Je ne suis pas Charlie, et toi…?

Excellent analysis of Charlie Hebdo attack, and the broader political and false flag context of Europe and the War on Terror right now by Webster Tarpley as he speaks to Jeff Rense. Lots of gems in here.

5 thoughts on “Je ne suis pas Charlie, et toi…?”

  1. I’m Charlie in-so-much as I’m for Freedom of Speech — like any sane person. That being said, it does appear as if it was staged so that, among other things, Liberals could pat themselves on the back for being for Free Speech..

    1. Didn’t know about the intelligence/obfuscation part.. So many people duped… Including me, partially.
      But no doubt it is meant to give the govt thugs reason to take our speech rights away, so we should stand strong for that reason alone, but then again many other such cases have arisen with barely a whisper in comparison to what CH has brought about.
      Meanwhile, ISIS terrorists are allowed to post themselves out all over Facebook and Twitter, and those sites are made to let them do it.
      And apparently the bimbo of the CH terrorists was allowed to fly all the way back whence she came — meanwhile we all must be subjected to cancerous nude body scanners and s**t like that.

      1. I think you’re right about the ‘debate’…
        They got those huge storage centers in the US desert for something!
        I did see the footage, and I’ve also heard that they were using NATO hand-signals, as opposed to the ones that al-Qaeda usually use.
        And they used an RPG on the building as well…
        I won’t be surprised anymore if the CH shootings, and the related events in Paris, were all just green-screened fabrications, wholesale, just like Sandy Hook..

        1. It started first for me actually when I entered university and I was using my newly-acquired laptop to watch YouTube videos (around six years ago or so).
          First it was atheism (I was an atheist back then), and I was watching vids by Thunderf00t and Aronra and others.
          And then elevator-gate happened, which shunted me over from atheism into the Men’s Rights Movement and MGTOW.
          It got me watching vids by people like JohntheOther and GirlWritesWhat among others, which also got me into the realm of ‘conspiracy theory’ and how the world actually is.
          I came across a user by the name of Alien Scientist, and that’s where I got first exposed to the reality of the 9/11 attacks.
          I then started doing a whole great bunch of questioning and reconsidering.
          I found the myths and things written in holy books and the like seem to fit best with an ancient astronaut point of view to them. I stopped considering myself a true atheist, and instead opted for the title of ‘spiritual but not religious’.
          I started looking into the events of 9/11, as well as any other event that was in reality a false flag (like the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook).
          I started listening to Alex Jones over a year ago (in the wake of Obama’s attempt to air-strike Syria in 2013), and since then my knowledge of world events has practically sky-rocketed.
          And now for the past year I’ve also been working on my blog, hoping to help others wake up to what I’ve woken up to!
          That’s my story! 🙂

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