WordPress Reader Woes…

6636556953_08a05f7fe2No, not talking about you, a reader of wordpress blogs, talkin about the “WordPress Reader”, which allows all WP bloggers to customize their own hub of blogs “followed”, which then pop up in your Reader the second they are published.

The thing is, when I first started using wordpress, (as opposed to Google’s blogger, which I tried first) I loved the whole Reader component. Ol’ BlogSpot never had anything like it when I was over there, not sure if they do now. But anyhow, the ability to have all your followed blogs be tossed like the morning paper on your digital doorstep was a fantastic idea to a person as lazy as myself. After a while, once I had established a wide enough range of followed blogs, I basically realized that more often than not, WP Reader was my go-to news aggregator, veritably eliminating the need to really go anywhere else to hear about anything of much import. In fact, a quick glance at my WP Reader usually gave me a greater awareness of what’s going on in the world (of true import) than a look at any “official” news syndicate. Very cool.

But then, you start to encounter hiccups… First, I began to realize that when I would follow certain blogs that I did indeed find interesting, the fact that sometimes those particular blogs were so, um, “prolific” that they would essentially fill up my Reader to such an extent that I’d be regularly completely missing posts from other blogs I truly loved. I don’t mean “prolific” in the sense of those bloggers who find the time to actually themselves write several amazing posts a day. I mean the ones who will post (or re-post) like 20 things a day. Sometimes they will rarely write a single word of their own, just post copious amounts of material from elsewhere along some singular theme…

Now, I’m not trying to dog these folks, after all, I chose to follow them, I could very well un-follow them, but then, at the same time I DO find interesting stuff in the mix every now then from those aggressive re-posters, stuff I would’ve never come across otherwise, and so, it creates a bit of a pickle…bookface

Do I cull the mega-posters from my Reader, so as to make sure I don’t miss posts from the those I know are worth the read every time they post? Or do I continue on trying to weed through the morass of stuff in my Reader every day, because I’m ever so addicted to encountering that odd and unexpected tidbit of information…?

What IS the generally-accepted sustainable number of followed blogs in a WP Reader anyhow? Any thoughts fellow WP’ers? Any tricks you’ve learned that maybe I’m missing here? I more or less wish there was some way that I could categorize my followed blogs into different subsections, ya know? Like, click this and see my favorite followeds, click that and see everything, click there and see the weird stuff, etc….

7 thoughts on “WordPress Reader Woes…”

  1. It’s funny, I was just thinking about the Reader.I usually get bombarded with two bloggers and I have to wade through it all to get something different. And the top two usually have pretty good reads, but I would appreciate a mix you know. I am still trying to figure out a better system to navigate this and every opportunity I get to give word press feedback, I launch into how Reader can be made better. I do wonder if anyone takes that into consideration though.

    1. Oh yeah that happens to me too! I figured it was because I would mostly browse the Reader on my phone and that’s why it wouldn’t load more. But since you are using a computer, I am guessing it just gets lost somewhere in the bottom pit of the Reader.

  2. I was just wondering about this… I’m afraid I might be following too many blogs now and missing out on some good posts. Plus, I’m also getting too many reposts from one blogger, but don’t want to un-follow. Have no answers for you, just saying I can relate…

    1. Maybe that’s it. Although hopefully blogging is not obsolete. I just started blogging 3 months ago here on WordPress. Actually I had a blog on Blogspot10 years ago but I don’t think it surpassed 10 total views -ha! Now that I’m on WordPress all the time I’m on FB much less and I’m finding that I’m a much happier person.

  3. I unfollowed my first two people this week. I had followed both based on one interesting post that each made, but then I felt spammed by endless posts (in the case of one of them, it was basically the same post over and over). Sub-categories would be great.

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