Has Anyone Else Ever Had a WP Post Just Suddenly Disappear…?

Maybe I’m just losing my mind, but a few minutes ago I just noticed that a post I put up yesterday, was totally gone… It wasn’t anything major, just a video from YT I threw up, but it’s just kind of bizarre? Did any of you out there happen to see it yesterday, just to confirm it actually posted? I thought to myself, well, maybe I didn’t actually Publish it, (even though, I remember publishing it, and viewing afterwards as it always shows…) but maybe I only saved it as a draft? Or maybe I accidentally sent it to the trash? Nope. Gone as a draft, and not in the trash (You have to intentionally go in and empty the trash too, just like email)

Cue the Twilight Zone music…


8 thoughts on “Has Anyone Else Ever Had a WP Post Just Suddenly Disappear…?”

  1. Haven’t had that happen to me yet, but I did have an instance when I suddenly wasn’t following a blogger, and I don’t think it was because I pressed the unfollow button on them. The only reason I noticed in the first place was because they typically post up to two dozen articles per day, and I at some point noticed their posts totally lacking in my Reader.
    I’ve also had a couple times where I posted an article or a reblog, yet not have it show up in my Reader for some reason.
    All part of the weird strangeness of WP, I guess…

    1. I remember reading that post of hers, but for me it’s been radnom — virtually irrespective of how/how much I tag it.
      Your thing may just be random as well, because I’ve got a couple old YT vids on my blog that no longer play because they’ve been taken down..

    1. Thanks ! Today the show was really good. Tim interviewd someone and i was on later revealing some bible truths that i never realized. Very very interesting stuff! Im working on several blogs at one time ..one is Soul Hunters, one is about biblical Giants and another about the flood.

      The blog was added to my wordpress like i created a new one but i didnt.

      Ill check out the link thanks nice to hear from you 😊

  2. Not the same as what you’re talking about, but I’ve had strange things happen to me. I have Yahoo mail and you can “decorate your room” in the color/background you choose. Recently, I had my “room” redecorated! Even more recently than that, I had my bookmarks rearranged. I’ve had drafts disappear and other little things, both those two I mentioned stand out the most.

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