Glyphosate: At the Nexus of Our National Health Crisis…

I rarely miss an episode of Julian Charles on the Mind Renewed. They are that good. Julian’s Glyphosate-MonSatanPoster-v1newest episode featuring guest Dr. Stephanie Seneff however, was one of my personal all-time favorites so far. As someone who for years now has already been both a believer in organic, non-GMO foods, and an advocate of doing further research into the dangers of vaccines, I was quite surprised by how much new information I learned from this interview, AND gained a much richer understanding of the things which I did already know about.

I had already known for probably about ten years that Round Up, of which glyphosate is the key active ingredient, is pretty nasty stuff. I actually remember somewhat vividly when I first heard an organic gardener speaking about it on the radio, and making the decision to never use the stuff in my own vegetable garden or flower beds ever again. So yeah, I knew pesticides and GMO crops were bad news, I just didn’t know how bad…

Seneff explains how glyphosate is not only something which is applied topically on GMO staple crops like corn and tofu, but is actually absorbed by the plants themselves, meaning that simply “rinsing your vegetables thoroughly” isn’t necessarily going to do much good! The most interesting part of the interview for was how she explained that glyphosate, which is EXTREMELY toxic, in and of itself, also works “synergistically” with the toxins present in many vaccines, a concept which goes a LONG way in helping explain the “spectrum” of symptoms/disorders which are increasing at an exponential rate in children today. Glyphosate is implicated in everything from increased numbers of asthma and allergy sufferers, auto-immune deficiencies, digestive disorders and “leaky gut” syndrome, autism, and more. In many instances, a closer look at the pervasiveness of glyphosate in our air, food and water reveals an unmistakable correlation between the rise in statistics of all these ailments, and the rise of the use of the Round Up chemical. Essentially, glyphosate accumulates in the body, and most destructively, in the brain, both inflicting long-term damage to the person’s health directly, and also indirectly, by means of altering the individual’s ability wheat-and-glyphosate-medto fend off disease, or detoxify and break down a variety of compounds in the stomach, or bloodstream, etc.

Overall, I one hundred percent recommend listening to this interview to anyone interested in having a more informed approach to their diet and medical choices. If you are not yet making an effort to eliminate glyphosate and other pesticides, as well as GMOs and animal-antibiotics, from your groceries, then I HIGHLY suggest you start! If I can learn to do it, then heck, anybody can!

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