What is UP with these DNA strands on license plates anyhow?


tenn-dnaThis is just a weird, random thing that has been pickin at my brain for almost two years now. I started noticing this on certain NV license plates around town shortly after we moved to Vegas. They don’t all have it, but a lot of them do. Going online, I didn’t find much except for a couple of interesting little forum discussions about this very topic, here and here. Apparently, thmichigan-licenseis little helix design, which looks almost unmistakably like a DNA strand, has been put on license plates from quite a few states, with no apparent official explanation as to why. It’s just such an odd thing to me, every time I see DSC05033one, it just makes me cock my head a little, and wonder. If it’s just a type of “digital watermark”, or something put on there to prevent people from easily counterfeiting license plates, then why the choice of the helix shape? Just one of those things that makes you go, “Hmmmmmmmmm”.

3 thoughts on “What is UP with these DNA strands on license plates anyhow?”

  1. LOL well, see, there’s this thing called biology….. It’s just gotten a wee bit convoluted as of late. 😉

    That little helix runs horizontally on European plates, or so people tell me.

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