5 Reasons That Snowden Is Probably A PsyOp…

1. If he were a real whistleblower, leaking super-secret classified documents and agendas that posed an existential threat to the tyrannical powers, he would simply be dead.

Typically, honest-to-goodness whistleblowers have a tendency of suddenly committing “suicide”, (often inflicting damage upon themselves that would be quite difficult for a person to do themselves, such as multiple shots to the head). If you think Western intelligence agencies wouldn’t have been able to get to him in a Hong Kong airport, or even “hiding” in Russia, then I hate to burst your bubble…

2. The mainstream media is completely controlled by the very powers that Snowden is purportedly unmasking.

How many people know such names as Gary Webb or Bill Cooper? Yet Snowden is a household name, on the cover of Time magazine, WIRED, etc., a veritable celebrity, receiving interviews and coverage from all kinds of conglomerate news agencies. These networks simply do not report on stories/people without it being a part of the designed narrative. If persons/topics are not a part of that narrative, they are simply ignored and quickly slip away from the short-term memory of the general public. Instead of doing this, we see Snowden being cleared kept in the forefront of the American psyche.

3. Snowden is known to have worked for the CIA.

This fact alone is enough to warrant serious skepticism, since it means that even if his actions have been in “good faith” on his own behalf, he could still very will be unknowingly being used as a asset by his former employers, who, let’s face it, tend to tabs on basically anyone they’ve dealt with at any given time as a potential intelligence asset down the road.

4. The NSA “panopticon” is ultimately a much more effective tool if everyone knows they are being “watched”.

Many people that the main purpose of domestic spying would be to simply find out who is “speaking out” against the deep state forces continually taking away liberties, and this is most certainly true in part, yet at present the reality is that there is simply SO much data going back and forth every day, it is not realistic for them to try and process all of it. (at least not yet, we think…) But, if people are afraid to say things, read things, share things, which might get them put on some kind of government watch list, then the “panopticon” indeed becomes an effective psychological weapon for shutting down open discuss and the free exchange of ideas amongst the citizenry. Thus, the motive for having a “controlled release” such as Snowden is not that difficult to surmise.

5. There are always multiple layers of control.

The more you learn about the true history of this nation, the Western World, and the machinations of the “cabal” in the midst of all of it, the more you realize that there are really far fewer things to have happened purely of their own accord than we are lead to believe. Things like the “counter-culture” and drug explosion of the 60’s which was followed by the “War on Drugs”, or the “color revolutions” of the Middle East which are credited to groundswells of youth activist uprisings using social media, are ultimately all “movements” which were in fact instigated and promoted by the military-industrial-intelligence-complex which saw them as means to their ultimate end. It is the same complex which has inexplicably not only let Snowden avoid “suicide” for several years now, but is instead constantly shoving microphones in his face.

wired_2209_coverOverall, I believe it’s more or less a simple matter of common sense. The controlled media is all about handing us prefabricated heroes. If you don’t like this guy on the “Right”, here’s someone from the “Left”. If you don’t like anyone from the Right OR the Left, and think the whole thing is rotten, well then here, here’s a prefabricated modern-day Pancho Villa complete with requisite glasses-wearing, computer-hactivist appearance. Pin your hopes on Snowden and the idea that a 20-somethingc420b978364bf16816825422d28dbe70 ex-CIA, ex-NSA guy, being made into an international figurehead through mainstream media, it going to the be key to bringing the whole corrupt system down. And look, now you can get on board and help spread the word by tweeting pics of the Snowden bust that was covertly erected in an act of “artistic protest” before those goons of the government took it down. Boo goons.

Sorry folks, but if something seems just a little too good to be true, then it usually is…

11 thoughts on “5 Reasons That Snowden Is Probably A PsyOp…”

  1. snowden and zuckerberg are cousins and grandsons of rockafella his father is cia isrealhelli firster mossad which is why he went to russia for protection from his mossad commie jew comrades

  2. I guess it has to be said, but I don’t believe he is a planted shill. I just don’t see the end game. Mind you, we really don’t know anything about anything so you could be right. For now, he is still a hero in my universe.

