An Introduction to 9/11 Truth.

I think what frustrates me more than almost anything is when I hear people say things like “I don’t really care about what really happened on 9/11″… It’s a copout, really. Take a look! Review what really happened. It is absolutely mind-blowing how much evidence there is publicly available which completely contradicts the official story. Building 7 proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the entire alleged “plot” by Al Qaeda is a complete and utter farce…

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Found this on YouTube today. It’s a good video stepping relatively lightly through the truth about 9/11 for those still not awake to that truth yet.
Worth watching and sharing!

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3 thoughts on “An Introduction to 9/11 Truth.”

  1. One thing I can’t fully wrap my head around is how in some aspects the whole things seems very very highly organized, then in some ways it seems very sloppy.

    Why do you suppose they waited so long to collapse building seven? I mean it was obviously brought down by explosives that much is clear. But why not drop it when the other two towers were falling that way its collapse wouldn’t stand out like a sore thumb.

    Also American Airlines flight 77 and the Boeing 757 that hit the pentagon both seem to indicate that it was more of amateurish operation. Why go to the trouble of running a plane into the pentagon and the white house? if you’r looking for a pretense to go to war, then the twin towers would have provided more than sufficient cause for doing so.

    While it seems quite obvious that it was an inside job to some degree or another, something about it still seems a little fishy to me. I think can’t quite understand what the overall agenda was. Like I said if they wanted a pretense to go to war, they kind of over-killed it. There is certain lack of precision in the operation as a whole it seems.

  2. Very very interesting stuff my friend, great research and thanks for shedding a ton of light on these issues. I took the time to watch the full video you have posted above, it is very compelling. The squibs, the bombs going off in the towers, the contents of building 7, it all tells a story. The nature of the attack on the pentagon is fascinating as well, I had no idea the plane/missile attack was that strategic.

    Do you suppose then that overall agenda could be reflected equally in both the surge of military spending and their intentions of being “outed” ? If you think about it 9/11 created the “war on terror” and increased military spending exponentially so that they could create an army large enough to sustain marshal law, while purposefully leaving “loose ends” in an attempt to fan the flame of civil unrest. Oddly enough the seems to be one of the more logical explanations given my observations of the evidence so far.

    1. Yes I think you make a good point, the luciferian agenda is far more intricate than either me or you can probably understand at this point. I think a common strategy that he will probably employ is the good cop/bad cop technique, where he uses one satanic system to overthrow another satanic system. He will continue to shuffle the power of his luciferian empire so that that people get thrown off the scent. This is the only real conceivable way that satan will be able to deceive the masses. Your right, politicians and people of power are just puppets in the scheme of things, their just pawns with no value, willingly disposed for the principalities and powers of darkness. Indeed, it is only through walking hand-in-hand with Jesus that we will actually be able to see the hand of the enemy, if your just relying on your own understanding there’s no way you will ever be able to see through the lies. Not only do I look for the return of Jesus but I pray that God will use us as lights in a dark place, that through the power of Christ we will stand up to the spiritual wickedness in high places and declare the glory of God. What an honor it would be if through our obedience we are able to reach out and save people from the prevailing darkness.

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