Dialectics – Man’s Metaphysical Problem

This is such a perfect example of how so often, I read something from Jay, and it’s like he’s beautifully articulating things I’ve been wrestling to grasp, and feebly attempting to explain to others, yet I can only do it on a comparatively preschooler level… 🙂

Jay's Analysis

Post-human deception based on ancient lies. Post-human deception based on ancient lies.

By: Jay

A philosophical thought for the day: One of the central, most basic and ancient questions of philosophy is that of the one and the many.  In my undergraduate days, I spent a lot of time focused on this question, and to some profit.  This question even transcended culturally barriers and mysteriously appeared in both ancient Chinese and Hindu thought, which cannot be said of every philosophical speculation.  A familiar issue to philosophers and mathematicians, it is surprisingly an obscure topic, now that philosophy has died in the West.  Does the end of philosophy in the West signal an end of this question?  I don’t believe it does.  In fact, the problem for man in our age is still this perennial question and it is one of dialectics.

The question is perennial because the one and many are fundamental to man.  We possess…

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3 thoughts on “Dialectics – Man’s Metaphysical Problem”

  1. That really was an interesting article. Thanks for linking to it. Those are all my favorite things, philosophy, the metaphysical, and dialectic. My version of dialectic is what I refer to as Alice in Wonderland logic, poking fun at all of those who have accused me of just that.

    1. Thanks for the reply! I had sortof wondered while reading his article. No doubt Catholics and Orthodox can come up with some pretty interesting dialog.

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