act of terrorism is automatically a false flag, but in the case of today’s attack in Paris, I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet.

It would seem that this latest event does break some “new ground” in the agenda to press the threat of global terrorism, in that for possibly the first time, we have now been able to see the actual hooded villains running through the streets and gunning down the innocent, putting a more personal and frightening spin on the event of mass killings, which some might argue has almost stated to become mundane in the minds of people in the last few years.

Now, we get to actually SEE the likes of the masked ISIS killers in our own Western backyard. Whether or not they will eventually be linked to ISIS, or to some other group, or just a handful of “lone wolf” Islamic extremists is really immaterial, since it will serve the broader agenda regardless, and Kerry has already described the event as being an “attack against Civilization”. That’s how the War on Terror is being framed now. Those thugs are attacking all of us in the “civilized world” because they hate Civilization itself. And lo and behold, this kind of new attack which combines previous elements of blatantly Islamic militancy with other former instances of non-religious “lone wolf” mass shooter events, really takes the cake in creating just the type of thing which mandates the very militarized police presence that is being put into place. We need armies of cops in full body armor, riding around in armored trucks you see, because you never know when a squad of military-trained Islamic extremists might pull up and gun down journalists, police and civilians…

This is indeed an ominous sign, yet unfortunately I think we have to say that it is precisely what we should be expecting to see…

4 thoughts on “Upping the Ante…”

  1. “I don’t think Satan is so dumb as to blatantly demonize the very character he intends to eventually enthrone over the world…. ”

    Something to keep in mind there, is the actual nature of human attraction. Charles Manson gets tons of fan mail and just got married. If Satan wanted followers, that is precisely how he would get them, by demonizing the character. Nobody is going to follow a choir boy.

    Since 911 we’ve had a huge increase in Americans, many of them former Christians converting to Islam. Not long ago, there were a couple of US girls intercepted on their way to join up. It’s actually becoming a significant problem and we are now starting to capture and/or kill Americans who have been drawn to fight with radical Muslims. I have several Islamic converts right in my dinky little town, people who were raised Christian.

  2. I agree with all your points. I think all of these incidents are being sequentially used to gradually bring in more and more elements of Martial Law and military incursion into civilian space; Paris, Denmark, Baltimore now, etc. I think we’re being softened up to get used to the idea of seeing soldiers and heavy militarization and they need to have ‘testing grounds’ for this.. like Baltimore and Paris. In Paris, they *still* have armed soldiers on the streets even three months after the Charlie Hebdo attack – but no one questioned it at the time because the country was in such panic and hysteria.
    Finally, in terms of the Paris attack, I have to say I’m convinced it was fully a false-flag: there was nothing convincing about any of that narrative. We do, however, need to be careful not to just assume everything is a false-flag.

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