Happy 150th Anniversary of Lincoln Being killed by TPTB…

722646150 years ago today president Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, another president killed by a supposed “crazed lone gunman”.

But of course, Booth wasn’t any more “lone” than any of the other famous assassinations in American history.

This morning I’ve been doing some more in depth reading about the “Knight of the Golden Circle“, of which Booth was a member, and learning a bit about some of the other central figures associated with this secret society, such as:

Jesse James, (allegedly also a 33rd Degree Freemason), and also a member of the KGC, who is claimed to have been the one to really kill Booth in later years when he wouldn’t keep quiet about the KGC.

Clement L. Vallindigham, a congressman from Ohio who was the society’s “Supreme Commander” and was exiled to the South by Lincoln for “seditious support” of the Southern cause,

George Bickley, founder of the Knights of the Golden Circle,

Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, also a freemason.

Albert Pike, one of the most renowned names in all of Freemasonic history, a Confederate General with connections to all of the names above.

During the Civil War there was actually a very extensive investigation on the K.G.C. by the Northern Army which produced a report titled: “The Order of American Knights”, alias “The Sons of Liberty:” A Western Conspiracy in Aid of the Southern Rebellion.

kgc_d001a8f34fEssentially, once you wade through a lot of the extraneous details, it’s a fairly straight-forward breakdown. Henry Makow describes it this way:

“The KGC evolved from a Scottish secret group known as The Society of the Horseman’s Word, otherwise known as the Horse Whisperers. This fraternity recited passages from the Bible backwards and practiced folk magic as part of their rituals, in addition to having Masonic-style oaths. Headquarters for the Knights of the Golden Circle was 814 Fatherland Dr. in Nashville. This was the home of KGC operative Frank James, elder brother of Jesse James. Years later it became the Dixie Tabernacle, original home of the Grand Ole Opry. The KGC claimed 200,000 members all over America during the war. All of the men in Lincoln’s cabinet were Knights, save for Lincoln. The KGC was heavily financed by the London and Paris Rothschild brothers. Their goal was to foment as much chaos and discord as possible in order to keep the country divided and to usher in a Rothschild-owned central bank.”

So the Knights of the Golden Circle was pretty much just an off-shoot of Freemasonry “proper”, adjusted slightly in order to appeal to Southern men at the time whose political passions could be harnessed for the broader agenda of the occultist globalist bankers who ultimately control Freemasonry as well as many, many other esoteric “brotherhoods” and espionage-geared quasi-religious “orders”. Of course, racism itself was not some kind of new twist being added to the satanic-fraternity mix, since it’s no stretch at all to think back to the occult motivations of the Nazi regime, and it’s connections to the O.S.S. and so on and so forth, and indeed the even a cursory investigation of the history of Eugenicists in America reveals a very integral connection to white supremacist sentiments. In this light it’s really not shocking either to then see that Albert Pike was also ostensibly the founder of the Klu Klux Klan, which more or less replaced the KGC in the post-Civil-War era…

I confess I am quite fascinated with learning about these kinds of “secret history”. Or rather, I suppose I would say I am really just most interested in learning about real history, which SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAundoubtedly is just chock full of secrets intended to be kept out of the public consciousness. Just how many presidents and politicians and public figures have really been assassinated by the men really running this country? At least three presidents? Maybe more..?

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