Are you a Nobody?

This is such a profound description of the many, varied ways that indeed I do believe the “Beast System” is going about targeting and persecuting all kinds of people right this very hour, yet contrary to how so often it is imagined, it so much more insidiously takes the kinds of forms described here. Audits and social services investigations and “bureaucracy gone awry”. This way it of course never appears coordinated, or intentional, and makes the victims feel isolated, alone, until they despair. But indeed, we are not alone….

See, there's this thing called biology...

A few people blogged that question a while back, “are you a Nobody or a Somebody?” I think it is a question designed to provide encouragement, but at the time I did not respond because my first thought was, “hallelujah, I am a Nobody!” Crazy I know, but with every ounce of my being, I am grateful to be a Nobody right now.

What’s a Somebody? A Somebody is someone important, well-known. Someone with a wikipedia page highlighting their family secrets. A Somebody is chased by the papaprazzi, hounded by the media, relentlessly scrutinized. A Somebody in our modern culture is very nearly a commodity, what I would call fresh meat, and people descend upon them, everyone hoping to get a little piece.

I can hardly stand security cameras in stores and on street corners and people with cell phone cameras. I resent the NSA having access to every email…

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