HOVINDICATION Compilation Album just released…

It’s done. It’s out. My buddy Sam at God’s Property Radio has finally got it up and available for download. This compilation, featuring 25 tracks from a whole host of different artists, was created to support the current legal situation of Dr. Kent Hovind, and I gotta say, I’m pretty blown away by some of the songs on here. It kicks off with an incredible new work by one of my favorites, Destiny Lab (featuring Ark of Digging for the Truth with Ark and Neo…), as well as lots of other great “Truth Music” artists such as Dissident Prophet, Ninja Scroll, Blinky D, Gonz Shinmura from Canary Cry Radio, IIISamuel (Sam from GPR..) and many more. (There’s even a little track submitted by yours truly in there…)

HCOMPSo there you have it. Please do go to FREEKENT.COM where you can find the full album available for download, as well as HOVINDICATION t-shirts (a t-shirt order comes with free CD download acHSHIRTtually), all of which goes fully towards supporting Kent in the trial of his life…

One thought on “HOVINDICATION Compilation Album just released…”

  1. Thanks for posting this TRUTH! I might also add that TRUTH coined the phrase “WE DEMAND HOVINDICATION” in his first Blog Post on this topic. Amen Brother! Go download the entire 25 song Compilation for $5.00 at: godspropertymedia.bandcamp.com – ALL PROCEEDS GO TO KENT HOVIND AND PAUL J. HANSEN! also: T-SHIRTS are available at: FREEKENT.COM – New Music Video for “MAGISTRATES” coming very very soon!!!

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