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3 thoughts on “Truth: ISIS IS FAKE!”

  1. I agree they are obviously funded by the powers that be, so in that sense they are fake. But the people they are raping and beheading and the little children they have savagely murdered are still tortured and quite dead and the bottom line is that they will burn in hell for their evil deeds.

    I believe they are the evil end time army that God raises up in the Book of Joel. I can’t call them fake, I can call them mercenaries paid for by our own government and most likely other governments as well. But fake implies that what they are doing to people is not real…and it is. Just my own opinion:)

    God bless brother.

  2. I’m perceiving things a different way with this. I don’t think ISIS is ‘fake’ as in not real. I mean they have real jihadists in their organisation, who believe in what they’re doing: it’s an extreme Islamist End-Times idealogy and they believe in it. But yeah, I agree that the leadership is probably fake, just as with Al-Qaeda in the beginning, and that the US and its allies created it in the first place. That’s all you need to do – create the thing and own the leaders; all the rest is real, but all these thousands of recruits are totally dumb and clueless.

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