Hard to Believe it was really that easy…


The more I learn about Mr. Cyrus Scofield and his “reference Bible”, the more insane the whole thing becomes. Can “Evangelicalism” in America really accept the idea that so much of the current political/prophetic lens through which they view the world was really injected into the pulpit through one guy without any real theological training and a history of being an absolute charlatan…? Apparently it really is that easy, especially if that one guy was hand-picked by Rothschild-connected financiers such as the “Secret Six” to be the figure-head through which they planned to insert the maxims of Zionism into mainstream Christian teaching. Amazing how much can be accomplished through one un-credentialed puppet and practically unlimited monetary resources.

But this is really what seems to have transpired, and as the Scofield Bible was then quickly distributed amongst so many of the major seminaries throughout the United States, with many new updated versions to accommodate the political evolution of the State of Israel, (which didn’t exist at the time of the first edition), the 20th Century saw Christians in America adopt a Zionist-skewed agenda in complete contradiction to the very words of their own alleged Master, Jesus Himself.

The following short video goes into detail on Scofield, the specific heretical doctrines which were introduced through the “Scofield Reference Bible”, and how it gave birth to so-called “Christian Zionism” and perpetuated racial hatred against Arabs etc.

5 thoughts on “Hard to Believe it was really that easy…”

  1. Truth, I don’t see perpetual hatred of Arabs at all. True, I don’t know every Christian in America, so it’s just anecdotal, but I just see relentless and persistent love being shown, even though there are some of them who wish us harm. Christians are all over the world risking their lives caring for Arabs.

    Here in the US, we’ve got not only a government rolling the red carpet out for them, but also many, many Christians involved in charitable activities. I’ve posted about it a few times, but there are actually churches in the US comprised of nothing but Muslims, Muslims who have not even received Christ, and yet there are pastors who have created church families for them, who minister to them.

    1. True, that, Strange. Not to mention the Christian Zionist cheerleaders on the sideline that support ANYTHING that Israel does to it’s neighbors, Palestinians, in particular, all in God’s Name.
      Does the Bible say; “do not murder, except when it’s for land”? NO! It says; “DO NOT MURDER”, PERIOD! It’s the BIG 10 that they adhere to, so how do they get around this one?
      If you read the text CAREFULLY, there was ALWAYS a CONDITION for having the LAND. A little small word, with BIG implications, that most all tend to read over. That word is “IF”. Deut. 28 is JUST ONE. A very long chapter, about 70 verses long. About the first 10 tells all the blessings they would have……..IF. The remainder of the chapter is what would happen…..IF. That “if” being OBEDIENCE. Were they in obedience when Jesus walked the earth? NO! That’s why He said: “your house is left DESOLATE”.
      Were they in obedience in 1948? NO! Are they in obedience today? NO! And i don’t think I know of a more spiritually DESOLATE place than Israel. Judaism is the most vile, racist, evil, and perverted reliogions there is, yet many “Christians” have no problem attaching “Judeo” before Christian. (Judeo-Christian) If they only knew!
      As far as CI Scofield; what a pitiful excuse for a so-called Christian, husband, father, and for that matter, human being. Yet most of Christianity doesn’t even know who this “man” was; deserted his family, while having an affair with 2 women, swindled his ex mother-in-law for all of her savings, JUST for starters.
      One of the 4 “tasks” that Rothschild gave Jacob Schiff; a Rothschild himself, was to subvert SOUND Biblical teaching in the US., and was he EVER successful….CI Scofield! This is where all this “bless Israel or get THUMPED” and pre-trib rapture heresy comes from. Thank you Scofield and Secret Six.

      1. Yes, you’re referring to the “Lotus Club”.
        Untermeir has quite a resume, himself. Have you read that it was he who black-mailer Woodrow Wilson into appointing the first Zionist Jew to the Supreme Court?

        1. It was also Jacob Schiff (Loeb & Associates Law Firm) who helped finance Nazi Party? By the way, all of the names mentioned were Zionist Jews, and so were the rest of the “Secret Six”.

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