Blood on the Altar? Signs of Sacrifice at the Geogia Guidestones…

Okay, I already re-blogged this a little earlier from awesomeplaces2see, but I guess I felt compelled to do it again so I could add a bit more of my own commentary here (and get the actual vid up on my site) It appears that this video was uploaded to YT only today, but I’m guessing that if enough people actually look at it, it could go somewhat “viral”, at least within the circles of those who already understand what the Georgia Guidestones are all about. (or it could, admittedly, also turn out to be a hoax, but we’ll see…)

The dried red liquid seen to have splattered and then dripped down to the corner does indeed appear to look like blood (though of course we can’t say for sure from a mere video) but what is pretty unmistakable is that whatever that liquid is, it was washed off from all the visible sides of the monolith. Pretty amazing that this guy happened to be out there with his quad-copter in order to capture this footage, considering that, like he says in the video, it would probably be washed away by the next rainfall.stonehengemaryhillmthood

Overall it is definitely a sobering thing to consider, reminding us that there are in fact many edifices like this in the United States alone, and of course around the world. Places like the “Maryhill Stonehenge” next the Columbia River in Washington State, where (coincidentally) they ALSO have things like druid solstice festivals and other pagan rituals during the day, and ALSO happens to have a massive stone slab in the center, which could very easily be used as a “blood altar”…


2 thoughts on “Blood on the Altar? Signs of Sacrifice at the Geogia Guidestones…”

    1. I understand…I showed it to hubby with/out intro. Just the pic. He said it looked like a scorch from a bolt of lightening. I guess we’ve blown off so many fireworks (big ones too) that left marks on our old house and driveway….that’s what it looks like to me….

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