“Rothschild Zionism”, The Elephant In The Room…?

Ok, my wrist is allowing me to type a short bit today, I came across this video snippet last night sort of randomly, and I was surprised by how much it struck me. If you know anything about who David Icke is, and what he’s all about, then you should know that he’s definitely not someone I ever put forward as someone to listen to. In a nutshell, in case you don’t know, Icke is a total New Ager guy who is a part of the anti-NWO narrative which embraces the whole “love and light” side of mysticism, meditation, “enlightenment, etc., etc. He is of course, just as gripped by the demonic as those on the “dark side”, yet the thing which really floored me was this…

In this excerpt from 2010, he is talking specifically about Rothschild Zionism, and honestly, there is very little in this 30 minute segment that I would greatly disagree with. So what does that really say about the broader state of Christians today, in relation to the reality of something like the Rothscild control of Israel, if someone like Icke speaks far more truth on the subject that almost any half-way prominent Christian pastor or speaker or even Bible prophecy teacher? Even though, yes, many of the people he mentions in the video have moved on from the White House cabinent, you don’t have to do a ton of investigating to realize that everyone in place right now are all just as equally in support of the Israeli/Zionist agenda. (remember Biden’s famous quote saying “You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist”…?) I admit that before seeing this I had no idea that Rahm Emanuel had served in the IDF… Think about the crazy irony of something like that. A figure who is probably more central to the Obama presidency than any other single person, serving in the beloved Israeli military, an entity virtually worshipped by so many Christians who ignore Christ’s own teaching on things like “living by the sword”… Stranger bedfellows indeed, don’t you think?

Amazingly, Icke even does a better job at defining the distinction between actual “Rothschild Zionists” and just every person in the world with Jewish ancestry, than even a lot of Christians do who are willing to touch the subject. In the end, to me it really goes to show how relatively uncomplicated it can be to summarize these power-brokers and their influence on the world today, and like he says, the main hurdle is really just getting past the deep-seated fear of being labeled an “anti-semite” or racist or whatever, simply because you are willing to connect some rather painfully obvious dots…

3 thoughts on ““Rothschild Zionism”, The Elephant In The Room…?”

  1. Truth and transparency really does set free. Recently one of our daughters has given her life back to Christ. The transparency she exhibits is very cool AND b/c she is being transparent, who’s going to accuse her of anything? She’s confessing! Many folks try to hide everything. What a waste of time!

    And yes these Zionist shills are demonic! They have ruined the Institutional churches with their false humility, laws and other psychological garbage.

    Telling the truth, just sets everything straight, even if it hurts like hell. Oh well! GOD came to set us free!

    We want to be coddled, but it’s really killing us…

  2. Many of the Rabbi’s in Orthoxdox Judaism disagree with Zionism, and rightly so, but there is a danger in thinking because of this, that they are a righteous people. NOTHING could be further from the truth. Judaism is the most evil and vile religion there is. Even Islam has fairly good things to say about Jesus. Not so with Judaism! They have utter CONTEMPT for Jesus and His followers. So whether it’s Zionism OR Judaism, both are antichrist to the core.
    I found this site yesterday and listen to the first sermon last night. I liked it because he gives you SCRIPTURE to back his assertions, and LOT’S of it!

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