Mirin Dajo: Paranormal Pincussion, and Predecessor to Modern-Day Demonized Magicians…

The Dutch performer who used the stage name “Mirin Dajo” (Esperanto for “wonder”) is a bizarre case study indeed.  I recently learned about him in Xendrius’ video series on “Demon Magicians” (second video below)  This guy was able to be stabbed with all kinds of metal objects without suffering any notable physical harm.  Interestingly enough, the Xendrius video shows contemporary magician David Blane performing the exact same sort of trick in front of British comedian Ricky Gervais.

Most notable about the figure Mirin Dajo is that he began doing his “performances” after many years of having “dreams and paranormal experiences”, which eventually led him to being able to have constant telepathic communication with beings he called his “guardian angels”, who gave him instructions on how/where to miraculously pierce himself…

Living in Las Vegas myself, home to performers such as Criss Angel (as featured in the video) I find it to be another sign of the times that such spiritually-empowered “performers” are cropping up with increased regularity, and with increasingly mind-blowing “illusions”, all of which ultimately serves to nudge people closer to embracing the occult. When we look back into history, and see how as early as the “circus side show” in the 1800’s were introducing occultism through the vein of “entertainment” with things like palm readers and crystal balls, magicians, etc., we realize that this tactic is nothing new. It is merely today reaching the threshold of what can be explained away by “special effects”, leaving people to step out into the abyss of seeking answers from esoteric, rather than scientific, sources.

One thought on “Mirin Dajo: Paranormal Pincussion, and Predecessor to Modern-Day Demonized Magicians…”

  1. I’ve never heard of Mirin Dajo, I’ll have to check him out – thanks for bringing him to my attention. I’m actually a big fan of David Blaine’s stuff, but more his street magic than this more self-aggrandizing type stuff. I remember the Ricky Gervais clip you’re talking about too, but what was great about that was Ricky’s reaction more than anything! I don’t believe, however, that magic draws people towards the occult, not unless they already have interests in that area to begin with. I think that was possibly more the case in the old days, particularly in eighteenth century magicians and stuff like that.

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