In light of the fact that they are now once again juicing up the flux capacitors at CERN (they use flux capacitors at CERN, right? I’m pretty sure they do…) in order to rip holes in the space-time continuum and collapse the dimensional divides, in order to usher in some Nephilim-horde army, I’ve been thinking about portals a fair bit lately. Well, I don’t really think all that, I was kidding of course. That’s silly. All those billions of dollars spent on a national-boundary-spanning hadron collider are so we can finally solve a theorem of quantum mechanics that 99.9999999% of humanity is too mathematically-challenged to understand in the first place. I think they’re hoping that enough power will be applied this time around so that they can finally know which final mark to make on that worn-out chalkboard at CERN, after which they’ll finally get to sit back and relax with a nice cup of tea and game of Sudoku…

cernportalsNah. Just kidding again. I am uCERNtain what exactly to make of it all, but I don’t think it’s something to be completely unconCERNed about. Ha, more shameless CERN-worldplay.

But ok… I know I’ve written about portals before, and here I go again, without having a whole heck of lot to try and say about the topic in any real “meaty” way (I’m no quantum-physicist, I confess) but what I DO find myself marveling at, again and again, is just how much this concept is just constantly showing up in entertainment/Hollywood etc., again and again. It’s something I see I don’t how many times in an average week, so, I finally sat down and tried to find images from all the recent examples I could remember, just to see what it would be. I wound up with folders within folders, literally, over a hundred images. I couldn’t possibly use them all, so I chose a few of my favorites and had some photoshop playtime…


But wait… Science fiction films/shows for adults aren’t the only place you see copious amounts of portal-related entertainment. One thing that has seriously blown me away over the past several years now as a parent, is how much my KIDS have been completely reared by modern children’s entertainment to be so utterly familiar with the basic concept of inter-dimensional travel that they essentially have assumed it was REAL from the time they could speak. Think about that… I mean, if I were to sit down with one of my kids and try to explain to them with words things like “teleportation” or “quantum folds” etc., then they’d just stare at me drooling while I rambled for an hour and accomplished nothing. But alas, cartoons and movies and video games have easily achieved what wouldn’t even know how to attempt. It’s literally EVERYWHERE, from hit video games like Minecraft (a big favorite in our house) to the Lego Movie, even My Little Pony. (!) I mean, when my youngest son was like THREE, if he saw some image even remotely resembling some kind of “swirling spiral”, his immediate response was just, “Hey look, a portal”, just as nonchalantly as if he saw a representation of a house or a tree or a rainbow…

So anyhoo, about a week ago I finally got to sit down and watch “Big Hero 6” with my ninos, and what “sci fi” concept happens to feature prominently in the storyline, yet again….? Yeah, you guessed it.

I dunno what to make of it all exactly, but one thing I do know is that if suddenly tomorrow it was announced that the “greatest scientific achievement in history” had finally been accomplished and interstellar travel was not proven to be possible through some incredible breakthrough in quantum mechanics, my children would almost certainly not be glued to the television, having their minds blown.

They’d probably just say something like “well DUH Dad, it’s just a portal…”

8 thoughts on “Portal-Mania…”

  1. The new generation is being formatted to the new homo sapiens.2?
    Cyborg implants and worm holes.
    We are being assimilated!

    1. Provocative post and comment. I was thinking along the lines of “re-formatted”.
      This portal-mania seems to have two edges. First, it predictively presents/programs a false messiah (way/path) as a futuristic possibility (superman, antichrist, man/machine, science-savior, etc.) encouraging mankind with a “feeling of hopefulness” without any actual Hope. Secondly, it presents the transcendent, supernatural, revealed, finished work, of Jesus Christ as mythic within natural history. Clever, how “science” attempts to “obsolesce” the natural, historical event of the gospel with a “check out our new and improved hypothesis” with a steady stream of
      wishful thinking. It just keeps going on and on. Whether their portals are “real” or not is beside the point to them. Representing this concept to themselves empirically is nothing more than fashioning idols from nature that “see and hear not”. Portals seem to focus on presenting an alternative “way” of deliverance. The portal media hype pushes the “scientific” concept into the sensory video paradigm where they give it artificial life with sight and sound trickery.

      The only portal:
      John 10:9 – “I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.”

      Keep up the good work!

  2. Nice post – from probably the only dude on WordPress to have written more than one post on the subject of portals:) I know what you mean though – the kind of ideas and concepts that kids are exposed to now in a totally run-of-the-mill way is bizzare. The kind of ideas I only ever encountered in Star Trek as a kid or in comics are now scattered all over kids’ shows and games, etc.

    1. The Powers That Be might be softening society up to these sorts of concepts, the same way some people think the governments have been discreetly warming us up to the possible reality of ET visitors for a few decades in films and tv shows, etc.

    2. truth, I have a bit of a theory based on a spiritual experience I had at the end of last April. Husband had just left for work around 4am, so I was awake, praying a bit. Dozed off and heard doors slamming. I thought my teen was up to something, so I check. Nope, she’s in bed asleep. So I listen real hard (we live in an apartment–perhaps someone was slamming their door?) dont hear a thing. So I lay back down and start to snooze when I hear slamming doors again. I then sit straight up and proclaim, “Obstinate, stiff-necked and never listening!”

      It was one of those what?!!! moments. I sat there and knew it was the Holy Spirit and understood those doors slamming were spiritual.

      JESUS said, “I am the door”. The reality of all of this is that spiritually speaking there are doors, portals if you will, that are opened or closed according to GOD’s will in all things. HE knows the beginning from the end and yet because of HIS great mercy and love, desires that all come to a place (spiritual place) of repentance. But doors will close.

      It would appear that the enemy who already stated that he ‘would be like the Most High’, deliberately ‘inspires’ (pneuma) men in their imaginations–building a tower of babel in their minds and souls. (‘Lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge HIM and HE will make your paths straight’. The flesh profiteth NO THING, it is the SPIRIT that gives Life.)

      I do believe we live in a tri-universe, but all is under the control of JESUS (book of Hebrews), even though at present the whole ‘world’ lies in wickedness.

      1. Sorry, wasn’t sure how long I could post….

        This verse really popped out to me a few months ago. “So ye in like manner, when ye shall see these things come to pass, know that it is nigh, even at the doors.” Mark 13:29 I found it interesting that it said doorS. And I thought about those doorS I heard slamming. Also, the other Bible translations don’t say ‘more than one’ or use the word ‘even’. Now I wondered if even didn’t necessarily mean even (though), but more old time, evening… b/c it already says ‘nigh’ (near, near at the doorS?) I don’t think so.

        “So ye in like manner, when ye shall see these things come to pass, (know that it is near(close, almost time for) EVENING/night time/when spiritual darkness falls) at the doorS.”

        This is why the virgins should have LOTS of oil in their lamps. It is going to get very dark…spiritually.

        Thanks for letting me ramble.


  3. Hilarious ending to your post, which gives me pause: Perhaps all this ‘mind blowing’ quantum, wantum, is just that–vain imagination?!!

    “Ye will die like mere men.” I hope we all remember that? Even I’d like to be super girl sometimes….sigh…

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