One law for us…

Excellent summary of the ever-increasing police state, with lots of current examples to demonstrate that these brutal occurrences are becoming the norm, and not the exception….


6 thoughts on “One law for us…”

  1. Lots of things occurring right under our stopped up (cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze) noses. Too often, people go through life with the discernment of old blind Isaac, eating fake venison stew, confusing animal hair with Esau hair and smelling his first born’s garments … oh yeah, back to stopped up noses.

  2. That being said, many things will never make sense or brought to light until eternity. Conspiracies of a spiritual nature are poisons of the soul … the mystery of iniquity and are intricately hidden in the shadows.

    1. And by the way …

      If you would at any time like to share some thoughts about I would love to hear from you. In particular, if you were given the opportunity to stand before that creature and talk with him, what would you like to say, or what would you like to ask.

      If you have any thoughts alone those lines, I would weave you (oh, and give yourself a pseudo name if you wish to appear undercover) into the story line.

      Just thinking. Might be fun.


      1. Great. Once you put some things together, send it to me at my email address:

        rollin_miller at

      2. Gosh, I read back through my comments and realized I am all thumbs today … typo, typo, typo. Nothing that a little R&R won’t fix up though.

    2. Yes Psalm 2!
      When I look back on 89-93, thinking of the ptb putting their finger on the pulse of the American public: Outcome Based Education, Ruby Ridge and this sneeky bill that was passed.. So almost 25 years ago, an innocent family gets blown away and there was no civil war. One families death was not enough fuel to get the American public going. So Ann Barnhardt can rant all day long….we remain a pathetic bunch that needs a Savior (JESUS) like no bodies business. What any of us have going on right now, is survival.

      That mans website was interesting. we MUST stay in the Word and prayer and hone in our focus! amen?

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