The Power In Pink Hair

Found this blog yesterday and am already really liking it. This post actually helped answer something I had been wondering about for a while….

2 thoughts on “The Power In Pink Hair”

  1. Ever heard of Kat Kerr? A pink haired preacher woman. Signs and symbols….check out her page. Notice any other symbols?

    Oddly enough I was just browsing YT to find something on her and found this. NOT going to listen to it….but thought it telling (the title that is.)

    1. Well we can thank Lezlie, for bringing the pink hair to the table, b/c I had NO clue…just thought it was a fashion fad. But as soon as I read her article, I thought of Kat Kerr. I never listened to her b/c she was too far out there. And frankly, I am not wasting any more of FATHERs time on that junk.

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