The World Is Your Holographic Oyster…

I’m sure everyone has already heard of this by now, but it was just something I couldn’t write but write a little something on. It fits so chillingly perfect into previous treatments of the broader discussion on transhumanism, taking things to a level that even though I had sort of already imagined, even takes it to a level I had not totally conceived…

I can just see people totally embracing this whole concept, especially once this technology and computing capability eventually is merged with a viable form of digital contact lens technology, as has been under development by the likes of Babak Parviz, who has worked for the University of Washington, Google, and now has recently joined up with Amazon.

Let’s face it, once the cumbersome aspect of having to wear a big headset thing is gone, then what’s to stop the entire world from jumping on board the bandwagon of being able to “personalize” your entire world the way you decorate your computer’s desktop, or configure your smart phone. Is the weather outside looking gloomy and grey? Well just pick a nice tropical beach scene to play in the frame of your windowsill instead. Remember how amazed we all were to hear about Bill Gate’s techno-mansion when it was first built, and how he had them install digital picture frames that would show different artwork based on who was in the room? Well, that’s not just the stuff of eugenicist billionaires anymore, no! Now we can ALL enjoy such freedom of expression and artistic appreciation in our own humble little domiciles. What about things like skype and video conferencing? Instead of staring at a video screen of the person you’re talking to, perhaps a whole wall turns into a hologram that shows the other person in the room they’re sitting in, making it appear as if you’re both sitting face to face in the same building…

As the guy doing the presentation says, it’s the kind of thing where you have to admit that there’s probably all sorts of applications that will be thought of that we can’t even imagine just yet, and that, of course, is where the downfalls lie as well. When you start thinking of what this level of processing power and three-dimensional mapping, (essentially software that is able to constantly analyze the environment it is viewing, in a complex way, including people) in the context of say, government surveillance?

It’s one thing to imagine the “panopticon” having access to all computers and smart devices as they presently exist, with their built-in cameras and microphones that can be turned on remotely with or without any noticeable sign, but if people at some point are being “upgraded” to having their own “smart lenses”, which both project digital info and holograms all over the physical 3-D world, but are also constantly taking in and processing what they are looking at..? That is the point friends, when we truly have reached the point of “life imitating art”, as the scene in the Matrix becomes reality, when Morpheus is explaining to Neo,

If you are not one of us, you are one of Them.” (Neo) “What are They?” ”
“Sentient programs. They can move in and out of any software still hardwired to their system. That means that anyone we haven’t unplugged, is potentially an agent. Inside the matrix, they are everyone, and they are no one

If you haven’t yet seen Gonzo Shimura’s documentary: Age of Deceit 2 – Alchemy and the Rise of the Beast Image, then seriously DO watch it. The more we see all this technology coming together in ways that the transhumanists proclaim will make all of our lives so incredibly awesome, the more we see the technology which will in actuality be that which allows the image of the Beast to finally manifest, not just in screens we look at, but in holograms which will seak to weave themselves into the natural world, blurring the lines between physical and digital realities, until the line disappears altoghether, and the “sentient beings” which police this all-encompassing matrix invade the very minds of those who have willingly embedded themselves in that system….

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