Whistleblower Wednesday: Paul Bonacci

I was not aware of Bonacci until quite recently, and be forewarned, what he shares is not the easiest sort of thing to listen to, yet I feel it is an important testimony in that it pulls together several different elements of the almost unimaginable underbelly of Amerika. His experiences provide a direct link between the likes of Bohemian Grove and the Franklin Cover-up, as well as speaks to the reality of MK Ultra mind control, and even names the participation of well known figures such as George (H.W.) Bush himself.

Perhaps we are well served to be reminded of the reality of these things, especially in light of how yesterday I heard someone talking about how this whole recent episode in Paris has served to effectively nullify the entire discourse and investigation into pedophile rings in Britain. This stuff is still going on. Right now. Even as we rail on about free speech and which group is responsible for what attack, countless victims are suffering in our midst, and all too often at the hands of those who claim they are working to serve the citizenry…

3 thoughts on “Whistleblower Wednesday: Paul Bonacci”

  1. Duh! I forgot to ask, do you mind if I re-blog as is? I honestly cannot improve on your effort. Love your new design by the way.

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