Half Audio: Jay on Atheism, W.L. Craig, Jim Holt, Transcendental Arguments

Jay's Analysis

I had numerous requests for more theology, mathematics and metaphysics, so here you go. In this latest audio, I talk over William Lane’s talk over a Ted Talk. I thought it illustrative of both the errors I see in Dr. Craig’s approach, as well as the errors in the atheist and agnostic approaches of modernity, exemplified in Jim Holt’s TedTalk.  I discuss the flaws of the classical approaches to arguments for God’s existence, as well as critiquing and appraising Dr. Craig.  Topics include transcendental arguments as distinguished from classical arguments, advanced metaphysics, Platonism, medieval ontology, atheism and the approach of Eastern Orthodox theology.  The first half of this talk is free, while paid subscribers get full weekly podcasts for 4.95 a month.  Enjoy!

As referenced in the talk:

The Philosophy of Creation, Darwinian Evolution and the Absolute

Numbers Prove God

Some Problems for the Ontological Argument: Metaphysical, Epistemic and Theological


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