It’s The Happiest Place On Earth, As Long As You All Get Your Shots…

Currently the mass media is highlighting an alleged measles “epidemic” going on right now in California, where the outbreak is being linked to international visitors to Disneyland. Every time anyone gets sick with a disease for which there is a vaccine, the “vaccine debate” is ignited once again by the propaganda machinery and those stubborn, backwards (or possibly just lazy) souls who still haven’t been vaccinated are publicly maligned and shamed for essentially being the ones responsible for being the weak link in society’s great scientific wall against disease…

I remember when as a fourth-grader, we learned about the deadly perils of such diseases from playing “Oregon Trail” on our classroom’s Mac II, (ah, floppy disks… Kids today have no idea), where little Bobby or Suzy usually died somewhere around crossing the Dalles from a sudden case of influenza or mumps or measles. The thing is, so far, in this “outbreak” in California, not a single person has been reported to have died. It says approximately 20 kids at Orange County High missed 3 weeks of school. I’m sure they didn’t have a swell time, not saying it wasn’t unpleasant. But the degree of fear-mongoring and panic that is inevitaby spread through every one of these events is far from subtle. This article even explains how Disneyland is reassuring the public that all employees are being required to show proof of immunity from measles before returning to work, and how they are offering vaccines to all employees. Good ol’ “Uncle Walt”, still looking after us…

Ever since I started learning the truth about vaccines, one of the things that was so striking to me, especially at the beginning, was how nobody seems at all suspicious about how freely they are being made available to everyone. We live in a country where they seem to find a way to charge you for almost everything, (even the stuff that’s really good for you), and yet employers, schools, heck, even grocery stores are willing to hook you up for free! Well, it’s because they want healthy employees, students, and customers, of course of course. To think anything else would be, well, a sign of mental illness… 😉

One thought on “It’s The Happiest Place On Earth, As Long As You All Get Your Shots…”

  1. The fear mongering is sloppy, but quite effective. I tried explaining to some 20 yr olds that we all used to get the chicken pox, mumps, measles, that these were not deadly diseases that killed people very often, they were ordinary childhood illnesses. They are of course, now boycotting the entire state a Ca. They’ve never seen the measles, they have no idea what it is, but it sounds like something right up there with ebola. Ignorance breeds fear.

    There’s a commercial that makes me laugh about the shingles vaccine, about how the virus lurks in your body and how getting shingles is like being trapped in a four alarm fire, the worst thing you can ever experience. People are now terrified of shingles.

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