    1. I ask myself what I would do if I was in his shoes. You know, wanting to release the info without hurting your country. I think he did it well. I could not come up with a better exit plan.

  3. I’m a Snowden fan, truth, but at first I wrestled with many of those issues you just brought up.

    This one in particular, “if people are afraid to say things, read things, share things, which might get them put on some kind of government watch list, then the “panopticon” indeed becomes an effective psychological weapon..”

    True, I am a bit of an outlier so if you tell me I better watch what I say, I’m prone to do the precise opposite. I’m not all that unusual however. Reverse psychology works on people for a reason. I pondered that possibility too, perhaps Snowden was a plant to taunt the real extremists out of the woodwork.

    In the end, I decided to trust him. There’s a certain innocence about him, a naivete that just doesn’t lend itself well to being a secret double, double agent. Also Occam’s razor. We give our alien overlords too much credit sometimes. They aren’t nearly as smart and organized as we think.

    As to Gov watch lists, I’ve put my name on dozens of petitions, wrote letters to congresscritters, and I drive around with a Snowden bumper sticker on my car. If they want me, I shouldn’t be too hard to find. 😉

  4. The Real Snowden – John McCarthy! Jullian ASSange & Snowden Are CIA / Mossad Assets. http://www.fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/the-real-snowden-john-mccarthy-jullian-assange-snowden-are-cia-mossad-assets/73151 Here come the Edward Snowden truthers | Illuminutti illuminutti.com/2013/06/22/here-come-the-edward-snowden-truthers/ Snowden unmasked..blames 9/11 on “terrorism” http://wp.me/psFpA-fc0
    Edward Snowden’s real last name is Greenberg. He is a cousin to Jacob Greenberg (aka. Mark Zuckerberg). They’re grandsons of David Rockefeller. http://lightworker29501.com/2013/08/30/nsa-hoax-edward-snowden NSA Hoax – Edward Snowden http://wp.me/p2ftZi-191 Edward Snowden’s real last name is Greenberg. He is a cousin to Jacob Greenberg (aka. Mark Zuckerberg). They’re grandsons of David Rockefeller. http://lightworker29501.com/2013/08/30/nsa-hoax-edward-snowden snowden Mark Zuckerberg are Cousins http://lightworker29501.com/?s=snowden+Mark+Zuckerberg+are+Cousins+&submit=Search 5 Reasons That Snowden Is Probably A PsyOp… http://wp.me/p2oHjQ-ti

  5. Snowden unmasked..blames 9/11 on “terrorism” http://wp.me/psFpA-fc0 Snowden’s Meaningless CIA Big Money Fear Mongering Snow-Job politicalvelcraft.org/…/snowdens-meaningless-cia-big-money-fear-mong…
    Snowden Federal Fear Mongering: The Theatrics That Keep Reminding U.S. Citizens They’re Being Spied On. politicalvelcraft.org/…/snowden-federal-fear-mongering-keep-reminding…
    Manufactured Hero “Edward Snowden” Worked (works?) for CIA Under Fake Name… According to “Edward Snowden” https://willyloman.wordpress.com/…/manufactured-hero-edward-snowde…
    Who’s Controlling The Snowden Documents and to What Purpose? http://www.ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.com/page/25575.html What you’re not being told about Booz Allen Hamilton and Edward http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xcbi5SH27c
    Edward Snowden and Mark Zuckerberg are Cousins http://wp.me/p2ftZi-1Yw when I first commented I couldn’t find anything on search engines but now well I can

  6. Great article, I fully agree with all your points. One key point I would add is that by Snowden “revealing” (what was already known and revealed by actual whistleblowers like Binney) what he did, and the fact no “revolution” or similar outcry occurred, the US public has in fact implicitly consented to mass surveillance. This implied consent that has been acheived is key to the psyop as well in my opinion. (Though I agree it’s more about panopticon and capabilities are overstated. Top talent these days does not want to work for the government for moral reasons, not to mention govt pays way less..)

  7. Not to mention Snowden smears Julian asange like crazy in his new book… Which has been given tons of free publicity by the MSM AND DOJ. Definitive psyop. Depressing.

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